Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick.” - Candles

Background: Candles, like other Yautja, is widely feared by people of the galaxy for his constant trophy hunting of the many while staying hidden in the shadows to induce their fears. However, one incident involving him accidentally lighting a Berzelium planet’s building on fire got him demoted into guarding and finding any Berzelium that may fall into enemy hands, which led him to Earth, where he helped Abrax Tiakken, a Stand User, to help his investigation while finding the Berzelium meteorite.

"Candles"; Age: Unknown, Height: 7'1", Weight: 375 lbs (540 lbs in armor), Blood: Yautja

(Former) Occupation(s): Blooded Hunter, Berzelium Searcher

Appearance: Candles physically and wears armor similar to other Predators, but has the latter white and purple to distinguish from them. He also has black discoloration and white bandages on the skin from burns, hence his name, and a purple Berzelium insignia on his helmet.

Personality: A merciless, fearless, mysterious, and honorable figure in the past, Candles hates his job very much as he is forced to fade out of his hunting code to take a less lethal one. Normally, he is a grumpy, silent, independent, and hard-boiled person unwilling to help others other than himself, but is willing to help allies if necessary. Despite being a misanthrope and getting annoyed of people at times, Candles’ only good relationship with a human is Abrax and is very interested in what superpowers humans have, as shown by constantly studying Mia and Blank during their “hunt”.

Powers and Abilities: As a former hunter, Candles possesses similar equipment, skill, and biological abilities as his fellow species, but becomes slightly less efficient and more confrontational due to his demotion. However, he is at least faster than the other Predators and has good tracking skill.

Candles’ basic equipment and weapons consist of wristblades, a plasmacaster, a Combi-stick, a Smart Disc, a speargun, a netgun, explosive flares, a retractable snow vehicle, a tracker, pocket homing rockets, Sat-Com, cloaking device, a bio-mask, and a wrist gauntlet. Candles also owns a spaceship, which can go fast enough to reach other planets light years away, but he is unable to use it for other purposes due to the restrictions of his demotion. In contrast to blooded hunters, who wield self-destruct devices as an honorable suicide against their opponent, Candles wields a nuclear winter bomb designed to affect the entire area as large as the size of a country with continuously generating snow of absolute zero temperatures no matter the environment in case he’s in serious danger in a planet he’s in.

Power Grid: (Intelligence: 4, Strength: 5, Speed: 3, Durability: 3, Energy Projection: 1 (2 with energy-directed weapons), Fighting Skills: 6)

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