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After the plane arrived in Glasgow airport...
Savannah Rodriguez: <Name>, did you wait for long? I'm sorry if you did, I had to go over there to receive a call.
Savannah: I guess Chief Salminen already told you about me, but anyway. I'm Savannah Rodriguez, Team Coordinator of EASD.
Savannah: As you can already understand I'm here to pick you up, so let's go to our Glasgow headquarter now. Usually, we'd take you to our main headquarter in Stockholm, but our team is currently investigating around British Isles, so yeah you're here.
Savannah: I hope you had your rest in your plane though. Because Marko is probably going to assign you to something now, since we got some leads and don't want to let them fade away.
Savannah: Follow me now, time to see the EASD headquarter for yourself, hm?

After almost fifteen minutes...
Savannah: <Rank> <Name>, here you go. We're here. Surprised? Well, the inside is far better than the entrance actually.
Savannah: So, what to do first? Yeah I'm taking you to Marko right now, he's quite eager to meet you. Not like we aren't, your works with Alpha Squadron were spectacular after all.
Savannah: Marko's office is over there. There he comes- hey!
Marko: Hi Sav. Came back quickly than I expected. Anyway that's even better. <Name>, nice to meet you finally. I'm looking forward to work with you.
Marko: Speaking of work, I'm afraid you can't take a break now. Sorry for that, but yeah let me first explain the situation to you.
Marko: There's rumors of some terrorist attacks around British Isles. They seem disconnected at first, but I checked all the files carefully and apparently I feel like they're linked.
Marko: Of course no one will believe to us unless we have proofs and those are what we lack now. However, there's something which tells me you can find something near River Clyde, so you have to go there-
Violetta: Em- what's going on-?
Savannah: We got the new recruit, <Name>, and Marko is explaining things to them. Slept good Vio?
Violetta: Yeah I did, don't worry. Hi <Name>, I'm Junior Agent Violetta Rose. Good to meet you in person, I've heard a lot about you. Your crime solving skills are cool actually.
Marko: Now you'll see them in action firsthand. <Name>, Violetta and my son, Ethan Pierre, well adoptive but doesn't matter, will be your partners from now on.
Violetta: I guess I have something to do right now?
Marko: Yeah, go to River Clyde with <Name>. I think you're bound to find something there about the attacks.
Violetta: Okay, just a minute. I'll take my antidepressants, and then I'm all ready.

After twenty minutes...
Violetta: Well <Name> I'm sad you have to work just after arriving- I guess you'll find the view good though.
Violetta: There's the Clyde arc, the round bridge. I bet the river will look even better from there.
Violetta: "Search clues regarding the terrorist attacks" is what Chief said. So I guess we should start looking around, I go that side and you check here. Tell me if you see something-
Violetta: Wait what's that? I can't see clearly- don't worry my eyesight is perfect. We should go there to see what is that near the riverside.
Violetta: You find that odd too? What are you waiting for then. Come with me!

Under the bridge...
Violetta: Meh. Of course that looked fishy, there's a dead body after all. I recognize her though, anyone will who is a fan of music. That's Lynn Michaels, quite a famous British singer.
Violetta: Makes sense. I was wondering where were people given this place is usually crowded. We have no witness for now then.
Violetta: Our work's doubled now, we have to solve this murder and search for clues about the attacks. Get ready <Name>, your work starts here officially.

Chapter 1

Investigate River Clyde.
Violetta Rose: I secured the crime scene and sent Lynn's dead body to the headquarter. You found something else <Name>?
Violetta: A torn card and a purse? The purse looks luxurious anyway, I bet this belonged to Lynn. It's also stained with something, I think we should get a sample.
Violetta: As for the card, it's still a mystery. Let's tape those pieces and see who that belongs to.
Violetta: Good start. I guess not every rumors are only rumors ha? You really have skills and that's gonna be cool to see.

Examine Torn Card.
Violetta: This card belongs to an office worker named Brodie Wilson, hm? What is his card doing here?
Violetta: Probably a fan or something who met Lynn. I don't know, let's just ask him. I think he has something to say to us about the murder.

Question Brodie Wilson about his card.
Violetta: Mr Wilson, we're sorry to disturb you during your office time. But we have a concerning matter in our hands, so yeah.
Brodie: It's okay, I was just preparing to go home. What matter though? Am I in trouble?
Violetta: Not yet, no. We simply have some questions for you about singer Lynn Michaels because we found your card at the crime scene. I believe you know her?
Brodie: Lynn? No, I don't really know her but my wife does. She listens to her a lot and thanks to her I listened to one or two songs as well. But I never knew her in person.
Violetta: Then can you explain how your card ended up right where she died?
Brodie: Where did she die? And I give my cards to a lot of people, maybe she got one from them?
Violetta: River Clyde, under the Clyde arc. Your explanation doesn't sound trustworthy anyway. I mean why'd someone else give your card to her?
Brodie: I don't know. I just said it could happen, I never said someone really gave my card to her. The thing is I have no clue.
Brodie: Now pardon me, I have to go. If you need me, you already have my card, I'm mostly always free. But wait, there's something I have to say which might help you.
Brodie: My wife once mentioned Lynn liked to go to the Winter Gardens. Probably you should check that place out?
Violetta: Yeah, good idea. Time to check out the Gardens, let's go <Name>!

