Chief Bennett: <rank><name>, Officer Stipetich, welcome to Digital Utopia! The district is also known as district who never stops.

Chief Bennett: All things in this district are modern and automatic. Also, their robots have the same rights as humans. They can be fined, arrested, even killed or hey can be killers.

Chief: Because I personally don't know any part of the district, and Diego, who was born there, is not here I found you a guide.

Chief Bennett: There he is.

Arif Hassan: Hello sir. <rank><name>, officer, nice to meet you all. Arif Hassan on your service!

Arif Hassan: I'm Tech expert, developer and security expert at RocketStar antivirus company. Anyway, let's go on a tour of the best district in the whole city!

Somewhere in the Digital Utopia...

Arif: ... And there is the best building so far, my little project. What project you ask, <rank>? Well it's about a clo--

Arif: --Wait a moment. That factory needed to be closed until the end of the month.

Arif: OH GOD! Someone broke-in.

Angela: Broke-in? Sound like a job for us, right mentor? Stand back, Mr. Hassan.

Angela: I agree, let's take a look inside.

Chapter 1

Investigate the robot factory...

Angela: Wow, is that a body. I need to be honest, it's my first time to see a dead body... in real. I see, there is a strange mark on his neck. AndIsee why you are the best of the bes-

Arif: Oh no! No, no, no... This is a disaster! Carl!

Angela: Mr. Hassan, calm down, I see you knew the victim?

Arif: Yes, Carl Rose, CEO of RoboDef, this factory. Only place int he whole district where humans work a hand-hard job instead of robots.

Angela: Good, now stand back, <rank><name> will need to talk to you later.

Angela: Now, when I left... Oh yes, clues. I see you already have them...I agree with you, mentor, this motherboard maybe will help us to solve this investigation and also that ball-shaped thing...

Angela: It looks like some mass destructor sci-fi weapon, but yes I see a red light, that probably mean one thing - it's locked.

Angela: This is so interesting. I can't wait to see how this part of the job looks like.

Talk to Arif Hassan...

Angela: Mr. Hassan, earlier you told us that our victim is Carl Rose. Were you close to him?

Arif: Yes, he was my best friend. when I came here from Grimsborough, he was the first one to offer me a job here. Everyone else, when I tell them that I am ex-cop everyone thinks that I killed someone and that I am fired, but not and Carl.

Arif: I don't know why someone would kill a person who is like a heart of the district, maybe I didn't knew him for a long but whatIleaned about him, he is the one who fights to robots become the same level as humans.

Angela: Ok, thanks for your time, Sir. Don't go to far in case <rank><name> have more questions.

Examine the locked device...

Angela: Wow, I never saw anyone unlock strange and possibly dangerous thing that fast!

Angela: but I agree, we need to send this to our Tech Expert and quick.

Examine the broken motherboard...

Angela: This motherboard looks a little too hi-tech to be just a motherboard... Yes, I see, there is a button.

Angela: What if we click on that thing...

Motherboard [Angela]: Hello, Carl Rose. you are invited to come to Tech Street at 10 pm, don't late.

Angela: Its actual invitation, visit card? Anyway, I agree <rank>. now is 9:50 pm and Tech Street is the next street if we rush a little maybe we will see who is the sender.

Investigate Tech Street...

Angela: This district is really futuristic. Look at all those holograms, there is also and public VR chairs...

Angela: Yes, mentor I am 100% focused...

Angela: Let's see what we have here. you found faded badge and broken camera. Let me get you a dusting kit while you try to restore that damaged camera.

Examine the broken camera...

Angela: You are very, very fast. You think I will be that fast after your training?

Angela: Also as you already noticed, there is a mark RD, like RoboDef?

Angela: That's right it is this camera from a factory that means maybe killer is on the footage. I will send it to the lab.

Examine faded badge...

Angela: Z495C, what is Z495C?

Sonny Z495C: That would be my last name, Miss.

