CLARENCE Hello, PC. Welcome to Gray Bay.

CLARENCE: You're first area is the industrial area of it, colloquially known as Metal Park.

CLARENCE: It's a place built with scientists and mechanics in mind, amongst other things.

CLARENCE: Expect the mechanics to do whatever it takes to land a job and the scientist to do whatever it takes to discover something.

CLARENCE: The first place we're going to is way out in the outskirts however. Not many people there.

CLARENCE: An anonymous note sent to us said he stumbled on a dead body at an abandoned railway and we have to check it out? Are you ready?

CLARENCE: Great! Grab Mike and make your way over there.

MIKE: Hey, PC. Name's Mike Takeda, but call me Mike or East. A pleasure to meet you. Hope you're as good as I heard Clarence said you are.

MIKE: He absolutely loves your work and I'm sure you'll continue to impress him

MIKE: Now then, let's head to that abandoned railway.

Chapter 1

(Investigate Abandoned Railway)

CLUES FOUND: Victim's Body, Control Body, Sheet of Paper

MIKE: Yikes! Looked like this man was pulled apart by the trains. Not a pleasant way to start your first day here.

MIKE: According to the ID, his name was Winston Finch. Works as a lawyer.

MIKE: A lawyer? Great. Anyone would want to kill him. So, what did you find?

MIKE: That control panel looks like what the killer used to work the train. I'm surprised it's still working.

MIKE: It's locked. Huh, maybe you can show off your mad hacking skills I've heard about.

MIKE: And what's this sheet of paper. It's faded so maybe you can reveal what's on it.

UNKNOWN: Who's there?

MIKE: Hey, are you the person who found the body?

SUNNY (reveals self): Yes, I did.

MIKE: Woah, a robot! What's one doing here? I thought they were only in Innovation Valley at Pacific Bay.

SUNNY: PC, is that you? Oh, GOOD to see you. It's me, SUNNY. You HELPED me with… something. Sunny FORGETS a lot these days.

MIKE: Wait, you known this rusted tin can, PC?

SUNNY: We met during the death of… someone CRUSHED to a cube. Sunny can't remember. That SADDENS me.

MIKE: Well, this is weird.

MIKE: You're choice on what we do first. Talk to the robot or search one of the other clues.

(Perform Autopsy)

CLARISSE: Hello PC. My name is Clarisse Adams, coroner.

MIKE: Also a fantastic racecar driver. Seriously, she's awesome.

CLARISSE: I'm flattered, Mike, although I'm already married.

CLARISSE: Now, onto important matters, the victim. As you probably expected, he died from blood loss after being torn in half.

CLARISSE: The train pulled with enough force to split him from the waist, probably involving a lot of screaming. It wasn't pleasant.

MIKE: Yeesh. Can we skip to the part where you give relevant information to us?

CLARISSE: If you insist. The body wasn't as important as you think. Nothing relevant on him except for a bruise on the head. Probably knock out. .

CLARISSE: The important part happened to be the rope used to tie the victim up. An examination of his wrist showed bruising and the knots were a trucker's hitch, very advanced.

CLARISSE: All this means that your victim is highly skilled at knotting, although not as good as tying up loose ends.

KILLER'S PROFILE: Has knowledge of Knotting

(Examine Control Panel)


MIKE: Wow, you decode that panel in seconds! I would really like some tips from you.

MIKE: This thing looks… complex. We better give it to our tech-expert Brad Alwick.

MIKE: Be warned, Brad is a bit… weird, but he is one of the best tech experts around. I'm sure he'll find something on it.

(Brad examines control panel)

BRAD: Ah, Takeda. A displeasure to see you. Who's this new mortal?

MIKE: Ha, ha, very funny Brad. This is PC. What-

BRAD: Demon Herder!

MIKE: Did you find out about the control panel?

BRAD: If you insist, pretty boy. Unlike you, the control panel is actually interesting.

BRAD: As you can probably guess, this was used to control the trains.

BRAD: The killer put it at one of the slowest speed and allowed the man to be slowly pulled apart. Quite sadistic.

MIKE: Ugh, this person is a psychopath.

BRAD: Yeah, whatever. Anyway, the device is pretty complicated and no one without some knowledge of mechanics would know how to operate it.

MIKE: So, we're looking for someone with knowledge of mechanics. They won't be able to fix anything in jail.

KILLER'S PROFILE: Has knowledge of Knotting and Mechanics.

(Talk to Sunny about finding the body)

SUNNY: PC, it's GOOD to see you here! You are NICE! I don't look as WELL with all this RUST on me, but I hope this CLOAK helps, as well as keeping me INCOGNITO in the town.