Investigate Winter Gardens.
Violetta: Oopsie, feels like cheating since we came inside without a ticket because it's a crime scene. The view is beautiful!
Violetta: Sadly the visitors will need to wait a little. Maybe we can look around this whole place for "searching"?
Violetta: Why so shocked, <Name>? I was joking. What are those you're holding?
Violetta: A wallet and a notebook? Maybe examining the wallet will lead us to its owner.
Violetta: As for this notebook, it's faded, probably it fell in water. I'm bringing the dusting kit, wait a minute.

Examine Wallet.
Violetta: So this wallet belongs to a guy called Neville Herbert. I know him, he's the victim's manager.
Violetta: He knew her well, of course. How much do you wanna bet he met her earlier today?

Ask Neville Herbert about the victim.
Violetta: Mr Herbert, do you know that Lynn Michaels had been murdered?
Neville: Wait what? I mean who are you even- you just came in and dropped a bomb like-
Violetta: Well rather inform you straight instead of telling a thousand things before. When did you see her last?
Neville: No I didn't know about the damn murder. I can't believe she's dead- give me a second.
Violetta: Okay. We're patiently waiting.
Neville: That's terrible. Who'd harm a cute and brilliant singer like her? I mean she was a good girl!
Violetta: You know there's a lot of people who are just evil for evilness, with no particular reason, like someone I know. Anyways, tell us when you saw her last?
Neville: Yesterday. I went to the Winter Gardens with her. I had some things to ask her about her upcoming album, and she told me to go there.
Neville: Boy did I know the album will never be released- she looked all okay yesterday, and now this?
Violetta: Unexpected things, yeah. Stick around, we might come back later.

Examine Faded Notebook.
Violetta: Okay, you retrieved the letters, but what language- or code is that?
Violetta: I can proudly say those make no sense to me. Let's just send this to our profiler, Ellie Silverman. She's a little clumsy, but yeah I can confirm she's cute and intelligent at the same time.
Violetta: Why are you looking at me like that-? I know that look okay?

Analyze Cryptic Note.
Ellie: Violetta, today you look even cuter than usual! How do you manage to look so stunning everyday?
Violetta: Really? Thanks then, you look good too. By the way, did you find anything from those codes?
Ellie: Of course I did. Firstly, this notebook belongs to an intern journalist. His name is Lyall Buckley, French guy.
Ellie: So I thought to turn the codes into normal French, since obvious reasons, and yeah I got a match. I think he literally made this code by himself, which made it a little hard.
Ellie: It's full of compliments. Lyall liked Lynn a lot and wrote a lot of things about her- hey V, can I quote something he wrote? For you.
Violetta: Me? 'Kay, go on.
Ellie: Tu es bonne au lit!
Violetta: Um, Lyall seriously wrote that to Lynn? I mean my French isn't perfect, but yeah-
Ellie: Violetta, why are you looking so embarrassed- wait... d-did I actually say "Tu es bonne au lit"? I-I'm so sorry, I should be more careful with learning French... I meant to say you're good, not that "you're good in bed"-
Violetta: Yeah that's why I wonder when we slept together- wait wait, I saw you writing something in French, not three hours ago, and you're fluent in French I think, you talk with your sister in French mostly.
Ellie: I was learning- learning. Reading writing-
Violetta: Okay okay, no need to get all hot, your cheeks are already red. I'll pretend that was unintentional, haha.
Ellie: No it wasn't unintentional- wait what? No! It wasn't intentional- okay about the notes!
Ellie: I think Lyall wanted to send them to Lynn but never got the chance. Pretty sure you should talk with him, he's in Glasgow right now.
Violetta: Interesting. We'll go question him, and meanwhile, you learn French okay?
Ellie: Stop the sarcasm Vio. That's enough-
Violetta: Same old habit! Okay <Name>, let's go see Lyall.

Ask Lyall Buckley about his compliments for Lynn.
Lyall: Euh... who are you? I mean I have some things to finish- so can you do it a little quick though?
Violetta: Agent Rose and <Name> from EASD. We have some questions to ask regarding singer Lynn Michaels' death. I assume you were a big fan of her?
Lyall: Hold up, death? Lynn's death? What- how did that happen...
Violetta: She was shot. Did you know her personally? We found your notebook containing the compliments you wrote for her.
Lyall: Yeah, I liked her a lot, her songs are good and her personality is- I believe good as well. I... maybe had some feelings about her but anyway, those don't matter now...
Lyall: About the compliments, I never had the courage to send them to her.
Violetta: I'm sorry. Do you have something to tell us which might be helpful?
Lyall: If I had gotten the chance to interview her properly two days ago, I could. But that went... wrong, so I guess I can't, sorry.
Lyall: She didn't deserve any of this, why is life always unfair?
Violetta: Who knows. Well then, that's all for now, you can go back to your work- or maybe take a little break, you look exhausted.

Examine Victim's Purse.
Violetta: Congrats, you managed to get a sample of that substance. Now let's send this to our lab chief, Kristoff Rebane.
Violetta: He's a cool guy, but most of the time gets wrapped up in his feelings. You'll like him though!

