aka Zachary Riley

  • I live in Boise, Idaho
  • I was born on November 2
  • My occupation is Student working at a law firm
  • I am Male

"Hi, Guys! What's up?" - Zachary Riley

Hi, guys! Zach Riley here! Feel free to talk to me anytime you want! :D. I'm so excited to get to meet all of you! Just remember that I will never do anything to hurt you, as I am here to help. Thank you!

My Fanmade Cases


  1. A Deadly Welcome to Elrolstown
  2. A Toast to the Last Land
  3. 50% Rock ‘n Roll? Death!
  4. It Was Never Just the Slash
  5. More than A Nightmare
  6. Kill Coffee
  7. Laugh Laugh Cruise
  8. A Mad Spirit of Hell
  9. Kill But Can’t
  10. Rebel’s Cause of Grief

Finire Lane

11. Emotional Game

12. Silent Screams

13. Violent Storm

14. Booze for Murder

15. A Sad Death on a Bus

16. Flying with the Dead

17. Original Love

18. Party Like It’s Death

19. Not Your Lucky Day

20. Just A Little Disturbance In Finire Lane

Finance City

21. A Huge Hit

22. Running the Company

23. Sane Check

24. Step on the Mint

25. A Little Speck of Progress

26. Like a Little Disturbing Riddle

27. A Really Colorful Place

28. Lake of Death

29. Stressed Out Money

30. Future Time

Tarsio Mountains

31. More Tarsio Memories

32. Struck by the Ghost

33. A Risky Choice

34. You Better Run, You Better Take Cover

35. To Poison the Author

36. Ship, Gone

37. The Haunted Room

38. Scared You to Death

39. Stopping the Golden Rope

40. The Axe of the Ship


41. A Mile of Biking!

42. The Space King

43. The Fight of the Group

44. The Weirdest Drug

45. Experienced the Adventure to Death!

46. The Golden Attacks

47. For the City

48. Hungry For Murder

49. Wedding of a Race

50. The Cult Mind


51. Forcing the Pain

52. The Lion's Roar

53. Death by Laser

54. It Really Says Disturbing

55. That's a Strange Taste

56. Adding To Death

57. Dangerous Artwork

58. Money for the Events

59. Threw Away their Acting Skills

60. The First Checkmate

The Time Exploration:

World War II

  1. We Will Never Surrender!
  2. A Soviet Kill
  3. Oh Mother Russia
  4. Roosevelt Plan
  5. Send Churchills Down Your Spine

Ancient Times:

6. Perfect Times

7. Caeser's Order

8. Meet ya Demise

9. Happy to Bleed

10. Face Off


11. Towering over Rome

12. The Sun Shines Upon Paris

13. Remember for Spain

14. Fell for A Genius

15. Deal for the Expensive Painting

Altered Present:

16. Exhausting Travel

17. The Thoughtful Asylum

18. Scarf No More

19. The Confusing Hiking Trail

20. Unhappily Skinned Alive

1780s Africa:

21. The Attacking Strategy

22. Don't Mess With Shaka!

23. Jump, Jump, Gored

24. The Unbreakable Wall

25. Ready For A New Traveling Discussion

Civil War:

26. A Distant Frown

27. The House of Soldiers

28. Cooler Confederates

29. The Poison does Nothing to the North!

30. Great Scott!

Explore Japan (Coming Soon)

Montana Airport

  1. Knife Inserted
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