”Whatever it takes...”
—Princess Keira

Full name: Princess Keira

Nickname: Keira Bianca

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Birthday: 22 April 2005

Species/Race: Mermaid/Fariy hybrid

Blood Type: A+

Weight - 130LB

Height - 5'6"

Status: Alive

Birthplace: Atlantis

Appearance: 19 years of age, Keira a very beautiful teenage mermaid/fairy with an hourglass figure and she has light green eyes, long, straightened light-dark highlighted brown hair.

As a mermaid, she has a purple seashell bra, blue fairy wings and a green tail. She wears a seashell necklace that allows her to transform into human and back to mermaid, unfortunately it was gift from her evil mentor, a seawitch, Megma.

She is also shown to be fairly tall in human form, being only a few inches shorter than Luke, himself a fairly tall human. When Keira becomes a human, her hair turned black and her eyes become turned dark brown and black, the only article of clothing she wore was her seashell bra but wears an old sail from a shipwreck with some rope to keep it closed, fashioned by Darlene Paguio, am aspiring author and wielder of magic-science fusion.

Love interest: Luke Fernandez

Family: Princess Keira is the only girl and the younger eldest child in a family of eight children. She has seven brothers with distinctive personalities consisting of bossy eldest child Morgan, ditzy fashionista Henry, athletic Jay, polar opposite twins Andrew and Aiden, child genius James, and baby Carl. It explain about the chaotic conditions and sibling relationships of the lives, and continually devises plans to make their lives better.

Friends/Allies: Scott Jones, Nick Fury (sometimes) David Jones, Ad Astrans, Naomy King, Zoe Kusama, Darlene Paguio, Luke Fernandez (boyfriend)

Personality: Energetic, high-spirited, confident, strong, bold (even fearless), optimistic, adventurous, bossy, reckless, disobedient, heroic, daring, impatient
As seen by Seven Deadly Sins: Prideful, wrathful, gluttonous, envy, slothful, greedy, lustful

Likes: Humans, human objects, adventure, freedom, music, singing, dancing, chasing her dreams, Cherry Blossoms, winning, fast cars, spicy foods, new clothes and shoes, handmade items, ice creams, flavored french fries, cheesecakes, paranormal tv shows, Luke, Scott’s love for magic and science.

Dislikes: Her father's stubbornness, hatred of humans, overprotectiveness and obsessive love for her, being without music or fun, restriction, chores, pirates, violence, prejudice, her friends, family and Luke being in danger, Darlene’s fear of separations (in which explained about Timmy and Jimmy’s separation turned her evil), losing, plain foods, being treated unfairly, her brothers overprotected her, Nick the Fury Hyena (sometimes), being without Luke


  • She is very similar to Meg from Hercules: both are the love interest of the main protagonist, both flirts with the protagonists, both work for the main antagonists, both are in love with the protagonists after their date, both redeemed themselves after confessing their feelings for the protagonists.

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