Genghis Fengshui1 here. I make fanmade cases based on seasons I think could have been done better.

  1. World Edition:- It had so much potential and the PS team actually used it. The Big Bad Organisation was revealed early and had a wonderful team.
  2. Pacific Bay:- A wonderful 2nd season. Heartbreaking stories for Amy and Frank and a connected plotline.
  3. Travel In Time:- If it had 60 cases, it could have been the best season. Also a lot of stereotypes about certain time periods and Medieval "Asia" could have been expanded to India and The Middle East.
  4. Mysteries Of The Past:- It was so good especially the finale case. The gang war was quite realistic and the Rochester were good.
  5. Grimsbourgh:- Quite Good for 2012, also Case 51 was the best case in the season.
  6. The Conspiracy
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