Analyze Dark Substance.
Violetta: Hey Kristoff. Could you manage to find out what that substance is?
Kristoff: Yeah, totally easy it was. Let me give you a clue- you can find this thing almost everywhere in Scotland.
Violetta: Hint game? Okay, what this can be? Time to recall my history lessons which I hated-
Kristoff: Take it easy. It isn't that backdated- or you can say a mix of modern and ancient Scotland's main drink.
Violetta: You literally blew the cover here. Whiskey?
Kristoff: Exactly. The substance in question was whiskey. As much as I dislike that, it's popular here.
Violetta: I got what you mean. It won't be easy to find a killer who drink whiskey, but who cares, when I'm sure we'll find more clues?
Kristoff: I love that optimism, wish I had that. So it's official thanks to your brilliant lab chief, <Name>, your killer drinks whiskey!
Violetta: I'm very sad, I heard Scottish prisons don't serve whiskey, oopsie!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Nicholas: <Name>, I'm Nicholas Hermes. The Greek chief medical examiner in your service.
Violetta: Also known as the biology knowledge house. He knows geography a lot as well!
Nicholas: Damn, Vio, you're embarrassing me here. I just know the basic things.
Violetta: Sure, sure. <Name>, I assure you, he'll give you a whole lecture on Photosynthesis the whole night if he gets the chance. Also why don't you say <Name> about the book which Ashley is writing?
Nicholas: Yeah, it's about the whole Siberia and I'm helping her with my experience cause I went there a few times- really, you know how to make me nervous, Violetta.
Violetta: Come on, they're compliments! Okay, you got anything on the victim's body?
Nicholas: Yes. The water amount allows me to confirm that the killer shot her from the bridge, and she fell down after getting shot.
Nicholas: The water flow must have brought her back to the riverside, but washed away valuable clues, or rather most of them.
Nicholas: The shot wasn't accurate nor effective, the water was what killed her. So she could have a chance to live if she hadn't fallen down.
Violetta: So you couldn't find anything? A single clue?
Nicholas: Coming. She had a fight with the killer and she was grabbing some medications, which turned out to be sleeping pills.
Nicholas: I know Lynn wasn't insomniac. Probably she got them while fighting, and kept them to give us a clue in case something happened, which did. Smart move.
Violetta: So, the killer is insomniac? I hate to match something with them, but anyway. We're gonna give them nightmares now.

Later afterwards...
Violetta: The case is going good so far, we got some clues, three suspects and all.
Violetta: I think we should try to retrace Lynn's steps though. That's always a good idea.
Ethan: The idea's gonna be better now that I found out where she was right before her death.
Violetta: Hey Ethan. <Name>, this is Ethan, Chief's son and our Elite Force agent.
Ethan: Always want to finish my sentences, hm? Yeah I'm the guy she told you about. So, about the clue, she was at the music store not an hour before her death.
Violetta: Music store? Makes sense. Get ready, <Name>.

Chapter 2

Violetta Rose: Now we have three suspects and a few clues, I guess we should retrace Lynn's steps now-
Ethan: Hi. I have some leads for you, Violetta and <Name>. Your victim was at the music store just before her death, maybe you should check that out?
Violetta: Good idea. Let's go, <Name>!

Investigate Music Store.
Violetta: Quite a crowded place, as expected. A lot of people will lose track searching for clues here, but good that we didn't.
Violetta: Although none of that bag or the ribbon sound promising. I'm believing in you, don't worry.
Violetta: A search of the bag and collecting some hairs from the ribbon might help. I'm here if you need me- no. I'm helping you now.

Examine School Bag.
Violetta: That book, ew that's history- has a name, Innes Cameron. Yeah, it belongs to a high schooler, 10th grader to be exact.
Violetta: However, the notebooks are showing how obsessed he is with Lynn. He constantly shipped himself with her, weird guy.
Violetta: Hmm, he knows about her murder. He wrote, "I'll get revenge for Lynn!"
Violetta: Awesome, we got a fanboy. I don't mean you can't like a celebrity but he took it to a whole new level. Yeah, it's a long shot but let's question him.

Interrogate Innes Cameron about his threats.
Violetta: Innes, we're here to ask you some questions, so you should say goodbye to your for a few minutes.
Innes: Wow, I'm getting popular among girls! Want a date with me, pretty girl? Although you aren't hotter than Lynn Michaels.
Violetta: Then don't ask me for a date? I wasn't here for that as well.
Innes: Okay bye then, I'm leaving. This is gonna be a time waste, my friends are waiting, and I don't want to miss my part of that whiskey that they are drinking.
Violetta: I wasn't asking you to say goodbye to them, I ordered you. Now stand here and say if you met Lynn in person, cause she's dead.
Innes: What? Lynn's dead? You're joking around, right? Cause I'm her super fan.
Violetta: Ow, you don't know about her murder? Sure, sure. Explain the writings on your notebook then- "I'll get revenge for Lynn" one?
Innes: Where did ya get my notebook-?
Violetta: You don't need to know. So, tell us everything you know about Lynn, not the ones found in internet of course.
Innes: Never met her in real life. I just loved her and that's all- damn my insomnia will kill me tonight. I dreamed so much about her and now this? Of course I want revenge!
Innes: Seriously, I got nothing else to say. Sorry for lying before, just didn't want to be involved in an investigation but well I already am.

Examine Ribbon.
Violetta: So, what did you find?
Violetta: Some hair strings? Let's put them under the microscope and see who they belong to.

Examine Hair.
Violetta: Yeah, there goes some brown hair and a match too with one of the part-time employees, a certain Sorcha Munroe.
Violetta: There she is. Ms Munroe! We need to talk about something!