Angela: Is that robot just talked to me, <name>?

Sonny Z95C: I don't see why are you surprised. You are in Digital Utopia. Now did you see my father Carl Rose, I needed to meet him here?

Angela: So he is your... Oh, I think we have a bad news for you, Mr... Mrs...

Talk to Sonny Z495C about a murder...

Angela: I am so sorry for your loss, Mrs....Mr Z495C.

Sonny Z495C: I don't have a gender but if you want I refer to Mr. Now thank you. maybe I don't show emotions but deep inside my source code, I am very sad.

Angela: Did your father had any enemies?

Sonny: As far my memory know, he didn't. I don't know for humans, but we robots liked him and praised him as our God because he was the one who makes robots and humans equal.

Sonny: Me and all other robots from this community counts on you, <rank><name>, found his killer!

Analyze Camera...

Peter: I hate when I need to introduce myself... but for pretty lady everything. Peter Dubov, the brain of this Department. And you are probably Diego's replacement.

Angela: No, I am Officer on Detective training, Angla Stipetich.

Peter: Sure. Now about a camera. Its freaking awesome. Full HD on a security camera, that is the best thing... Right, <name>.

Peter: About a case, yes this camera reorder a murder, but damage damaged the footage, butImenage to clear one thing only. This badge. I am sure your killer wears it because that badge is from the referendum to robots get right to be members of district Assembly.

Angela: So, our killer wearsIVOTED badge. Well, they will not wear it in prison.

Analyze the Strange Device...

Peter: This is awesome! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Peter: Oh you are here...I was just excited because you finally sent me something cool.

Angela: So it's not mass destruction nuclear weapon?

Peter: Oh silly Angela, it's not, sadly. But its actual hologram e-mail. I found a recent e-mail from William Celestin, a game dev you meet during the investigation of Lena's sister death. From email, I can tell that William wanted a contract so Carl's factory can produce robots to record motion captions. He rejected.

Angela: rejected, so Mr. Celestin is probably very angry. Yes, I agree let's find William.

Ask William about an e-mail rejection...

William: You ask me if I am angry? How you ill feel if you run a big game company and don't have people who would risk recording motion caption during the explosion.

Angela: Explosion? Sir you know that is illegal to force people to record dangerous scenes. And also why you worry about that, you are a game developer, not CEO.

Wiliam: I am on the way to be CEO, and also that is why I wanted robots from that idiot Carl, but do you know what he said?

William: He said that robots have feelings too and that he will not produce robots just for my stupid captions.

Angela: So that is why you killed him?

William: I am angry at him, but I am not a killer, at least not in the real world.

Autopsy Victims body...

Andre: Hello, <name>,I fo-

Andre: Angela?!

Angela: Uncle Andre? I didn't know you work for the police, I thought you still work as Anatomy teacher.

Andre: No, not anymore. How is my sister, your father? Sorry, <name>, you are right we will have time later for a family reunion.

Andre: Thing I wanted to say is that your victim was strangled by some kind of cable because I didn't find any fibers who can point on the rope.

Andre: But that is no the only thing. Before he was killed, his killer sprayed him in the eyes. I do some tests and all are positive...

Andre: Poor Carl was sprayed with detergent. Which means that your killer uses it because I didn't find any other traces on the body.

Angela: Thanks uncle, now we are one step closer to the killer.

Angela: Also say hi to Nicole in my name. I can't wait to see her again.

Police Station, later...

Angela: In this situation, when we don't know what to do next, we do...?

Angela: That's right, thank you, mentor, we recap what we learned.

Angela: Arif Hassan shows us the district when we found Carl Rose, dead. Thanks to you we learned that he needed to meet with his... son?

Angela: He said that all robots praised him as a God. And also that to your repair skills we found that our killer wears I VOTED badge.

Angela: Also William Celestin didn't like him a lot since our victim decided to reject his offer.

