Uptown Acropolis is the first district of the Criminal Case series, Justice Department.

Background Information

The uptown area of the city of Acropolis is a rural area, it is known for its beautiful natural setting. Its most significant location is the Greenstone Natural Reserve - a rainforest reserve thriving with exotic types of flora and fauna. The natural reserve also has camping grounds that are ideal for any kind of retreats.

There is little urban development along Uptown Acropolis. Additionally, the uptown area is the home base for multimillionaire technological corporate Park Inc., which is run by technological genius Tommy Park. Uptown Acropolis is also the main base of Cerebrum Laboratories, a neurological research group.

Events In Justice Department

The story arch that revolves around the Uptown Acropolis district involves the mysterious neurological research group called Cerebrum Laboratories, and the Acropolis Justice Defence Force were given the task to investigate their operation in Greenstone Natural Reserve.

Back To The Glory Days

While investigating the murder of consulting detective Phillip Daley, the player and Lt. Kate Wong discover that Phillip volunteered to take part of Cerebrum Laboratories' experiments as a guinea pig. They interrogated Dr. Damian Mallory, the head scientist of Cerebrum, about the research group's purpose - Damian stated that their goal is to learn more about the abilities of the human brain and figure out how to enhance it.

Further along the investigation, it was revealed that Phillip had taken his role as a guinea pig as he suspected that Cerebrum Laboratories have evil intentions with the findings they have on their neurological research. Upon interrogating Damian again, he shrugged off the suspicion, expressing that Phillip had a colourful imagination.

After arresting Phillip's killer, Chief Fellowes had Lt. Wong and the player investigate further into Cerebrum Laboratories' activities.


  1. "Back To The Glory Days"
  2. "Unnatural Causes"
  3. "A Murderous Retreat"
  4. "Uptown Kill"
  5. "Murder 2.0"
  6. "Murder Can Be Hazardous"
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