Ask Sorcha Munroe about the victim.
Sorcha: Yeah? You need any help with the songs, people?
Violetta: Not song but singer. I assume you know Lynn Michaels?
Sorcha: Yeah, she's a good friend of mine. I work here and she also comes here a lot, so of course. Plus she's famous.
Violetta: Well, sorry to inform- she's dead. That must be sad for you.
Sorcha: Woah, dead! Music world lost a valuable person today. She was a good person too.
Sorcha: We used to drink whiskey together and talk about a lot of things. She had sleeping problems like me, and I work here at night sometimes, then she would come here and chat with me.
Sorcha: It was good to have a partner. As insomnia patients, we liked each other's companies.
Violetta: Can you think of anyone who'd want to harm her?
Sorcha: A lot, basically other singers, of course but I won't accuse anyone. I have some things to finish as well, excuse me.

After a while...
Violetta: Any idea you got now? We already interrogated five people and nothing is effective still.
Violetta: Maybe we should go to Winder Gardens once again to chill out- and search that place again.

Investigate Winter Gardens Cafe.
Violetta: Makeup box? That looks fancy. I think it was Lynn's, but collecting fingerprints from it will be better.
Violetta: There goes some torn paper. Here's tape, start fixing them.
Violetta: Stained Gloves? Wearing gloves is like a tradition for "careful" murderers. Let's collect a sample of that stain for Kristoff.
Violetta: Coming back here was a good idea, hm? Yeah I know, you're welcome for that.

Examine Makeup Box.
Violetta: There's a lot of fingerprints and less time to identify them by ourselves. Well, let's send them to our tech expert, Lena Petersson. She'll find them in no time!
Violetta: Unless she starts doing her secret work. No, I won't tell you about that cause it's really a secret unless you see that firsthand!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Violetta: Caught you again, Lena. That's like the fifth time and I ain't alone today-
Lena: You keep me under surveillance or what-? Always find me when I'm dancing- you didn't say that to anyone right? Also hey <Name>. I'm Lena, the smart-I mean that's what people say, not me-tech expert of EASD.
Lena: Violetta tell me you never said that to anyone, I mean <Name> saw me but yeah.
Violetta: Don't worry. It isn't that bad though, it's your hobby. Anyway, got something from the fingerprints?
Lena: Any doubt? There were only two sets of fingerprints, your victim's and a certain office worker named Brodie Wilson's, one of your suspects.
Violetta: Didn't Brodie say he didn't know Lynn in person?
Lena: Lies of course. People do anything to keep their secret- why you're giving that look? I don't mean me, I think he had a secret relationship with him because otherwise he'd tell you.
Lena: I also looked for Brodie's steps and many people saw him with Lynn together.
Violetta: Awesome. Time to quiz him now, better come clean this time.

Question Brodie about his relationship with Lynn.
Violetta: Mr Wilson, ready for another interrogation? This time you can't lie.
Brodie: Sure- uhm what? Lie? I never lied?
Violetta: Okay. I mean we are looking for someone who denied to know the victim in real life but had their fingerprints on her makeup box. Sounds familiar?
Brodie: Well... you got me. I admit.
Brodie: Yeah she was my girlfriend but what can I do? I don't love my wife, she's boring and all. She's all about herself and doesn't even care about me.
Brodie: I met Lynn in a concert. I always loved her music and herself. And then she saw me and approached me suddenly, asking me if I was in a relationship.
Brodie: That was like a damn dream- I mean she asked me that? But I was honest and said yes.
Violetta: How did this continue then?
Brodie: I went home that day, thinking if what I did was right, and yeah I couldn't even sleep that night. Not new. I have severe insomnia.
Brodie: So I kept on drinking whiskey to distract myself. But wow, the next day she contacted me, saying she was alright with my having a wife and she wanted to be with me.
Brodie: I took the chance. Done.
Violetta: Like a dream, hm? Won't be much of a dream if you killed her to save your secret.
Brodie: I would never kill her? Okay can I go, I'm already sad enough and all my desperate neutral face act making me die inside.

Examine Torn Paper.
Violetta: Well done fixing the papers. Okay that's Lynn's album papers.
Violetta: Why does this say Lynn won't get any money from her unreleased album and all money will go to- Neville Herbert?!
Violetta: Makes no sense. Let's go check out the manager, quick!

Quiz Neville about his intentions.
Violetta: Neville. Drowning yourself with whiskey? Just joking.
Neville: Who doesn't in Scotland? You need me for something? I'm busy a bit.
Violetta: Planning how you'd get all of Lynn's money?
Neville: Eh what?
Violetta: The album, that Lynn was supposed to release after a few weeks. You're gonna get all those money from that album, yeah?
Neville: No-no! What are you talking about?
Violetta: Too innocent. Here, these papers seem familiar? So Neville. Tell us, what were your intentions?
Neville: Okay okay no need to pressure me like that- I'm telling.
Neville: As Lynn's manager I never got the money I deserved. I always got less than my expectation although I always worked hard. That might sound wrong but I don't care.
Neville: She was good singer alright but not a good person. I did everything for her and got insomnia cause I pulled an all nighter most of the time and she doesn't even pay me back properly.
Neville: So yeah I decided to leave her and get the money because that'd make her realize how much useful I was to her.
Violetta: Good story. But we should better not find you to be guilty cause you'll only deserve to be in prison then.

Examine Stained Gloves.
Violetta: That looks like blood but I can't be sure. There's a blue shade, so- well.
Violetta: I'd say let Kristoff take a look like I said, here it goes to his lab.