Ally Lynch: Is anyone there I want to fill a complain, please.

Angela: Yes, we are here. Again who?

Ally Lynch: Carl Rose.

Angela: CARL ROSE!

Chapter 2

Angela: Did I hear right, Miss, you want to fill a complain again, Carl Rose?

Ally: Yes, I want, I can't stand him anymore.

Angela: Well, I think he will not bother you anymore...

Ally: How? You arrested him, <rank><name>?

Angela: Please come with us to the interrogation room, Miss Lynch.

Ask Ally why she wants to fill a complain...

Angela: Miss Lynch, like we said earlier, Carl Rose will not bother you anymore.

Ally: Quick reaction, <rank>, I am impressed, you finally arrest that stalker.

Angela: No, Ally, he is dead. Murdered this morning.

Ally: Dead? Well, it's time to celebrate that. I don't need to use lemon detergent to scare him away. He was allergic to lemon.

Angela: Ally Lynch, you know that this move makes you the prime suspect?!

Ally: Maybe, but I didn't kill him, I have a son, why would I risk to lose him because of a womanizer jerk.

Ally: Even now, when he is dead, It still gives me creeps when I need to pass through Lab 69... Can I go now, please, I need to pick my son from a school.

Angela: I don't know, should we believe her, I mean... Yes, that is right, she didn't show any emotions for his dead and by her badge, we saw that she worked for him.

Angela: Also do you think it's a good idea to check a Lab 69?

Angela: Really?! Let's go!

Investigate Lab 69...

Angela: Oh my... I never saw a lab who looks like... Is that a giant supercomputer there!

Angela: Yes, I know that we are here to solve a murder.

Angela: I see that you hold the locked phone? Would you unlock it?

Angela: Also that box over there looks like they hiding something. Let me help you to search through it!

Examine box of electronics...

Angela: 01011001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100001 00100000 01100100 01100101 01100001 01100100 00100000 01101101 01100001 01101110 00100000 01000011 01100001 01110010 01101100.

Angela: What? Oh, I get it, its binary, but I don't know to convert even hi to binary, but Peter can! Let's send this letter to him.

Examine a Locked Phone...

Angela [Phone]: Welcome back, Mr. Rose.

Angela: So this is our victim phone. Yes, I saw a messag--

Angela: Wait, look this one: "I told you, I am not interested in that offers, I am good at my current job, find another employee." And it's sent by Arif Hassan.

Angela: I agree with you, <rank>. He didn't tell us about this, and who knows what else he hiding from us.

Talk to Arif about a offers victim sent to him...

Angela: Maybe I am new, but I am not stupid, Mr. Hassan.

Arif: Nobody said that, Officer. I don't know how you feel about that.

Angela: Hah. Better tell us about a offers Carl wanted to offer you, Arif!

Arif: Oh, you found that message, <rank><name>....

Arif: Ummm... Ok, I will tell you, after I left his job to join to my dream job to be tech developer and expert he tried everything to bring me back here.

Arif: First he tried to offer me a higher salary. later he tried to blackmail me When nothing worked, he decided to offer me the same position. I rejected it because he wanted me to be a tech developer who will install viruses inside the source code of the robots.

Arif: Robots are my friends here, installing a virus inside them is at the same level when doctor transplant you damaged organ.

Angela: And you kill him because to save your robot-human friendship?

Arif: Like I said to you earlier, I am an ex-cop, I never pull the trigger during my career, why would I now strangle someone. I am no the killer. Now excuse me, I need to buy some detergent and clean monitors inside the security room.

Angela: You believe in his story, mentor? Also, we can add to his profile that he use detergent.

Angela: That is an aweInvestigate Hologramssome idea, let's back to Tech Street and search for more clues!

Investigate Holograms...

Angela: Closer, these holograms look ultra-realistic... Now back to the case, I see you found bunch of iron, very sharp... And also a locked camera.

