​These are all of the series I am currently writing in the wiki.

Solo Seasons by CoolCCMystery

Zombie Homeland

Welcome to the Walled City of Seattle, where zombies and humans prosper and conflict in tense times. In the changed Emerald City, the Seattle Police Department are tasked to protect the city from murders, various criminal threats and insurgents that threaten the attempt at peace in the city.

Cryptic Fables

When you come to Sanguisborough, be sure to watch your back in this little wicked town... What lies beneath is a history that has stained Sanguisborough with an irreversible bloody point of no return. Be careful where you step, as the Sanguisborough Law Agency vow to put aside their dark pasts, and save this town from eternal damnation.

My Collaboration Series with BloodyNightWolf & Doctor Bonnie


In Rosenoque, a city that looks beautiful on the outside, dark secrets and horrors hide in this cozy Canadian city. The Rosenoque Police Department is tasked with taking down minor threats, taking down criminal operations and ultimately uncovering the "wolf in sheep's clothing"...


After Rosenoque, the player headed to Berrini, an Australian city of vibrancy and gorgeous sights to see! With the Berrini Police Department, the player uncovers various masterminds, psychotic murderers and deadly "fictionalized" secrets, before saving the city from a mastermind who's played with the city like a puppet...

Rosenoque (The Mystery)

After the player's success in Berrini, they are beckoned back home to the changed Rosenoque, before they then come across their former ally's secrets, eventually coming to discover a hidden threat that had been scheming in the player's absence, ready to take the city for their own.

Mystical Investigations

What comes when night falls in the city of Maplemoor, is not what you may expect... Dark stories and mystical tales of a mystical power surround the city and keeps it under lock and key, from the rest of the world. Friction sparks up between the humane and the supernatural, and it is up to the player to ensure peace is kept and justice is preserved.

My Collaboration Series with ChaosTheory4275


Welcome to Aurelia, home to thriving landscapes of beauty and gloom in the Italian-inspired city. Here, the Aurelia Law Enforcement Agency enforces the law and protects the city from a series of threats connected to a growing organization that was responsible for the murders of the past ALEA...


After their adventures in Aurelia, the player headed to an ancient gothic city that is seemingly "stuck in the past" despite modern times and changes occurring around the world. In the city of Stonemoor, the player investigates various conflicts that ultimately leads the Stonemoorian Justice Enforcers to discover the works of a criminal organization's plans, and to stop them despite the losses they will have to face...


In the city of Fairmount, France, after the player's success in Stonemoor, the player and Alexandre Pierre join the Fairmount Police Department, where they will find new threats to defeat in this picturesque and romantic city...

My Collaboration Series with Bristent

Sinner's Enigma

In Evergrace, all of your sins run rampant in this prosperous and very dangerous city located in the year of 1890... Be careful where as the player investigates with the Evergrace Justice Division, because there’s always a sinner around every corner...


After our player ends up in a new world, they join the Soulveil Law Enforcers to investigate in the now-changed city of Soulveil. They then come across mystical mysteries in the mysterious city, soon uncovering a threat that the player has never expected to see...

Other Collaborations (Bonnie, Raven, Hasuro, Bruno & Scratchy)

Anbrusia with MxthicalW0LF

An exciting adventure awaits the player in Anbrusia, a city with many secrets and mysteries lurking beneath the surface of this technologically advanced and mystic city, where shadows, criminals and potential murderers lurk! Be prepared though, because we have a secret enemy to defeat... and serve justice to this great city.

Glanchester: Uncharted Territory with K7U4i2X

Welcome to the city of vibrant landscapes and idyllic sights to see, known as Glanchester. The eight members that composes the department that serves the city's justice, known as the Glanchester Justice Division, awaits the player. However, beware, as like any other city in the wide world, there is secrets beneath, ready to break free.

Twilight Haven with Hasuro Haku

Be alert as you work alongside the members of the Twilight Haven Law Enforcers to combat crime rates and criminal across the city of Twilight Haven. What hides in this little sedulous city is what you may not expect, as the player and their fellow colleagues combat crime rates, murderous killers and a mysterious criminal syndicate... be careful as you investigate this active city.

Dangers of the Future with Dr Bonnie

One millennium into the future, the world's changed for both the best and for the worse. However our skilled global team of law enforcers known as the International Criminal Investigators, are there to protect this futuristic world from murders, crimes and eventually a global threat beyond our imaginations...

The Big Brother with ScratchyCat

In real-life New York City, a mysterious threat endangers the lives of New York City... are you ready to step up to the task?

Original Characters

Also check out my Criminal Case fanfiction original characters featured in many fanfiction series!
Season Name Profession Status
Alexander Wilson Shadowcrest Investor Incarcerated
Archibald Carpenter Secrets of Yahatu Novelist
Family Heir
Callum Charleston Parinaita (The Secrets) War Soldier Alive*
Cayden Williams Warrenville Journalist Alive
Connor Fawkes Rusthollow & Explore the World GPA Elite Detective
Photographer (formerly)
Gauthier de Carpentier Twilight Haven THLE Laboratory Chief Alive
Gregory Charles The Syndicate Songwriter Deceased
Gregory Charles The New Dawn The Zodiac's Historian Alive
Jordan Brown Rosenoque FEPD Tech Expert Deceased
Jordan Campbell Baeland Mysterious Man Alive
Jordan Charleston Berrini BPD Tech Expert Alive
Jordan Fernandez Boyland Male Entertainer Alive
Jordan French A Heavenly World Photographer Alive
Jordan Hawks World of Hazards Security Guard Alive
Jordan Miami Fluxford Undercover Agent Alive
Jordan Rochester Raxelville Student Deceased
Jordan Vance Sinner's Enigma Cardsharp Alive*
Jordan Winchester Stonemoor Mayoral Aide Deceased
Joseph Marlow Rosenoque (The Mystery) Investigative Reporter Deceased
Julian Adonis Christos Tales of Olympus Adventurer Alive
Malcolm Fraser Mafia's Secret Diary Lawyer Alive
Raymond Jameson The Secrets Unrevealed College Nerd Alive
Reggie Charles Venusville Hitman Alive
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