Analyze Blood Sample.
Kristoff: Well, this substance was a bit complex to analyze, but never more than my own mind. Anyway, let me get this straight, it's disinfectant mixed with blood.
Violetta: Disinfectant? I think I can see the scenario. The killer wore the gloves during the murder not to leave any fingerprint, and...
Kristoff: Bingo, and tried to get off the blood stains when the work was done.
Violetta: Yeah, that sounds like that. Wait, so the blood belongs to Lynn?
Kristoff: Didn't you just say everything before I could explain? Yeah, I also found whiskey traces, I'm positive the gloves belong to the killer.
Violetta: Hmm, another clue, <Name>. The killer uses disinfectant, and they'll have to use it on their prison bed.
Violetta: Thanks Kristoff. We're leaving you to your studies now. Good luck!
Kristoff: Yeah, I could use some right now. Look for me again if you need any help.

Later on...
Violetta: <Name>, this is the time when I like to call the investigation the "Climax situation". We have everything but a few things are keeping us away from the killer.
Violetta: Hmm, we gotta try to end this investigation faster. Maybe we can-
Violetta: Someone called me, a minute.
Violetta: Hello, I'm Agent Rose, who's there?
Sorcha: Ms Rose! Sorry to disturb but Innes and his friends are threatening to tear down our store! And nothing can stop them seems like!
Violetta: I think we can. <Rank> <Name>, ready to teach Innes that you don't threaten other people?

Chapter 3

Violetta Rose: The climax situation is here, yet we are missing some clues to catch the killer-
Violetta: Wait someone called me. Hello, I'm Agent Rose. Who's there?
Sorcha: Ms Rose! Sorry to disturb but Innes and his friends are threatening to tear down our store! Seems like they won't stop at anything-
Violetta: Okay, we're coming. Hold them for a few minutes.
Violetta: That guy is getting on my nerves. Time to teach him you don't mess with others over some obsession.

Stop Innes from causing problems.
Violetta: Innes, stop all this right now. What are you thinking?
Innes: I won't let anyone listen to Lynn's songs again! They're mine and only mine!
Violetta: Why? You bought them? Lynn wrote them for you? Or you have copyright?
Innes: Um- none of them... but yeah. I loved Lynn more than anyone. So back off, we need to tear down this store.
Violetta: No. You'll put down your weapon and tell us why are you even doing all these when I think she didn't even know you.
Innes: I loved her and she did so too I bet. Hey! Don't touch my bat, I'll have to disinfectant with my disinfectant, so put your hands away!
Violetta: You're now seriously getting on my nerves and I tell you to stop all these unless you want me to shoot you!
Innes: Woah... okay, okay. I'm leaving, no need to be like that-
Violetta: Good for you. <Name>, go inside the store, we should search again before some freak decides to ruin the place again.

Investigate Country Music Section.
Violetta: Well done. A gift box and a recorder might help us sort out things for future.
Violetta: I don't wanna talk much right now so go on, unlock that and let's see if we can find anything inside the box.

Examine Gift Box.
Violetta: There's a faded picture inside I see?
Violetta: You're looking for dusting kit? Here. Show your magic I guess.

Examine Faded Picture.
Violetta: That's a group photo given to Lynn by Sorcha, although I know none of the people- except him, he's an actor.
Violetta: Why'd Sorcha send this to Lynn? Also two girls are indicated, maybe she means something?
Violetta: Maybe Ellie can take a look, I'm interested to know what she says this time for me- haha.

Analyze Movie Photo.
Ellie: Violetta! Always good to see you, how are you now?
Violetta: Em, I'm alright? Why you ask? I mean we met a while ago just-
Ellie: Well you're always depressed- so I can't stop worrying.
Violetta: Thanks but I believe I'm strong enough to take care of myself. By the way, could you understand what that picture means?
Ellie: Of course! It's from one of my favorite movies, and it reminds me of you!
Violetta: Me? How so?
Ellie: Well the main characters are two girls, one is redhead and other is brunette and blue eyed, and at the end of the movie they marry, just like I dream you and me to!
Violetta: So officially confirmed you have a crush on me hm?
Ellie: What-? No no! I don't mean that, I mean just that they match our features, which is why-
Violetta: Someone's blushing-
Ellie: I seriously didn't mean that! Okay about the photo- really just take the analysis report!
Ellie: So, in the movie, one of the marked girls is a singer and other wants to be, but first is envious and tries to stop second cause she might be better.
Ellie: In this case I think Lynn is of course the singer, and Sorcha is the other one, and by coincidence, the singer one dies by drowning.
Violetta: Too matching right? I bet you'd like the marriage part match as well.
Ellie: Of course! ...Again?...
Violetta: Knew it. <Name>, let's go see Sorcha before someone dies outta blushing.

Question Sorcha about her grudge against the victim.
Violetta: Sorcha, I think you failed to mention that you were angry at the victim.
Sorcha: What did you say? I didn't hear sorry, was disinfecting the shelves, now say?
Violetta: You hated the victim I think. Before you say something, we found the photo you sent to her.
Sorcha: Of course I did. Just because she was my friend didn't mean she could insult my voice and my dreams.
Sorcha: I wanted to be a singer since my childhood and seriously? She just listening me humming and directly said what- I'm bad at singing.
Sorcha: She said I should ditch my dream- but who is she to say that? So I sent her the picture to say too pride is never good.
Violetta: I'd say I wouldn't want to be proud enough to commit the murder. What do you say?

