Hi! I'm ShaleiS, a not-so-regular player. I make fanmade cases featuring canoncial characters like MissxVenomxPoison.

My Fanmade Cases

Current plan:

Border of Grimsborough (Featuring canoncial characters like our old friend David Jones)

1. Played Off for Real

Victim: Paul Greene

Weapon: Flamethrower

Killer: Julian Ramis

Featuring: Artemis Wordsworth (a girl with fraud record)

Note: The killer will be rescued by his overprotective dad.

2. It Was Dad's Fault

V: Julian Ramis

W: Police car

K: Ben Jackson

F: Saccharine (a teen drug dealer)

Assistant: Gary Jackson

Note: Reveals a secret.

3. Good Work Gone Bad

V: Matt Barry

W: Stove

K: Paul Oaster

F: L'Kebreth Delvin (the instructor in the workshop)

Note: This is the case causing some convicts to escape from the prison.

4. A Bard's Fate

V: Mary Lou Hong

W: Coyote

K: Taylor Kirby

F: Harriet Pan (a prison guard)

Note: Based on a true event.

5. Poison Test

V: Valentine Montgomery

W: Poisoned kitchen knife

K: Susan Peck

F: Avocado Chavez (prison chef)

Note: The result could have been inverted.

6. Kidding Seriously

V: Harry Krane

W: Water intoxication

K: Artemis Wordsworth

F: Mija Harrison

Note: A deception war included.

7. Off-guard

V: Lancelot Weaver (the first victim-role-only character here)

W: Club

K: Lowen Glen


Note: Scandal in Prison?

8. Stage Fright Kills

V: Rena Berte (victim only)

W: Prop Dragon

K: Mija Harrison


9. Monster Parents

V: Edward Ramis

W: Kanzashi

K: Heather Pan (Harriet's mother)

F: Gary Jackson

10. Weakpoint

V: Gary Jackson

W: Sculpting Knife

K: L'Kebreth Delvin

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