MIKE: Okay… so, you found the body, right?

SUNNY: Yes. Sunny was visiting to look for MATERIALS. My left upper arm is a bit LOOSE and Sunny wanted to see if this place had anything to use to FIX it.

SUNNY: As Sunny got close to it, Sunny heard SCREAMING. Sunny RUSHED over there, but the screaming stop just as Sunny got there and Sunny found the man DEAD.

MIKE: Did you notice anybody or are your optics rusted out as well.

SUNNY: NO. The killer had several MINUTES, more than enough time to ESCAPE.

SUNNY: Sunny don't know who the MAN was, but Sunny feels sorry for him. His screams were so loud…

(Examine faded paper)


MIKE: Good work. Now what do we have.

MIKE: A letter to him. Not just any letter. A termination notice from Kilian and Paige Law Office.

MIKE: It says that unless he got a good score, he was getting kicked to the curve.

MIKE: The reasons were that he was underperforming as of late and hadn't done anything worth noting.

MIKE: Since he wasn't fired yet, let's go over there and see what we can find at his desk. Might be something he left behind for us to find.

(Examine law office)

CLUES FOUND: Whiskey Bottle, Locked Suitcase

MIKE: Ugh, this place is stuffy. It practically reeks of corruption.

MIKE: So, what do we have here?

MIKE: Whiskey? Don't mind if I do.

MIKE: Ah, wait, I see a tag on it. Looks like it's a gift. Check it out.

MIKE: And a suitcase. Yeah, this is probably the victim's. Let's have a look inside.

MIKE: Wait, its lock. Now I really want to look inside. Locked objects mean secrets no one wants us to know about. Go on and crack it.

(Examine Whiskey Bottle)


MIKE: Hmm, no name, but a symbol. I have no idea what it is, but our historian, Elizabeth Arquette, might be able to help out with that.

MIKE: She's a bit pompous, but he knows his stuff about and he's good if you want to take a nap.

(Elizabeth researches symbol)

ELIZABETH: Ah, PC. A pleasure to meet you. I've many great things about you.

MIKE: Great to see you two hitting it off, now what can you tell us about this symbol.

ELIZABETH: Hmph, let us talk more in private PC.

ELIZABETH: Anyway, this symbol is quite an old one. It's the symbol of the Venetian Garden Guard.

ELIZABETH: They're an old group that has gone from a small guard to a security company.

ELIZABETH: I asked that dark boy, Brad or Demon Herder as he likes to call himself, to research into who was in contact with the victim and he gave me a name.

ELIZABETH: You're looking for a man named Marcus Garada. He was supposed to be guarding the victim.

MIKE: Well, he failed at that job. Best ask him why he's a complete failure.

ELIZABETH: Actually, that's the complete opposite. He's been a bodyguard for twenty years and never once lost a client on the job.

MIKE: So, wait. Guy guards people for twenty years and fails on out victim. I doubt that's a coincidence.

MIKE: Come on, PC. Let's put the screws to him and see how he ended up fumbling so badly.

(Talk to Marcus Garada about failing to protect the victim.)

MARCUS: I'm busy, here. I'm trying to contact the person I'm supposed to be guarding, but he won't answered.

MIKE: Well, that's probably because he's dead. Good job.

MARCUS: What! That can't be! I never fail to protect my client! How could this have happened?

MIKE: We would like to know that as well. You were supposed to protect him, yet we found him at the abandoned train yard, ripped in half.

MARCUS: Ripped in half? Mother of… who could do this?

MIKE: We was hoping you could answer that. We know lawyers aren't exactly popular, but maybe you can help us.

MARCUS: All I know was that he was supposed to be involved in a deal and I was to be the muscle to make sure nothing bad happens.

MARCUS: From what I heard, he was planning on buying the abandon train yard to make room for valuable real estate.

MARCUS: Now that I have given you the answer, I'm keeping my eyes peeled. Whomever did this to Finch could be after me next.

(Examine Locked Suitcase)


MIKE: Great job. Now let's look inside.

(Examine contents of suitcase)


MIKE: Hmm, what's this? A contract?

MIKE: This looks… complicated. Let's hand it off to Brad to figure out what it says.

(Brad examines legal document)

Brad: Legal documents? Are you trying to make me go to sleep?

Brad: If so, it's fiendishly affective.

Brad: As for the document, it's a contract between the victim and a Mrs. Valerie Kidman.

Brad: She's the owner of the abandon railway, so since she's the only one of the contract not in the bowels of hell, I'd talk with her about what happened between the two.