Examine Locked Recorder.
Violetta: You unlocked the recorder? Okay, give it to me, I'm playing.
Violetta: Low sound- but sounds like an argument, one voice is Lynn, another is- Lyall...
Violetta: So that's why Lyall sounded awkward before. Confused what to say to us.
Violetta: He can say anything he wants now, let's give the intern a visit.

Question Lyall about his interview.
Lyall: Go quick, I had to leave my work again and deadline is after a few hours. Any development on your investigation?
Violetta: Won't take much longer. You had an argument with Lynn?
Lyall: How do you know that? I never told anyone about that I think?
Violetta: We found your recorder which recorded it.
Lyall: Oh. Maybe it was activated by accident. Well, two days ago I went to interview her and boy I saw her having intimate time with her boyfriend, a black haired guy, older than her, I don't know who.
Lyall: As if I even wanted to interview her. It was in a hotel and they were barely inside a room, and I get blamed for what- "ruining privacy"?
Lyall: I liked her yes but doesn't mean she can throw unmentionable insults at me like that. I'm not a nobody that she can tell me those.
Violetta: I assume you left the scene right then?
Lyall: Of course I did. Who cares about interview? I did that for my project and I don't care if I fail, I won't tolerate to be insulted like that!
Lyall: So I came back home and I reached for my pocket where I got a disinfectant bottle which belonged to that guy. I was angry enough to break that thing in pieces but yeah, childish manner that'd be.
Lyall: I couldn't forget anything from that day. My nights are already lonely and tiresome thanks to insomnia and yeah.
Violetta: I'm sorry to know that. By the way, do you have any disinfectant? I need some now.
Lyall: Yeah, I keep one with me. Here it is.

After finishing all the works...
Violetta: I have a feeling we don't need to interrogate people anymore, <Name>.
Violetta: We did basically everything, and only thing we didn't do is going back to the main crime scene. What are you waiting for then, let's finish that as well.

Investigate Clyde Arc.
Violetta: Good that this went faster than I expected. Those boat equipment seem fishy, maybe there's something inside.
Violetta: What's that? A one-time bandage? If it was internet I'd respond with a laughing emoji because that seems funny, given a lot of people use them AND bandages are mostly bloody.
Violetta: So you say it's your hunch, I won't stop you then, take a sample of that skin.

Examine Boat Equipment.
Violetta: Ooo, we got a gun here under those equipment! Impressive, <Name>.
Violetta: The gun will go to someone whom you didn't meet yet, our weapon expert Mikhail Ivanov. Mikhail is cool guy, and will get something from it I bet.

Analyze Handgun.
Mikhail: <Name>, you're now seeing Russian weapon expert, Mikhail Ivanov in front of you. I was a soldier too, and you might know me as a game streamer as well, I'm- I mean me and Vio are a good duo.
Violetta: Mikhail, got any time to analyze the gun? I mean you seem busy with the games... joking!
Mikhail: I know I did, did you get any time to investigate too? I mean you seem busy thinking about Ellie-
Violetta: Bad joke. Tell us what you found.
Mikhail: Suddenly serious? You only be that serious when you lose against me and my best partner in games- so does that mean...
Violetta: 'Kay I'm just sitting here before you finish.
Mikhail: Okay no need to mind, what about the time when you roast me with sarcasm? Anyway the gun had no serial number.
Violetta: Who's minding? You're my friend plus gamer partner so I'm just messing around! Back to the gun, no serial number? Obvious I'd say.
Mikhail: True. But I found some fibers and blood stains too. Blood from the victim so yeah, this is the murder weapon.
Mikhail: So I took closer look at the fibers and I got a match with white clothes. No DNA but yeah, can confirm the killer wears white.
Violetta: Just like their prison t-shirt will be. Way to go!

Examine One-time Bandage.
Violetta: Still that seems like an ordinary bandage, but okay.
Violetta: We can safely say Kristoff will find if there's something about the killer!

Analyze Skin Sample.
Kristoff: Good hunch you have <Name>. Who knew this bandage could help in this investigation?
Violetta: Wow. Sounds cool. So you really have some magic skills ha, <Name>?
Violetta: Okay Kristoff, that skin is from Lynn of course?
Kristoff: No. I think she injured her killer while fighting which caused them use that bandage. The blood there is a mix of the killer and Lynn.
Violetta: Wait i don't understand-
Kristoff: The killer was injured thanks to Lynn. Probably got her blood when they shot her on their injury. So when they used the bandage, they also made the bandage stained with her blood.
Kristoff: Therefore I can say the skin is from the killer since it wasn't the vic's.
Violetta: So anything from the skin sample?
Kristoff: Yeah, they are under 25.
Violetta: Sad for them, they'll spend their golden time behind bars. I don't care, they deserve it anyway.

After getting all the clues...
Violetta: A happy ending is now going to happen, now that the killer will be confronted, hm?
Violetta: Car, gun, handcuff all ready. Let's bring the killer to their home, <Name>!

