Unnatural Causes is a case appearing Hidden Missions. It is the series' second case. It takes place in the first district, Uptown Acropolis.


The player and Senior Agent Eric Wayne were assigned to question the Greenstone park rangers regarding Cerebrum Clinics' mysterious activities in the nature reserve. While Agent Wayne and the player were strolling down the pathway, they stumble upon the dead body of park ranger Lynne Gillis, having a tranquilising dart sticking out of her neck.

Mid-investigation, head ranger Henry Lancaster told the police that he saw a shadowy human figure lurking around Halo Falls, as well as technician Reed Rothman finding out that it was Lynne who allowed Cerebrum Clinics to set up their laboratories in the reserve. Soon enough, the police found enough evidence to arrest Lynne's ex-husband, Edward Jarvis, for the murder.

Initially denying the murder charges, Edward finally submitted to confess. Edward found out that Lynne planned to remarry him for his newly found wealth he recently received from a dead relative, seeing as she was covered with overdue debts. Angered, Edward decided to confront Lynne in the park pathway, only to lie to him about her bankruptcy. Out of retaliation, Edward loaded up the tranquillising gun and shot his ex-wife with a lethal dose of ketamine, ultimately killing her. Upon his trial in Judge Bishop's court, Edward was sentenced to twenty years in prison.

With the murder being solved, A.S.I. Director Jonathan Fellowes assigned Agent Kate Wong and the player to go investigate further into Cerebrum's operations in Greenstone Natural Reserve. Since the victim permitted Cerebrum to work in the reserve, they searched in Lynne's office and found a USB stick. Reed studied the USB and found documents regarding Cerebrum's experiments – they were a complex series of notes that theorises the possibility of enhancing the human brain's abilities. Agent Wong and the player speak to Cerebrum researcher Julius Ackroyd about the notes. Julius simply stated that Cerebrum Clinic's main goal is to make breakthrough in improving human brain development.

Meanwhile, Agent Wayne and the player were approached by Henry Lancaster regarding a disturbance in the park trail. Upon investigating the area, the police search through the pile of rocks, where they find park ranger Oliver Briers' badge. Oliver was then spoken to by the player, he claimed that he saw a drone fly through the forest. Thinking that it was used to illegally hunt animals, Oliver shot down the drone. Upon identifying the drone to be a tactical drone, it was given to weapons expert Randall Collins to be examined, he stated that the drone was simply a prototype developed by Cerebrum, they were used to keep track on their experiments in the urban areas.

The player and the police come together to report to Director Fellowes regarding their findings on Cerebrum, when Reed suddenly burst in to tell the team that the drone had similar designs to that of the works of genius engineer, Tommy Park, determining that Cerebrum had stolen technological designs from Park Inc. for the benefits of their experiments. Fellowes assigned the team to speak to Tommy for his assistance in unmasking Cerebrum's operations. Reed then mentioned that Tommy and his corporate board are in Greenstone Park for a company retreat. Fellowes then ordered the police and the player to meet with Park in Greenstone's camp site.



  • Lynne Willis – found dead with a dart on her neck.

Murder Weapon

  • Tranquilising Gun


  • Edward Jarvis


Killer's Profile

  • The killer drinks kale juice
  • The killer owns a beagle
  • The killer uses suscreen
  • The killer wears a scarf
  • The killer has green eyes

Crime Scenes

Primary Crime Scenes Secondary Crime Scenes
Greenstone Park Trail Information Gazebo
Rangers' Base Victim's Desk
Halo Falls Waterfall Pool


Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Additional Investigation – To New Beginnings (2/6)

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