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Death smiles at us all, but all we can do is smile back. —Marcus Aurelius
Who am I, you ask? Some might know me as the arbiter of justice of this Wiki. Others might refer to me as a helping hand to the budding creators of this community. Frankly, I really don't care; there's no point in sounding pretentious.
I'm Tuttifruttichaitea, but you can call me Tutti for short (or really anything as long as it's not vulgar). I'm a bureaucrat of this Wiki and I've been writing Criminal Case fanfiction and playing the game since 2014. I'm always willing to help with grammar, source code on your pages, or anything to help you acclimate to the Wiki in general; I'm also ready to rate your cases should you be amenable.
If you have a question, comment, suggestion, report, or anything in between, feel free to leave a message on my wall! I'll try to respond ASAP.

Season Name Profession Fate
Secrets of Yahatu Ben Dover Occult expert Alive
The Secrets Unrevealed Beverly Hughes Sorority girl Alive
Staghaven Secrets Blake Sauveterre Drug dealer Alive
Boyland Charles Charleston Trust fund baby Alive
Mystery of the World Charles Deneuve Tourist Alive
Mysterious Secrets of Europe Genevieve Merrills Socialite Alive
Toomeswood Grayson Corne Animal shelter owner Alive
Twilight Haven Lucien Carmichael Real estate agent Alive
A World Forgotten Maudeball Naphthalene Alive
Mystical Investigations Mason Hale Nature photographer Alive
Tales of Olympus Montmorillonite Lacustrine sediment Alive
Lost in Jakarta Try Tuttisno Vice president Alive
Baeland Zafir Ptahsheptut Egyptologist Alive