Take care of the killer now.
Violetta: Hi fanboy, you're under arrest for Lynn Michaels' murder. Care to explain the motive?
Innes: You tryna pin the murder on me? Girl you look cute but stupid anyway.
Violetta: Really? I think a freaky fanboy is more stupid who ruins his life by murdering someone. Shut those smart talk and tell us the motive.
Innes: I never killed anyone, so bye. I have to go do homework.
Violetta: Yeah sure, innocent, suit yourself. Our killer drinks whiskey, and we never saw you drinking with friends, right <Name>?
Violetta: Also you sleep perfectly and never used disinfectant, correct?
Innes: They make no sense, why are you telling me those?
Violetta: Our killer also wears white and is under 25. You're like 40 right?
Innes: ...Stop with all the sarcasm...
Violetta: You already tried to get the better of me and wrecked my nerves with all those freaky works. Now say quick why did you kill her.
Innes: Meh ok. So... I went to Winter Gardens two days ago. I went to the cafe to get a cup of coffee and when I came back I saw a camera and a gun inside my bag.
Innes: There was a note which instructed me to check the camera. So I did and damn! The camera is full of Lynn's intimate moments with a guy!
Innes: She betrayed me! How can she? I loved her most, not that guy?
Innes: So I made an anonymous account and contacted her, asking her to come to Clyde arc. There I directly asked her why'd she cheat on me.
Violetta: Seriously? Did she even know you?
Innes: No. But she would? I asked her to be with me. She laughed on my face and tried to leave!
Innes: But if she isn't mine, she can be of no one. Then I remembered the gun which had another note- "Use when necessary".
Innes: And yes I used it. I shot her and threw her off the bridge. That's what you get when you betray me.
Violetta: Dude she didn't even know you, why the hell would she even accept your proposal?
Innes: Don't question my dreams!
Violetta: Low your voice. Time's up Innes, you brought this on yourself.

At the trial...
Alice: So Innes, you are here because you murdered a singer, Lynn Michaels. What do you have to say?
Innes: Nothing. She deserved it.
Alice: Hmm. I see why you did it. Interesting but boring motive. But again, you could do better than murdering someone, like any other psycho could.
Alice: I'm afraid Agent Rose is correct, you ruined your life over some fantasy. The International court hereby sentences you to 26 years in Glasgow prison, Innes.
Innes: Who cares? No one gets my girl, that's all it matters.

After the trial...
Violetta: It was eventful first day, right <Name>?
Violetta: Innes has a terrible attitude honestly. But I'm thinking how'd someone tell him about Lynn's relationship, cause only Lyall knew about that...
Violetta: Lyall doesn't strike me like a manipulative guy. However, you never know.
Violetta: Wait let me ask Lena about that- Lena, is Lynn's relationship with Brodie viral now?
Lena: No? I thought only the intern knew about that?
Violetta: Yeah I think so too... but why'd someone want Innes to kill Lynn? Also-
Nicholas: Hey <Name>, I need a favour. Come meet in my room when you're done.
Violetta: 'Kay name, I'll wait for you too, time to visit the fanboy once again.

Uncovering the Isles' Darkside (1/7)

Violetta Rose: <Name>, I think we should go confront Innes to know how he got the camera and gun.
Violetta: I mean, we do know someone had given those to him, but we need to know per Lena no one knew about Lynn's secret except Lyall, so everything points to him.
Violetta: But he doesn't strike me as the manipulative type. I won't want him to be behind this murder, as well.
Nicholas: <Name>, can I ask a favour? When you're done I mean, I'll be in my room.
Violetta: 'Kay <Name>, what do you want to do first? See Nicholas or go to confront Innes with me? Up to you!

Question Innes about the camera and gun.
Violetta: Innes, we have no time to play around. Tell us everything you can recall about the one who gave you order to murder Lynn.
Innes: Why'd I tell you? For you I'm here, my life is freaking done.
Violetta: I didn't kill a singer for you. And you'll tell us cause I can easily increase your sentence, if that's what you want.
Innes: Oof. Okay, as I said I was at Winter Gardens and dunno anything about who gave me those.
Innes: I threw that camera somewhere in that place and took the gun, you have that already.
Violetta: So you're saying the camera is still there? Come on, <Name>, we need to find that soon-
Innes: Now you'll have to ask the judge to reduce my sentence. I helped.
Violetta: You can stop daydreaming and count your days. Right <Name>?
Innes: Damn girl, I don't even want to your face again...
Violetta: I won't want to see you either. <Name>, to the Winter Gardens!

Investigate Winter Gardens.
Violetta: Why is this place this much crowded... But good thing is that you already managed to find a box.
Violetta: A lost and found box? Perfect! Let's search through those things.

Examine Lost and Found Box.
Violetta: What's that <Name>? Ow, a camera, I wonder if that's the one Innes told us about?
Violetta: Well it's locked. See if you can unlock it?

Examine Locked Camera.
Violetta: Good work hm. That camera is now unlocked, now let me see...
Violetta: Countless pictures of Lyall easily say it's his. But the latest ones- yeah, the famous Lynn and Brodie.
Violetta: I don't really like how things are indicating him, but we got no choice. Let's go see him again.

Quiz Lyall about the camera.
Lyall: Hi <Name> and Ms Rose. Congrats on finding the killer!
Violetta: Thank you Lyall. Though, we have some questions to ask about Innes' motive.
Lyall: Sure. My work is done and it ended very well so I'm free, ask away.
Violetta: That's nice to know. We found your camera containing pictures of Lynn and Brodie and we believe it was used to manipulate Innes.
Lyall: My camera? It got lost a few days ago- wait my camera was used to film those?
Lyall: Seriously don't tell me you think it's me who did that, I'm a journalist not a stalker haha.
Lyall: However, as a journalist, although intern, I'd like to suggest you that you should try to find who could want her dead. Maybe you can search Lynn's personal belongings.
Lyall: Also I'm not the one who ordered Innes, because I don't have time for that plus I don't want anyone to die like that.
Violetta: If you say so, Lyall. I like your idea though. <Name>, what do you think?
Lyall: I can understand <Name> liked it too. Probably you can search the music store, Lynn went there a lot.
Violetta: Worth a shot. <Name>, ready to search the store again? Also thanks!

