Biographical information
Full name Keira Bianca Vasquez
Alias(es) Laura Smith nΓ©e Salter
Gender Female
Status Alive*
Age 11
Nationality Flag of Philippines.pngKingdom of Italy Philippines-Italian
Profession(s) Party Maker
Family Anna Salter (sister)
Emma Salter (sister)
Marco Salter (brother)
Veronica Salter (sister) ‑
Veronica Rochester (sister)
Finn Marlowe (brother)
Ella Maruke (sister) ‑
Martin Bird (brother) †
Archie Rochester (cousin-in-law) †
Lance (brother)
Vivienne Bird (mother) †
Marilynn Constantine (stepmother)
George Bayron (brother-in-law) †
Callum Constantine (half-brother) †
Lily Kelly (sister) †
Niall Fowler (husband) †
Matias Mornstone (brother)
Victoria Hopper (half-sister)
Lauren Thompson (aunt-in-law)
Laura West (aunt)
Charlie Queens (brother-in-law) †
Tony Velasquez (husband)
Sadie Smith (mother)
Mark Marlow (half-brother) †
Charles Dupont (brother) †
Lucas Marlow
Monty Rochester †
Partner(s) Annie May (girlfriend) †
Abner Milton (ex-boyfriend) †
Gunmetal Resistance
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #1: Under the Bodhi Tree (s1)
β€œ I'm So Blue Blue

Blue Blue


🌟 About Me 🌟

Hello guys! My name is and its nice to meet you all! My birthday is on September 30th. I'm a friendly person in nature. Feel free to talk with me. Bestie in wikia? Offcourse its

Height 4'4"
Age 11
Weight 80 lbs
Eyes black
Blood A+

🌟 Profile 🌟

  • The user is left handed.
  • The user drinks champagne.
  • The user knows scuba diving.
  • The user wears a tattoo.
  • The user is a woman.
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