Angela: Well, let me put my gloves so I can help you to search that iron.

Examine bunch of iron...

Angela: Its magazine cover, its says: Man of the century... Our victim was a men f the century, but his face is crossed now and there is a message...

Angela: "Disaster of the century" signed by William Celestin, the real man of the century. I agree William deserve another visit from us!

Examine locked camera...

Angela: Awesome, mentor. Now let's play it and see what this camera recorded.

On the footage...

Sonny: Enough is enough, father!

Carl Rose: Father? Haha, maybe I created you, but I am not your father and I will never be. You are just a little junk, simple slave to this community.

Sonny: I swear to my Einux kernel, I gonna kill you!

End of footage...

Angela: It seems, out friend robot didn't like Carl, I mean I wouldn't like him too after all he said. But yes Sonny said that he gonna kill him. Maybe he actually did that. Let's ask him about that, mentor!

Ask William about a message he wrote...

Angela: Mr. Celstin, <rank><name> found this, would you like to explain this words?

William: You don't watch the news, right? A day after he was proclaimed as a man of the century, he humiliates robots and calls them slaves.

William: That guy called them slaves, but he didn't want to make me a couple of robots from my explosion motion captions? What a b***h.

William: If you ask me, <rank><name>, I can bet robot killed him. Now I need to get more detergent and lean my desk before my Chief saw all that jam on the desk, 01100010 01111001 01100101. Bye. Adiós. Aloha. Get out.

Talk to Sonny about a fight...

Angela: Sonny, <rank><name> would like to talk with you about a fight with your father and why didn't you mention that when we first time spoke to you?

Sonny: Father my one-core processor! He was a loser, idiot, everything but not my father!

Sonny: But I am not that angry at him as I am angry at Miss-Plutonius! That robot decided to stand on his side even after all thing he said about us. SHE IS THE BETRAYER! Good, I drop some oil, now I need to make more detergent to lean all this. Thank you, "<rank>".

Angela: That was... strange. But I agree we need to talk to Miss-Plutonius, too.

Question Miss-Plutonius about a victim...

Miss-Plutonius: 01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111.

Angela: Yes, we don't know what you saying.

Miss-Plutonius: That means "Hello" in binary. What robot-girlfriend can do for you Detectives?

Angela: Actually, <rank><name> and I would like to talk about a Carl Rose, he was murdered this morning.

Miss-Plutonius: He is dead?! How? That is not possible, my RAM reject to accept that, <rank><name>!

Angela: Whatever that mean, its true. He is dead. By Sonny, we learned that you were on his side even when he humiliated the robot race, is that true?

Miss-Plutonius: By Sonny? That piece of junk still didn't get over it because I am not his property anymore!

Angela: His property, like?

Miss-Plutonius: Yes, like a girlfriend. I stand on his side because he didn't mean it. He said that in an angry attack...

Analyze Binary Letter...

Peter: 01001000 01100101 01101100--

Angela: Peter, speak normal language!

Peter: Wow, that was rude, girl. But ok I will speak "normal language". The letter you sent to me, <name>, as you already guessed is in binary.

Peter: When is translated mean: "You are a dead man, Carl".

Angela: Dead? So this message is written by a killer?

Peter: Right, and your killer knows binary!

Angela: You have a really good memory, <rank><name>, we know that robots know the binary language, and also William say us to get out in binary too. I'll add that to our files!

Later on, at the Police Station...

Angela: This case really gets complicated. Bow we learned that his "son" hated him, and also Arif who said that is not interested in his offers and wanted to stop that madness...

Angela: But also William who hated him too, but he hated him since ever, right? It seems that only suspect who liked his is Miss-Plutonius.

Peter: <name>, Angela. I discover strange energy on one of your crime scenes.

Peter: And if we don't stop it, the whole district could become ash and bonus...

Chapter 3

Angela: Where, which crime scene? Peter!