Investigate Music Store.
Violetta: So, what did you find? Anything useful?
Violetta: That smartphone seems expensive and most probably a celebrity like Lynn would use that.
Violetta: Unlock the pattern and then we can see what secrets it holds.

Examine Locked Smartphone.
Violetta: That pattern was easy honestly, I expected harder.
Violetta: Well then, Lena should get a look at it now.

Analyze Lynn's Smartphone.
Violetta: Could you manage to find anyone who could want Lynn dead, Lena?
Lena: Her phone is basically the casual celebrity type, overwhelming with photos and texts and none seemed harmful enough.
Lena: However, she was a loud activist against the British PM, Clifford Fletcher.
Violetta: Lynn was against Clifford? Yeah, a lot of people dislike him so that makes sense.
Lena: Clifford and Lynn had a lot of internet fight over Lynn's posts. She also donated a lotta money to various organizations who think Clifford should step down.
Lena: The way things are going I think you should talk with Clifford because I think he can be behind her murder, seriously, also he's in Glasgow now.
Violetta: Too interesting I'd say, but let's do it anyway <Name>.

Talk with Clifford Fletcher about the victim's works.
Violetta: Mr Fletcher, I know you're busy but thanks for giving us time.
Clifford: I'm afraid not for long, I have a meeting. EASD agents, right?
Violetta: Yeah. Agent Rose and <Name>. So, we have reasons to believe you might know something about a famous singer's murder, Lynn Michaels.
Cliford: Oh. My condolences, I didn't know anything about that.
Violetta: Really? I think you were supposed to know because you had lots of fight with her in internet?
Clifford: What are you trying to imply? I'm the killer? You should check the clues before accusing someone.
Violetta: I didn't accuse you and we already got the killer. But some events are pointing to you as the mastermind.
Clifford: Let me give you an advise, don't act all straightforward everywhere. You'll get in trouble. Also, yeah my time is done, so excuse me.

See what Nicholas Hermes has to say.
Nicholas: Oh hey, <Name>. Thanks for seeing me.
Nicholas: As I said I need your help in finding something. So, the story is- I collect souvenirs from places I go, and of course I bought one from here, a record wall clock.
Nicholas: I went to take some pictures of Clyde arc, and probably dropped it back there.
Nicholas: So if you don't mind, can you come with me and help me find it?
Nicholas: You will? Thanks! Let's go there, I'm driving.

Investigate River Clyde.
Nicholas: Wow, I got my clock! Wait what's that <Name>?
Nicholas: That seems like a parchment. But it's torn...
Nicholas: Violetta already told me about your skills- well if only she also talked about herself sometimes.
Nicholas: Anyways, why don't you restore the papers?

Examine Torn Parchment.
Nicholas: That's indeed a parchment and let me see what it says-
Nicholas: This sounds like Hungarian but I can't figure out a lot of things, <Name>. Sorry.
Nicholas: But I bet Ashley will find exactly what this means! You didn't meet her?
Nicholas: Well then, you will now. She's really cool!

Analyze Unknown Script.
Ashley: Finally need me with something, <Name>? I'm Ashley Steinberg, the historian. Well if you're with Nicholas then you probably know already.
Ashley: Yeah? Shocked to see me as a historian? Well <Name>, I guess it's time for a change because young people can know histories too!
Nicholas: So? You'd tell <Name> about me before if you had the chance. So what about the script?
Ashley: I thought you knew ancient Hungarian too? Guess one language you don't know.
Nicholas: I thought it's Hungarian and I can speak that but not ancient. But okay, you're here so.
Ashley: True. The script was an order to Neville, one of your suspects.
Nicholas: Order? What order?
Ashley: It said him to assassinate the Prince of Wales, Prince Christian. Okay that makes no sense I know, why'd a singer's manager do that?
Nicholas: There's plenty of reason. Thanks though.
Ashley: No problem. You two go quiz him, while I should work on my book.

Interrogate Neville about the script.
Neville: Never tired to see me huh? Literally third time this is.
Nicholas: I don't know. Do you recognize this script?
Neville: No. Am I supposed to?
Nicholas: Yes, counting that your name is mentioned here and you are order to assassinate someone.
Nicholas: Who appears to be the Prince of Wales, Prince Christian. Care to explain?
Neville: What? Do I look like the assassin type? And wha-what is even that?
Nicholas: Script written in ancient Hungarian. Now will you say you didn't even get this order?
Neville: No. I never even saw this and I don't know ancient Hungarian, damn I don't even know Hungarian!
Nicholas: Fishy. I think we're done here <Name>. Let's inform others about it.

Later, at the headquarter...
Nicholas: Okay, I don't understand why'd someone order Neville in ancient Hungarian when he doesn't even know the language.
Violetta: Meanwhile Lyall's connection to all this is still unclear. I don't think he is doing any of this you can never be too sure.
Violetta: Some game, hm? That's how this is feeling like.
Savannah: Well, we have to warn Prince Christian about this now, we can't afford the Isles to be full of chaos, and his assassination will do exactly that.
Marko: The matter with Clifford is making me wonder. Something says me he isn't honest but I can't understand...
Marko: Anyways, get ready everyone. We're going to Wales!