Erikah Mabayo

aka Rodrigo Mizanin

  • I live in Parts Unknown
  • I am a Rogue
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I don't play Criminal Case, but I am here for chit-chat most of the time. I'm workin' hard at the fanon wiki makin' good ol' cases to submit. Hope you could read and comment there someday. I guess this is only my last stand because I believe there's only a bit of hope for me here especially I feel devastated on the canon wiki because no one understands me there.


This is applied starting Sunday.

  • Sunday: Rest Day
  • Monday: CC Day
  • Tuesday: Mad Day
  • Wednesday: CC Day
  • Thursday: Mad Day
  • Friday: CC Day
  • Saturday: Mad Day

Planned Characters

Cortonith Island: Major/Central Characters

More added later.


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