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  • I live in Kuwait
  • I was born on November 23
  • My occupation is CES High Schooler
  • I am Male
Biographical information
Full name I’m not an idiot, I know giving my full name would risk me getting kidnapped, and let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to kidnap someone as awesome as I am?!
Alias(es) Everyone in the entire world
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth ????
Death Few months before the “satelite crash.
Cause of death Head Exploded.
Nationality 19px Kuwaiti
Residence Kuwait. (In real life).

Grimsborough, U.S. (In CC Universe).

Affiliation(s) “Kill Meera Kat” Fanclub. (formerly)

“Kill Rozetta Pierre” Fanclub.

Game information

Template:Pull quote/RecurringCharac Hamad Mukhailif (Arab: حمد مخيلف), was a character who lived in Grimsborough, after the players departure, who was unfortunately murdered a few months before the the meteorite fell to Grimsborough, he made his first appearance as a minor character in (case:blahblahblah), and later became a suspect in the murder investigation of Alexei Smirnov, and later in the murder investigation of Lolita Gomez, before getting murdered in the second to last case of the district.


Hamad is a 15 year old CES student, he has dark brown messy hair and brown eyes, he dons dark teal blue glasses, with dark yellow handled, and usually found wearing a white shirt with blue stripes, and jeans; it is known that Hamad eats chocolate, reads Gerinimo Stilton, and he has ability to draw.

Height 5”7”
Age 15
Weight 117 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood O+



  • Case: 10
  • Level: idk
  • Rank: idk

Pacific Bay:

  • Case: 6
  • Level: idk
  • Rank: idk

Save the world:

  • Case: 2
  • Level: idk
  • Rank: idk


  • Case: 7
  • Level: idk
  • Rank: idk


  • This user is right-handed.
  • This user loves spicy food.
  • This user can speak Arabic.
  • This user wears spectacles.
  • This user has dark hair.


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