Arif Hassan pyo

aka Nassah Fira

  • I live in Bangladesh
  • I was born on January 2
  • My occupation is Weeding
  • I am a weird guy

Hey there, Arif here. Sometimes, some crimes. It rhythms!

I used to be a fan of Criminal Case (literal obsession, at least to me) but now not so much. I like reading fanon here though. Because of the amazing writers who put together their immense hard work to write the amazing cases, create the wonderful characters and finish seasons with their unique flair. It is always entertaining to go through the content though I cannot do so regularly. Cheers to them!

Yeah, I attempted to write fanon multiple times before but because of the lack of planning, lack of motivation and laziness I ditched my ideas and discontinued from writing fanon. But I may be bringing something new very soon. Stay tuned ;)

My Series (Stanford Bay)

City Page: Stanford Bay

Personnel: Stanford Bay Police Department

Cases: Category:Cases (Stanford Bay)

All the pages: Category:Stanford Bay

My friends and fellow fanon writers

User:Inspector Diaz aka Diana, one of my best friends from the canon wiki and discord and a great fanon writer.

User:Hasuro Haku: AKA Hasuro or Baesuro, funny, very creative and amazing bae loving friend!

User:K7U4i2X AKA bruno, one of my great friends and a very goid fanon writer.

Ranger Habib AKA Habib Romanov, a great friend and great fanon writer.

Leavegirl AKA Leavegirl, our Louis loving friend, creator of the DC universe and CC crossover Grimsborogh Justice Squad.

Fanon Char's based on me

Best series (by my friends)

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