Turn A Blind Eye
General information
Season 1
City Raxelville
District Walcott Banks
Case # 29
Initial release date 14.7.2020
Partner(s) Salvador Weiss
Mina Coltrane
Case chronology
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Riverbank Slaughter Cross My Broken Heart

Turn A Blind Eye is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the twenty-ninth case of Raxelville. It's also the fourth one to take place in Walcott Banks district.


After Aurora Dixon's video ended, Bianca O'Brien told everyone that they should go outside and seperate if they want to find every single prisoner. Bianca then ordered Salvador Weiss and player to go to the prison and see if there are any prisoners left in there. Immediately, Salvador and player drove to the prison, their guns ready. After getting out of the car, Salvador noticed one prisoner standing by the street lamp. Holding his gun, Salvador ran to the street lamp, only to realize that the prisoner is their ally Lorenzo Mak, who was shot between the eyes and tied to the street lamp. Saddened by his death, Salvador sighed and untied him before sending his body to Alex Carrington. The pair then investigated the street corner and discovered enough clues to suspect poet Angelica Burbon, secret agent Vanessa Sadler and Mila Maynard's killer, cameraman Boyce Dellinger. After interrogating the trio, Salvador and player reunited with others before Bianca told them that Aurora wants to video-chat with them again.

Pissed, Salvador accepted the video call. Immediately, Aurora laughed and told them that they are going to regret messing with her and her powers now. When Salvador told her that they'll find her and make sure that she never sees daylight again, Aurora smirked and told them that, if they try to do anything else to stop her, Lexi, Pierce and other resistance members could end up as Lorenzo. When asked if she killed Lorenzo, Aurora told them that she wanted to kill him, but someone already did it for her. After the call ended, Salvador and player searched Lorenzo's prison cell and found enough evidence to suspect Eugene DuBray, who revealed that he was undercover both times they suspected him previously. Later on, they also discovered that Lorenzo rejected Boyce's love confession and that Vanessa kept visiting Lorenzo in prison for reasons she didn't wanted to discuss. When Salvador and player arrived back to the main crime scene, they got approached by Eugene. Eugene sighed and took out his handcuffs, telling Salvador that it's time to confess.

Eugene then explained that his fingerprints were found on the gun used to shoot Lorenzo in the head. Despite Salvador denying the murder, Eugene told him that he has no choice before handcuffing him and taking him away. The player then informed others about what happend before Bianca assigned Anisa to help the player find Lorenzo's killer. Right then, Mina stood up and said how Lorenzo saved Lexi's life and how the least she can do to thank him is find his killer. Anisa then gave Mina her gun and wished them good luck with finding Lorenzo's killer. After leaving the Cross mansion, Mina and player searched the prison cafeteria and discovered that Angelica wrote a poem about Lorenzo's death and that the murder weapon actually belongs to Eugene, who denied killing Lorenzo. The duo also discovered that Aurora framed Salvador for Lorenzo's murder, hoping to delay the investigation. Despite Salvador not being available, Mina and player discovered that Lorenzo's killer is Angelica Burbon.

When Mina and player confronted her, she denied killing Lorenzo and said that she barely knew him. However, when Mina told Angelica that they know that she's helping Aurora, Angelica immediately confessed, saying how they got it all wrong and that Lorenzo's murder is just a stupid misunderstanding. Holding back her tears, Angelica revealed that Lorenzo was her cousin and that she was aware of his connections to Aurora. After discovering that Aurora killed mayor Alisa Avermalio and shapeshifted into her, Angelica decided to join the resistance, saying how the resistance definitely needs someone as strong and stubborn as her. When Angelica approached Pierce Cromwell and asked him if she could join the Cross mansion squad, Pierce refused to let her in till she proves her worthy, saying how everyone in the resistance is there for a reason. When Pierce accidentally released Raxelville prisoners, Angelica took that opportunity to find Lorenzo, shoot him in the head and tie him to the street lamp for everyone to see, thinking that Pierce will let her in now that she killed her criminal cousin. However, Angelica later discovered that Lorenzo was never actually on Aurora's side and that he was a strong member of the resistance. Angelica then took off her glasses and started crying, saying how she killed Lorenzo because she thought he was evil and on Aurora's side. Mina them comforted Angelica and told her that she should have turned herself in immediately when she realized her mistake. Right then, Mina heard someone shouting her name from the other side of the street. Confused Mina turned around, only to see her girlfriend Lexi Maynard running towards her, squeezing her in a hug and kissing her on the lips, making Mina's eyes fill with tears, happy to see Lexi again. Before Mina could say anything, Lexi told them that someone set the Cross mansion on fire. Panicking duo then told Angelica to run and that she'll face her punishment later before running towards the Cross mansion to help their friends.