(Talk to Valerie Kidman about the legal deal between her and the victim)

MIKE: Ah, Mrs. Valerie Kidman. You are quite beautiful.

VALERIE: Aw, how very sweet of you. Now tell me why you're here before I claw your pretty face off.

MIKE: Oh, this kitten has claws.

MIKE: Well, Mrs. Kidman. We're here to talk about the deal between you and Winston Finch.

VALERIE: Finch? That little weasel. What does he want?

MIKE: Well, for starters, he's dead.

VALERIE: Dead? Well, that's unfortunate. I was hoping to close this deal and get rid of that scrapheap.

MIKE: So his death sets you back?

VALERIE: By quite a bit. I wanted that train yard gone. Now, got anything else to say or shall I kick you out?


MIKE: Well, quite an interesting first case we got here. We got a dead lawyer found ripped in half at a train yard.

MIKE: Our suspects so far is a homeless robot who heard the crime take place, the bodyguard who experience his first failure…

MIKE: And the owner of the train yard in which the victim was killed at and she was striking a deal with him to get rid of it.

MIKE: So far, none of them has got a definite motive for murder, aside from the fact that he's a lawyer, which is always a decent motive.

CLARENCE: Everyone, we have a problem! There's a forest fire!

Chapter 2

CLARENCE: Attention, everybody. We have a forest fire in our area, near the train yard!

MIKE: Near the train yard? Where the crime scene is?

MIKE: You're right, Ace. I highly doubt this is coincidental. Let's head over there right now.

CLARENCE: Take safety gear. It could be dangerous there.

(Investigate Forrest Fire)

CLUES FOUND: Metal Box; Pile of Wood

MIKE: Damn. This is hard to get around. Did you find anything?

MIKE: A metal box and a pile of wood? Alright, let's get started at a safe distance.

(Examine contents of metal box)


MIKE: Now, what is this? Looks like a lever.

MIKE: Huh, let's send it off to Alanis Beckel, our profiler. See if she can make any headway.

(Alanis examines the lever)

ALANIS: Hello, PC. How nice to meet you in the flesh. Less excited to meet Mike again.

MIKE: Love you too, honey.

ALANIS: I doubt you and me will actually have a relationship, although it's cute that you think we do.

ALANIS: Now, about this lever you found, it took a bit of research, but it's often used in trains by the conductor to control the speed of the train.

ALANIS: The fact that it's not on the train says that it holds a lot of significance for the person, so I took a look around and figured out who it belonged to.

ALANIS: Bernie Marlow. He's a former conductor, but retired a while ago and is now homeless.

ALANIS: According to reports, he lives in the forest near the train yards, which further proves that it belongs to him.

MIKE: Thanks for the info, beautiful.

ALANIS: You're welcome, man-child.

(Speak to Bernie Marlow about the lever.)

MIKE: You're Bernie Marlow?

BERNIE: Eh? Who are you youngins? What do you want? Did you come to learn some knots from me like that metal man?

MIKE: Uh, no. Were you at the fire in the forest?

BERNIE: Hire Horace? Why would I hired that no good moron. Especially since I have no job anymore.

MIKE: No, the FIRE! At the FOREST!

BERNIE: Hey, no need to shout. I understand you clearly.

MIKE: Oh, you gotta be… nah… can't complained. Continue.

BERNIE: Anyway, uh… wait, did you say a fire?

MIKE: You… are annoying. Now, you know anything about the fire?

BERNIE: All I know is how to runa train. Dear Lord, those were the good days.

BERNIE: We're so dependent on machines that we're making actual robots, like that metal man who keeps tinkering by himself.

MIKE: Well, this is a big waste. Come on, PC.

BERNIE MARLOW'S PROFILE: Skilled at making knots and mechanics.

SUNNY'S PROFILE: Skilled at making knots and mechanics.

(Examine Pile of wood.)


MIKE: What is this? Looks like a mini-explosive. I'm surprised it hasn't been set off.

MIKE: And look at that knot. That's a trucker's hitch. This has to be the killer's work.

MIKE: There's a substance on it? Great. Let's get a sample and take it and the explosive to the lab. See what we can find out about both.

(Take a sample of white substance)


MIKE: Good work. Let's send both of these to the lab and see what we can get off them.

(Rick examines white substance)

RICK: Hey there, pleasure to meet you. My name is Rick Barnes.

RICK: Now, about the substance, it's made up of molecules conjugated with carbonyl groups.

MIKE: Uh… how is that helpful?

RICK: I haven't explained everything yet. Calm down and quit being so jumpy, Mike.