Peter: Ok, calm down, girl. It's a SuperComputer in Lab 69. Let's go and that quick.

Peter: You two can stiff around until I fix that computer.

Investigate SuperComputer...

Angela: Did you fix it, Peter?

Peter: Yes, but it was not broken.

Angela: WHAT?

Peter: Sorry, that was an excuse to see this beautiful creature of technology. Now I will back to my lab.

Angela: Is he always that weird? Anyway, what you found, <name>?

Angela: I see, you found a lot of broken things, start from a broken Hard disc and torn paper to the broken pieces of wood.

Angela: Well, I have a glue and a tape so we can get to work, mentor!

Examine broken Hard Disc...

Angela: I am sure Peter will analyze thing disc for us in no time, <rank>.

Examine the torn card...

Angela: Well, its a visit card, old fashion, not like that speaking we found next to our victim.

Angela: Yes, you are right, it's visit card of Ally Lynch, a mechanical engineer we meet earlier... But how her card ended here?

Angela: That's right, the best way to found it it's to ask her. Directly.

Examine broken wood...

Angela: This wood is actually heart-shaped, <name>, and look inside is engraved.... Miss-Plutonius <3 Carl Rose!

Angela: It seems that our robot girlfriend had real feeling towards our victim, I am interested to know why she didn't tell us this information earlier. Let's find and ask her.

Question Ally how her visit card ended on the crime scene...

Angela: Miss Lynch, it seems that you keep paper visit cards instead of plastic hologram ones.

Ally: So?

Angela: Well, <rank><name> found one of your cards on the crime scene, mind to tell us how that ended there.

Ally: I am a mechanical engineer, I have access to every room in the factory, I probably just lost them there...

Angela: So you lost your visit card torn?

Ally: Ok, I throw that card there. I assume that you didn't look the background...

Angela: We... saw it, but we will look again...

Angela: (shocking)....

Ally: Yes, he said that now you know why I get creeps by passing Lab 69...

Angela: And that is the reason why you killed him?

Ally: Really? To kill some pervert idiot and risk 50 years in jail and lose my dream job, no.

Question Miss-Plutonius about a wood engraving...

Miss-Plutonius: D O N T! I don't want to see that thing anymore!

Angela: Judging by this wood piece you was in love with Carl. How is that even possible?

Miss-Plutonius: We are not the toys, officer, we are real and living robots. At least we were before Carl told us that we are only slaves.

Angela: You said that he said only in anger attack?

Miss-Plutonius: I LIED! He means it, he said all that things about our race after I confess my feelings for him... He said that he love toaster more than me. TOASTER!

Angela: That is why you killed him, right?

Miss-Plutonius: I ma a robot girlfriend, murder is not in my system. I sprayed him with my lemon detergent. And then I was happy.

Analyze Hard Disc...

Peter: And if I connect this.... with this....


Angela: Peter, are you alright?

Peter: caugh, caugh, yes I am.

Angela: What is this giant thing?

Peter: You re here because of the hard disc, right? Let's talk about that, ok?

Angela: ..... ok.... I guess?

Peter: Hard Disc was badly damaged, but I manage to extract some data, mostly audio files from a camera I melted... I found that killer talks in Spanish because before Carl died he repeated: "Say that in English, you idiot". That means your killer speak Spanish, now adiós.

Angela: I will ask again, is he always weird?... You say that you don't know what happened to him too? Well now we know that our killer speaks Spanish, that means we will need to ask all sus-

Angela: That's right, William knows Spanish. We will add this to profile, but what is our next move?

Angela: Oh, yes, back to the murder scene and do a last look at the last evidence, and then arrest the murderer!

Investigate Machines...

Angela: If we in Croatia have this machines we would be finally independent of the Union. But I agree, let's find last clues... And you found them.

Angela: I agree, if someone stiff through this drawer, we will do the same thing! Also that pieces looks promising, let's restore that thing...

