It is known that he enjoys eating burgers and sweets. He is right handed, although he does have an ability to do things, including writing left handed. He enjoys wearing different clothing, not only in Criminal Case, but in real life too. He enjoys playing crime solving games and writing, including Criminal Case fanfiction. He enjoys reading various genres of stories and quoting Shakespeare and Gandhi among other literary authors. He knows source coding as well minor skills in computer technology. He also enjoys making media, which includes collages, digital art, drawing and writing.

Gamer2 This user is a gamer.
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My Handwritten Quotes

Nobody's perfect. I may not be the most good looking nor the smartest person alive. As well, I may not be proud of some things I have done in the past. But I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. People may question my weirdness. My curiosity. My way of doing things differently. But that's the person I am and choose to be.
Got a question? Okay, go ahead and shoot. Actually don't shoot. With a gun.
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