Yeah yeah, whatever. Just keep your mouth shut or else we will make you shut up, okay? Good

-Vanessa Moody

Vanessa Moody is a main character featured in Season 1 of Criminal Case where she serves as one of the player's partners in the Toomeswood Police Department


Vanessa, 31 years old, has green eyes and long brown hair which is parted mostly to the left and tied in an updo, dark grey eyeshadow and mauve lipstick. She wears a tattered dark grey and dark red striped tank top under a ripped open black leather vest with a gold senior detective badge on the right breast pocket. She also wears several silver hoop earrings on her right ear and a silver dangle spike earring on her left ear, a black choker adorned with silver spikes and a spiked silver bracelet on her right hand. Additionally she sports several star tattoos on her chest and a barbed wire tattoo on her left arm and dark red nail polish.

As a rebel police officer, she is known to be lazy. She is also hot tempered and plays coy. Her hobbies include drinking, pool and motorcycling.

Events of Criminal Case

Meeting Vanessa

Vanessa was summoned by Chief Bellacoola to investigate Miguel Esposito, much to the annoyance of the senior detective who wanted to go motorbiking instead. She especially lost her temper at the Miguel after he illegally dumped his distilling machine (which Lucas analyzed) at the Kettle River. After Miguel told the team that he planned on selling his addictive liquor to help with financial hardships, Vanessa fined him saying that his plans will only exacerbate his money woes, much to his fury. She was later confronted by the Chief about losing her temper at Miguel and the Chief informed her about Coroner Tazia Revelstoke's arrest for disorderly conduct in order to scare Vanessa into behaving herself.

Rough history with Brock Rothery

Throughout the case, Vanessa lost her temper at Lucas due to his inexperience with autopsying bodies as Tazia remained in custody. Her temper worsened when she interrogated her old gym teacher Brock Rothery, where throughout the investigation the two exchanged insults towards each other and engaged in screaming matches. When Brock was sentenced to life imprisonment, he threatened Vanessa who countered that she would be ready for what he threw her way


  • Vanessa resembles actress Emma Watson

Case Appearances

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