Angela: And this trophy doesn't seem that belong here, but the plate is illegible, think you could recover the text?

Examine Drawer...

Angela: Hey, I know that document, its a fire document... It doesn't matter how I know that, mentor.

Angela: Oh, I didn't notice... Carl Rose wanted to fire.... ALLY LYNCH?!

Angela: She didn't mention us this when we spoke to her. I hate when someone lied the police, I never do that! Ok, maybe one time. Let's find her, again.

Examine broken pieces...

Angela: That pieces are actually a body camera. I see there is C.R.

Angela: Like Carl Rose, that is possible his camera and.. Yes, mentor, maybe camera captured a murderer! Let's send it to Peter? Do we really need to, he scares me, to be honest.

Examine faded trophy...

Angela: Plate says: Best Tech Expert of 2018, Arif Hassan...

Angela: Hmm... Hoe his trophy ended here, on our murder scene? I agree, he didn't tell us everything...

Angela: Lead this, men- Wait, what is that inside the trophy...

Angela: It's a USB Cable, you think that is our murder weapon? Let's send it to the lab and find out.

Ask Arif why his trophy is on the murder scene...

Arif: I can't believe he would do that thing! Pequeño pedazo de mierda! How he could steal my trophy.

Arif: Maybe you don't understand what I try to say. I say that he stole a trophy I earned before I quit a job as the employee. He always tough that my achievements belong to the company. Yeah right!

Angela: Well, that is more than a motive for a murder.

Arif: I already told you that I am not a killer, why would i waste a time for the idiot who doesn't even know basic binary, like me.

Arif: Now excuse me, its Spanish competition tonight and I want to be better than Sonny and Miss-Plutonius. Adiós.

Ask Ally if she knew Carl wanted to fire her...

Angela: Miss Lynch <rank><name> found this file in the drawer, did you knew about that?

Ally: Yes, I did, and I didn't care about that. You see, that hombre tough that he can without me. He fired me, 10 minuted after he cried and begged me to go back to work. I backed but if he accepts to be called Hijo de puta.

Ally: Poor guy, he tough that means the best boss.

Analyze USB Cable...

Karen: Finally we meet, <rank><name>, and you are probably Officer-in-detective Angela. Karen Smith, Lab Chief on your service.

Kim (with Karen): Oh <name>, I see you already meet my mother. Hello Angela, I am Kim Smith, Lab Assistant and Deputy Lab Chief.

Karen (with Kim): Yes, <name>, sorry, you are here because of the USB cable. Well, as you guessed that is your murder weapon. Kim found a traces of DNA who matches the victims.

Angela: Are there was like fingerprints or different DNA?

Kim (with Karen): No, no prints, nor different DNA.

Angela: Sure. Thanks to you guys, now we have our murder weapon, at least that.

Analyze body camera...

Peter: Mix th-


Angela: Peter! Again! What are you doing?

Peter: It's nothing, ok, NOTHING! Nevermind. You are here because of the camera.

Peter: As you already know the footage inside is blurry and too damaged to be fixed. At least camera was modern and has sensors for hot and cold.

Peter: There is an odd part. Your killer is too much hot for a human, but its perfect temperature if is a robot.

Angela: You want to say that our killer...

Peter: ... Is a robot, yes. Go now and arrest that robot-killer!

Angela: Since we get to the Digital Utopia, Peter acts very strange... But you are right, we will think about that after we put or robot-killer behind the bard. Let's arrest our killer!

Arrest the killer...

Angela: Sonny Z495C, you are under arrest for the murder of CEO Carl Rose!

Sonny: Just because I am a robot with a hammer don't mean I am the killer. I am innocent.

Angela: Well, <rank><name> found traces of detergent on Carl, and you wear badge just like the killer.

Sonny: Lots of people and robot use detergent and wear the same badge, I am innocent!

Angela: We found and your binary letter you wrote to Carl!

Sonny: It's printed!

