Season Name Profession Fate
Rosenoque (The Mystery) Adrian Knight Writer Alive
Explore the World Austin Bentley Vlogger Alive
Friend or Foe? Austin Bentley Camera operative Incarcerated
Mafia's Secret Diary Brad Rosseau Environmental activist Alive
Toomeswood Brad Ryder Hiker Alive
New Cresthill Brandon Argent Competitive eater Alive
A Cute World Braylen Bross Partygoer Alive
Cryptic Fables Braylen Davis Detective Alive
Zombie Homeland Brent Blackhawk Film Student Alive
Sinner's Enigma Bruno Antony Café Owner Alive
Anbrusia Bruno Argent Criminal Consultant Alive
Mysteries of Westwood Bruno de la Vega Ghostwriter Alive
Fario (Secrets from Beginnings) Bruno Filipovich Chief of Police Alive
Venusville Bruno Filipovich Detective Alive
A Heavenly World Bruno Henderson Musician Alive
Grimsdale Bruno Rousseau Weapons Expert Alive
World of Hazards Christian LaFontee Street Fighter Alive
Raxelville Colin Argent Hollywood Actor Deceased
The American Dream Colin Rosenthal Historian Alive
Adventures in Paris Eric Argent Fashion Photographer Alive
A Cute World K7U4i2X Tech Expert Alive
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