RICK: These molecules were designed to block high-energy ultraviolet rays.

MIKE: Ultraviolet rays. Isn't that from the sun?

RICK: Exactly. This means that that killer uses sunscreen.

MIKE: Well, he certainly won't be seeing the sun anymore except through the bars of a jail cell window.

KILLER'S PROFILE: The killer has knowledge of knotting and explosives and uses sunscreen.

(Brad examines explosive)

BRAD: Couldn't you idiots look closely at the device before making me do this? If you did, you would've notice this cross mark on it.

BRAD: Took a few imagining to get it done, at which I got the old woman to look at it.

ELIZABETH: The old woman is your grandmother. Remember that.

ELIZABETH: Now, the image is only a couple of decades olds and now belongs to the local store called Avery's Explosives.

BRAD: I checked in on their stock and this is one of their most popular items.

MIKE: So we can just look at who bought them and determine who it is!

ELIZABETH: It's not that easy. Apparently a shipment of the explosives were stolen.

BRAD: That's not the most interesting. The owner if the store is Avery Finch, Winston's daughter.

MIKE: Woah, really? Now that's interesting. Considering the information, it's best to check Winston's office again for any more information.

(Question Avery Finch about her father and the missing explosives.)

MIKE: Avery Finch? We're here about your father.

AVERY: My father? What did he do? I haven't seen him in a while.

MIKE: Your father is dead.

AVERY: Say what? My father is dead? How?

MIKE: Murder.

AVERY: Murder?! Oh, no!

AVERY: I knew he had enemies – most lawyers do – but he was a good father. He was always supportive of my endeavors.

AVERY: I haven't seen him in a while, but he was busy at the law firm. He did said that he was falling behind there.

AVERY: He wanted to leave a little bit, maybe go camping together. I have to brush up on my knot making, but I could've handle it easily.

MIKE: We have other questions. Tell me, what happened to your missing shipment of explosives.

AVERY: Ah, those. The thief used the fire escape ladder on the side and onto the roof to get inside and steal it.

AVERY: The explosives themselves are pretty difficult to use. Experience necessary. An expert can be very affective with it.

MIKE: Like, say, cause a forest fire.

AVERY: Considering the shipment, most definitely.

AVERY: Wait, was that forest fire I heard about caused by my explosives?

AVERY: If so, I had nothing to do with it. I may be skilled with explosives, but I didn't cause it.

MIKE: We'll be the judge of that.

KILLER'S PROFILE: Has knowledge of knotting, mechanics, and explosives and uses sunscreen.

AVERY FINCH'S PROFILE: Has knowledge of knot making and explosives.

(Examine Desk)

CLUES FOUND: Drawer; Trash Can

MIKE: So what do we have? A drawer? Oh, yeah. This will be fun.

MIKE: Ah, the trash can. How did we not search that the first time around? Let's have a look in it.

(Examine drawer)


MIKE: What is that? A locket? Huh? It's beautiful.

MIKE: What is something like this doing in his desk?

MIKE: Let's send this to Marina and sees if she understands this.

(Alanis examines Locket)

ALANIS: Well, I can say that your victim was in love, as can be obtained by the heart-shape stone in it.

ALANIS: Notice the detail on the side. It resembles train tracks, which meant that the person it was meant for liked trains.

ALANIS: Taking both of those into consideration, it's pretty likely that this was meant for Valerie Kidman. If you go talk to her, I'm sure you'll find that I'm right.

MIKE: Kidman? The person who Winston was trying to buy land from? How did that happen?

ALANIS: Why don't you see for yourself instead of standing around uselessly?

MIKE: Thanks for the help Marina.

(Talk to Valerie about the romance between her and the victim.)

VALERIE: Ah, to what do I owe the pleasure?

MIKE: Valerie, we found this locket that we suspect was for you. Did you and Winston ever dated?

VALERIE: Well, aside from the fact we were married, no.

MIKE: Married?!

VALERIE: Yes. We divorced several years ago. Obviously he couldn't handle the break-up.

VALERIE: It was pretty exciting at first. We met at a train convention where we loved at first sight.

VALERIE: He was a casual, so I thought him the mechanics of trains while he taught me how to make knots.

VALERIE: It quickly got boring when he started concentrating on his job and we basically neglected Avery.

MIKE: You still decided to sell your train yard to him?

VALERIE: I still cared about him. He was sweet, just too obsess with law.

VALERIE: When he said he was in trouble, I decided to help him out. I had to get rid of this place, so it was a good sale.

MIKE: So, you didn't kill him?

VALERIE: Nah, I had nothing to gain, as I said. Now leave.