Angela: A-ha! Hoe would you knew that if you are innocent.

Sonny: BIP!

Sonny: Yes I killed that bad excuse for a humanoid! He didn't deserve to live, no after all those things he said.

Sonny: My speakers liked his screams while my arms strangled him with a USB cable.

Angela: You are under arrest, Sonny...

Judge York: Silence int he Court!

Judge York: Mhm... I got the say that with all 30 years of my judge career I never had a trial with the robot, but how you plead?

Sonny: Grrrgghgrrr!

Judge York: I will accept that as guilty. How I understood, you killed your creator because he said things about robots?

Sonny: In Digital Utopia, robots are humans and human are robots, we are the same, we are equal. He made us like that. After that, he decided to humiliate us! That humans don't deserve to live!

Judge York: On normal occasions, this would be 30 to life in jail, but you have only 2 years and you are a robot. Our Law doesn't say anything about a robot-killers...

Judge York: Court sentenced you to the death penalty as an example for other robot-killers!

Sonny: That is again all human right you don't have any right to shut me down!

Angela (with Sonny): Yeah, yeah, sleep well...

Later, at the Police Station...

Angela: Wow, I didn't expect that on my first homicide job. Robot killer, just WOW!

Angela: But Peters behavior starts to worry me... I know him for one day, but he seems distracted...

Angela: Like he hides something from us or, I don't know...

Peter: There you are, <name>, we need to talk. I can't take this anymore!

Digital Reality 1/5

Angela: This case was intense. I never tough that I will arrest the robot for murder.

Angela. But still, there is Peter's suspicious behavior... All those destruction and distraction is too much then how I hear about him...

Peter: <name>, we need to talk, now!

Angela: Speak of the devil... What's your problem, Peter?

Peter: Sorry, but I need only <name>...

Angela: That hurts...

Nicole: <rank><name>, I need to talk to you ASAP! It's about life, all lives!

Nicole: Angela! Wow, it's been a while since we saw last time.

Angela: It really was, Nic. But <rank><name> is right, go to an interrogation room, we will come really quick.

Angela: Your decision mentor. Nicole or Peter?

See what Peter want...

Peter: No, no, no... Freaking cables, I go-

Peter: Oh, you are here <name>... I didn't saw you there...

Peter: Right, think about why I called you. You see, GeekCon is soon, and I hear that governor of this district, Anthony Cooper, better known as Antohy Cy or by his hacker alias AnxCy, well be the judge on a project of Digital Reality. 

Peter: You see... I created everything except a software and a helmet, my two fails from earlier, two booms Ok, I will get straight to the point...

Peter: I saw files, Arif Hassan was one of your suspects. Would you come with me and ask him to help me with a helmet?

Peter: You actually want? I didn't exšected this... Sure, let's go.

See if Arif can help with a project...

Peter: Arif Hassan, nice to finally meet you, Peter Dubov, <rank><name's> colleague. I wonder if, you know, could help us with one thing...

Arif: Sure, shot, just don't shot bullets, haha.

Peter: I was curious... Could you help us to find a helmet?

Arif: What type of helmet?

Peter: Helmet, aluminum-cooper helmet with USB, HDMI and Coax ports.

Arif: So you looking for a helmet to use for Digital Reality. I am sure I saw one in the Lab downstairs.

Peter: Thank you, Arif. I owe you. Now, let's hurry up, <name> before someone takes helmet before me.

Investigate Lab 69...

Peter: Oh, no. Someone broke a helmet. What kind of monster do those things, <name>?

Peter: I'm chilled, I bet you will fix that helmet or we can throw it in the garbage instead?

Examine broken helmet...

Peter: Good job, I never saw someone who fixes sharp metals that fast. I will head this to my lab and saw if this will work...

See if you can help Nicole...

Angela: Nic, what is that urgent?

