“Uptown Kill” is a case in Criminal Case: Justice Department. It is the fourth case of the series, it occurs in the Uptown Acropolis district.


The case opens up with chief Kathryn Watkins welcoming the player and reviewed the investigation about BioAlpha Corp. Upon suggesting to take a break from the investigation, Lt. Eric Wayne interrupted the player and mentions a music video shooting taking place near Tulip Valley, and that he was invited to see the shooting occur by his college friend, Lars Brunner. However, upon arrival, they encounter a hysterical Lars, looking for help. The cause of the commotion was that the video director, Patrick Olson, was found dead with a stab wound in the neck.

After the autopsy is finished, medical examiner Dr. Graham Fraser confirmed that the cause of death was massive blood loss due to the severed carotid artery. The coroner also found traces of ink in the blood. Due to the ink stain on Patrick’s shoulder, it was determined that the murder weapon was a fountain pen, and that the killer had ink stain on them due to the pen bursting (confirmed by archivist Stefan Martin when the fountain pen was found).

Soon enough, evidence has been allocated to incriminate the victim’s wife, Megan Olson, for the murder. At first, Megan denied killing Patrick, stating that he loved him too much despite her infidelity. But, after confronted with evidence, Megan admitted to the crime, stating that she killed Patrick when he was due to find out that her brother, Jonas Nicholls, had been taking money from their savings after Patrick fired him. Before Patrick could contact the police regarding the felony, Megan grabbed the victim’s signature fountain pen and stabbed him in the neck. In court, Judge Chandler sentenced Megan to 30 years in prison.

During the main investigation, it was discovered that celebrities, such as reality show host Winifred Osprey and the murder victim, Patrick Olson, had been secretly investing in BioAlpha's project. After Lt. Tara Wong and the player investigated, it was revealed that BioAlpha had been promising celebrities with plastic surgery treatments in a cosmetic surgery company called Hampton Clinics, headed by plastic surgeon Dr. Emma Hampton. When confronted, Dr. Hampton claimed that BioAlpha had been helping the clinic by funding it, however she denied knowing about their project.



  • Patrick Olson (stabbed in the neck in the shooting area)

Murder Weapon

  • Fountain Pen


  • Megan Olson



Killer's Profile

  • The killer has an ink stain.
  • The killer is asthmatic
  • The killer wears a string bracelet
  • The killer takes anti-depressants
  • The killer rides horses

Crime Scenes

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Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Additional Investigation

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  • The case name “Uptown Kill” is a reference to the song sung by Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk.
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