I don't know if I'll actually make it into a full on series or not due to multiple reasons, but I've had this idea floating around in my head for about a year now and I have developed some things for it

Basically, the player and their partners are called to go investigate the local creepy woods no one ever visits because some called in saying they saw a corpse. Despite the player and their partner being highly suspicious, they have to go there anyway cuz it's the chief's orders. So they go, find no corpse as they expected, and were about to head back to the station when they both get knocked out by someone. 

When they both wake up, they're tied to chairs, and are greeted by a creepy lookin chief. The chief states that they kinda just knocked em out and dragged them into the forest which apparently contains a sort of gateway to an alternate universe thing. The whole word just seems to be this endless forest filled with monsters of all kinds like Harpies, Centaurs, Sirens, etc. And a bunch of other creepy shit. Murder, while still illegal, is more accepted and laws against it are less heavily reinforced. Everyone is really nihilistic ans seemingly don't care about anything. The government seemingly couldn't care if their people lived, or if they lived even. The way of dealing with criminals is odd and can even result in them getting beat to death in the courtroom. 

The chief tells them that they were watching them for a while and decided that they were perfect for the team, and decided to do some "gentle persuasion" to get them to join the team. The two of them don't really have a choice and have to work on the team or they'll be "disposed" of (aka killed without a second thought). They stay there for a while (probably longer than a year?) Solving murders, meeting new creatures, and trying not to die. Once they're let go and thrown out its only been 1 month in the real world.

I was gonna proof read this but im hella tired so I guess not

Do you think the idea is too outlandish? I feel like it's too outlandish. Again idk if I'll turn it into a series but I just wanted to get my idea out there. I was thinking to make a season that would be prior to this one but again idk.

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