Nicole: Well, <rank><name>, cousin... I lost my laptop. And before you say that is not too important and urgent, I will stop you there because...

Nicole: ... It's very, very important. I have really important research on that laptop if someone stole it than stealer can create something worst that Darth Weider.

Angela: Don't worry, Nic. If you say that research is important, then is important. Where is the last place you have it?

Nicole: I am sure I lost it somewhere near or at the Tech Street.

Nicole: Hey, before you go, take this, for a trip.

Investigate Tech Street...

Angela: I don't see Nicole's laptop, do you?

Angela: Oh look, you found it, but you are right, we need to unlock it and see if everything is in order.

Examine Locked Laptop...

Angela: Nice job, mentor.

Angela: But, what are all those formulas, numbers and letters? I agree its best to send them to Karen.

Analyze Strange Helmet...

Peter: I did some tests, almost everything work...

Peter: Except Coax port, and he is very important for my machine, machine needs to be connected to the source fo audio and video but I found a creator of this helmet.

Peter: It's Anthony Cy. Mybe he has some coax ports for me, can you go with me, <name>?

Ask Anthony Cy about a helmet...

Anthony: Hello friend, how are you today?

Peter: Mr Cy, I am your big fan. I have your every code, I follow your every show an-

Peter: Right, <rank><name>, we are here because I need a coax port for this helmet and if I can take this helmet?

Anthony: Yes, you can keep the helmet and yes you can get coax ports...

Anthy: There it is. And for you <rank><name>, I have this. A small gift for protecting my district.

Analyze Nicole's research...

Karen: Huh, <name> I can say that I am surprised, really surprised.

Karen:  All these formulas are special liquid used to store a body's...

Angela: DEAD BODY'S!?

Karen: No, half alive body's, clones.

Angela: Karen, that is ridiculous, Clones do not exist. 

Karen: Actually, science successfully created a clone of the sheep, Dolly. But we talking about something more, a real human clone.

Angela: Like <name> said, this is huge. We need to speak with my cousin about this, ASAP!

Ask Nicole about formulas...

Nicole: You back? Andy, you found my laptop?

Angela: Nicole! Yes, we are!

Nicole: Wow, you call me Nicole only when... oh you found formulas, <rank><name>...

Angela: Yes, and will you explain to us what you do with formulas for a liquid who store clones!

Nicole: Andy, Angela... Peter asked me to do that. He seems very interested when he read my blog post about clones...

Angela: Since when you are interested in that things? 

Nicole: Maybe sound odd, but since I came here. Besides programming, i always loved sci-fiction and you knew that... You see I am an only child, differently from you. You have a brother, I just wanted a clone so she can be like my sister.

Nicole: But Peter was more interested in this than me. He said that he will make his project alive.

Angela: Hmm, you are right <name>, Peter seems too distracted, what if he all the time work on lone instead of what he said to you.

Nicole: Let me buy you a burger, <name> and also Angela, come to me after the shift, we have a lot to talk 'bout.

Interrogate Peter about the cloning project...

Peter: God, where I left cloning formulas, Oh there ar-

Peter: Hey, <name>, Angela, I was just...

Angela: Peter, we know about a project: Clone. So don't waste our time and tell us why you need a freaking clone!

Peter: Well, you cough me, <name>. Yes, I worked on my clone because of I...

Peter: I want to try something with my clone. Uhh, you see I think that I am gay, but I am scared to go around looking for a guy for test only. 

Angela: And you wanted to use your own lone as a test? Isn't that a little sick... You can just go to the gay bar and try there.

Peter: Yes, I think you are right Angela... Can you two go now?

Angela: I am not sure Peters speaks the truth, his voice was off...

Chief Bennet: <rank><name>, Officer Stipetich, I have news for you. For a couple of days, singer Bella Macco will sign autograph's and she asked for two Homicide detectives to protect her. I signed you both.

Chief: So, you two are off. Go and rest, tomorrow you will finish paperwork.

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