On their way to the mansion, Lexi apologized for freaking out and running away, saying how she was just disappointed in herself and wanted to do fix her wrongs in the end. Mina then silenced her with a kiss and told her that she's still proud of her for doing the right thing in the end. The pair then got approached by Salvador (who was set free by Eugene after Angelica turned herself in), who told them that he saw fire extinguishers in the prison cafeteria, prompting the team to go there and find them. After searching through the disastrous prison mess, the team found the fire extinguishers and headed to the Cross mansion. After helping everyone get out safely, Bianca told them that thankfully only Ed suffered minor injuries in the fire. After finding a new hideout deep in the woods, Pierce held out his laptop and suddenly whistled, much to everyone's surprise. Pierce then told them that he Aurora and Josip's secret generator room might be nearby. The team cheered, happy that they are close to putting an end to Aurora's schemes. Right then, Pierce's laptop suddenly turned off. After calming everyone down, Pierce begged Mina, Lexi and player to go find his bag and his charger quickly. No second to lose, the "Lena" couple and player headed to the main street and found Pierce's bag in the pile of burned debris. After searching through it and finding Pierce's equipment, the team went back to others and gave it to Pierce, who isolated himself from the group, trying to finally find the laboratory's location. As Pierce was working, Bianca took an opportunity to speak up and tell everyone that she's proud of them for everything they did to stop Aurora and how, one day, they will all remember their adventures with a huge smile. Lexi then frowned, wiping her tear away, and said how she's still not forgiving herself for killing Tristan Fleming. The team then shared a group hug and told Lexi that Tristan, Lorenzo and Jordan are all proud of her for fighting and staying strong, making Lexi insanely blush.

Meanwhile, Stuart Schneider (along with the player and Anisa) took a chance and turned Mikaela Cross and Gregory Farnsworth to Vanessa and Eugene, who promised that they will get the justice they deserve. Wanting to help them get rest of the prisoners back, Stuart suggested that they should somehow lure them all back inside. Stuart and player then went to the main street and found a footage of Aurora while she was still shapeshifted into Alisa Avermalio and sent it to Pierce and Ed, who were able to re-edit the footage to lure all prisoners back in the prison. With Eugene's help, the team was able to broadcast message throughout the city, luring every prisoner back in the courtyard. Vanessa then the team to run since other police officers will probably try to get them in prison too. Satisfied with the final outcome, the trio returned to others.

Later, Mina and Lexi invited the player for a walk around the forest since Pierce will need a lot of time to locate Aurora's generator room. As they were walking through the forest, they heard a familiar psychotic laughter coming from their hideout. Horrified, they ran there, only to find Aurora holding Salvador hostage, knife pressed against his neck. Salvador tried to knock out Aurora, but failed when she went off, pinned him down and sliced his finger off, much to the team's horror. Lexi then grabbed a rock and started walking towards Aurora, only to stop when Josip's van drove up to them with unconscious Stuart inside. Aurora then laughed and told them that it's too late and that, if they dare to approach her, all of their little friends will be dead soon. Aurora then threw Salvador in the van and jumped in as Josip drove off in the forest. Right then, Mina recieved a call from panicking Anisa, who told them that Aurora and Josip kidnapped Stuart and Salvador. After calming herself down, Anisa told the trio to reunite at Bianca's old apartment so they can discuss how to save Stuart and Salvador. No second to lose, Mina and Lexi started dashing through the forest with the player following them. Right then, dark figure put the player in chokehold and covered their face with chloroform. The player attempted to call Lexi and Mina for help, but their pleads for help were too weak for them to heart. As Mina and Lexi exited the forest, the shadowed figure grabbed player by the legs and started dragging them deeper in the woods...



  • Lorenzo Mak (found tied to the street lamp, shot between the eyes)

Murder Weapon:

  • Police Gun




Killer's Profile

  • The killer is allergic to dog fur.
  • The killer knows Dante's Inferno.
  • The killer works out.
  • The killer has a mole.
  • The killer has blood type O-.

Crime Scenes

Dark Street Corner Bloody Street Lamp Dark Street Corner Bonus
Prison Cafeteria Broken Table Prison Cafeteria Bonus
Lorenzo's Cell Lorenzo's Bed Lorenzo's Cell Bonus
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