Hi! My name is Koishi Komeiji, you may call me Koishi. I'm no longer contributing to the wiki as I did before. But fret not! I am still around here, usually to chat or to look at cases or to fulfill any of the proofreading requests.

Want Your Case Proofread?

I'm now accepting requests to proofread any of your cases. That's right, any of your cases! It would be great for me to hone my proofreading skills for my novels in the future, and with your cases, I can do it. Anyway, if you want a case to be proofread, just request it on the "Proofreading Requests and Aid" thread. The guidelines are there as well.

To request, go to this thread: criminal-case-official-fanfiction.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:14473

Looking For My Old Cases?

It's right here: The Story Begins, The Silence is Broken, De-Jeweled

Catch me on the main wiki, here!

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