“Uptown Kill” is a case in Criminal Case: Justice Department. It is the fourth case of the series, it occurs in the Uptown Acropolis district.


The Acropolis Justice Defence Force received a phone call from a frantic woman who stated that she had information regarding BioAlpha and their activities in Uptown Acropolis. But, before the police could receive any valuable information, the woman disconnected.

Thankfully, Elliot was able to trace the call – it came from Venus Boulevard. Lt. Wayne and the player rush off to the location, only to find a crashed car and the woman, who was later identified as Sarah Doherty, dead in the damaged vehicle.

Despite the obvious possible cause of death, Dr. Graham Fraser actually determined the cause of death to be toxin inhalation. Sarah succumbed to the poisonous fumes before the car crashed, determining toxic gas to be the murder weapon. Due to the toxin's solution being so complex, Dr. Fraser can only come up with the conclusion that the killer has advanced knowledge on chemistry.

In conclusion, the murderer was revealed to be Sarah's roommate, Megan Olson. After being confronted with solid evidence, Megan broke down that she killed Sarah because she was going to expose BioAlpha's secret to the police. Megan elaborated that she admired BioAlpha's leader, Damian Mallory, and that she wanted to prove to him that she was worthy of his affections. When she discovered that Sarah was going to destroy Damian's hard work, Megan confronted Sarah, only for Sarah to be persistent in telling the police. So Megan created a poisonous solution and tampered Sarah's car air conditioning so that she could be poisoned on the way to inform the police. In Judge Bishop's court, Megan was sentenced to a fifty-year prison sentence with psychiatric counselling.



  • Sarah Doherty – found dead in a car accident site

Murder Weapon

  • Car Air Conditioner


  • Megan Olson



  • TBA

Killer's Profile

  • The killer knows chemistry
  • The killer chews narcotic gum
  • The killer uses sunscreen
  • The killer has an ink stain
  • The killer wears a necklace

Crime Scenes

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Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Additional Investigation

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  • The case name “Uptown Kill” is a reference to the song sung by Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk.
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