Diana Diaz
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Biographical Information
Full name Diana Diaz
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 2001
Nationality Flag of Spain.png Spanish
Residence Spain
Profession(s) Student
Fanon Writer (I suck but still)
Affiliation(s) This Wikia
Instagram ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ (follow plz)
Game Information

Hi. I am Diana. Just a average girl who likes Criminal Case, fashion, writing and also pink^^. I am not gonna bite so feel free to message me if you want to talk.

Cameos I have in other fanon series

Name Profession Season Status
Nicoletta Libidine Medic for MU Tales of Olympus Alive
Diana Valdez Tech Expert for FBI The American Dream Alive
Diana Loukas Detective for ALEA Anbrusia Alive
Scarlett Kiyoko Makeup Artist Zombie Homeland Incarcerated
Mina Coltrane Explorer Raxelville Alive
Soraya Conte Partygoer A Cute World Alive
Miray Kaya Waitress Alternate Reality Alive
Clio Vega Vampiric Mistress Mystery Shrouded in Mist Alive
Diana Arias Prostitute Sinner's Enigma Alive
Diana Diablo
James Guerra
Unknown (Diana)
Reporter (James)
Rosenoque (The Mystery) Alive
Diana Price Activist A Heavenly World Alive
Monic Mortreal Ghost Hunter Firiham Deceased
Kamila Silvestri Fashion designer Shadowcrest Alive
Melanie Blackmoon Artist Maplemoor Alive
Lisa Torres Inventor Revitalization Alive
Monica Woolridge Hairstylist Boyland Alive
Penelope Bonnett Supernatural Enthusiast World Of Supernatural Alive
Natalia Allegretto Waitress Rising Shadow Alive
Diana Santiago Fashion Designer Adventures in Paris Alive
Muriel Valentine Waitress Toomeswood Alive
Cathy Montreal Fashion Model Secrets of Yahatu Alive
Melanie Hamilton CEO Alpha Bay Alive
Name Season Status
Diego Loukas The North American Adventure Alive
Diego Diaz. Laroy Bay Deceased
Diego Diaz (Grimsdale) Grimsdale Deceased
Etrexos Through Time and Space Alive

My Fanon Seasons

Season Name Number of Cases Status Act
Mafia's Secret Diary 45 Hiatus N/A
World of Romance ??? Confirmed N/A
Fario 52 Completed I
Save The Europe 41 Completed I
Secrets from Beginnings 85 Ongoing I
A World Without Danger 51 Upcoming I
World of Hazards 26 Completed II
The Secrets Unrevealed 25 Hiatus II
TBA ??? Confirmed II
??? ??? Unconfirmed III

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