MIKE: Alright, but don't skip town. We'll might just see you later.

VALERIE: If you do come see me again, it won't be to slip the cuffs on me, unless it's in the bedroom.

VALERIE KIDMAN'S PROFILE: Has knowledge of mechanics; has knowledge of knot making, and uses sunscreen.

(Examine Trash Can)


MIKE: Woah, you found a shrunken head in there!

MIKE: I have no idea who it's for, but let's give it to Elizabeth to figure out what it's for. This is too freaky.

(Elizabeth examines shrunken head)

ELIZABETH: Ah, how exquisite! I thank you for this incredible find.

MIKE: You don't actually like this, do you?

ELIZABETH: I see you haven't had much experience with shrunken heads, Mike. Such a shame.

ELIZABETH: Although, there is a very big difference with this shrunken head. You see, this shrunken head has a very nice marking to the back of the ear. It's also very familiar.

MIKE: Huh? Let me see it.

MIKE: Hey! Isn't that the symbol of the Venetian Gardens Guard?

ELIZABETH: Exactly. They had to be the one to send this to him.

ELIZABETH: I did some more research and sending shrunken heads to people is how they said that certain people are undesirable clients.

MIKE: Undesirable? Guess Marcus didn't like his client very much. Come on, PC, let's hear him squeal.

(Talk to Marcus about the shrunken head)

MARCUS: Yes? I'm going to go serve another client in the outdoors and need to apply some sunscreen.

MIKE: We found this shrunken head in Winston's office. We know that this means you didn't have any love for him.

MARCUS: Ah, that. How unexpected.

MARCUS: To be honest, he wasn't that terrible of a person, but he was a pain to protect.

MARCUS: He always followed his exact schedule, working, watching TV, inviting me to make knots with him. That made it easy for potential assassins to kill him.

MARCUS: To go along with that, he went to places by himself without me knowing.

MARCUS: He was a nightmare and I'm not surprised he was murdered.

MIKE: Well, maybe you got so fed up with him being an easy target, you decided to make an example of him.

MARCUS: No. That would be bad for my company. I would never hurt them like that. Pretty soon, the company would've split away from Winston.

MARCUS: Speaking as someone skilled in guns and explosive, he was the toughest client I had to deal with.

MIKE: We'll see if this wasn't a cause of bodyguard betrayal. Until then, stick around.

MARCUS GARADA'S PROFILE: Knows how to make knots, skilled in explosives, and uses sunscreen.


MIKE: After all that investigation, we still haven't found the killer, although we found lots of information and clues.

MIKE: We know now that killer uses sunscreen and has explosive skills…

MIKE: Skills that his daughter would have as owner of the explosives store.

MIKE: Speaking of his family, we figured out that Valerie was his wife at one point as well, until she broke it off, apparently amicably as they were willing to work together.

MIKE: They split better than him and his bodyguard, who didn't like his both predictable and unpredictable schedule.

MIKE: And then there's that old man… wait, is that Bernie?

BERNIE: Listen to me! That damn metal man is a killer!

Chapter 3

BERNIE: That damn metal man is a killer!

MIKE: Wait, Sunny? How do you know?

BERNIE: The train yard. He lives there. Find the answers.

MIKE: Hey, wait! Come back.

MIKE: Dammit he's gone!

MIKE: What was he going on about? He said Sunny killed Winston, which is pretty condemning.

MIKE: In order to prove this, we'll have to go back to the train yard. Hope the stench of death isn't still lingering around. Let's go PC.

(Investigate Platform)

CLUES FOUND: Gravemarker, Faded Paper, Broken Security Camera

MIKE: Well, what did you find?

MIKE: Is that a Gravemarker? Why is that here? Who could've it been for?

MIKE: More faded paper? Man the sun sure has been doing a number on them.

MIKE: A security camera? Excellent. That might have footage of the crime as it happened. Fix it.

MIKE: Well, got some work ahead of us. After you.

(Examine Gravemarker)


MIKE: Good work. Now, what's on it?

MIKE: Marissa Marlow? Wait, isn't that the same last name as Bernie?

MIKE: Let's send this to Elizabeth. She might know more about this. Maybe something bad happened.

(Elizabeth examines Gravemarker.)

ELIZABETH: Ah, researching her brings up painful memories.

ELIZABETH: Ten years ago, there was a massive train wreck that killed fifty-four people, among them Marissa Marlow.

ELIZABETH: The conductor of the train wreck was Bernie Marlow, her husband. He escaped with minor cuts and bruises and was forced to retired a year later in disgrace.

ELIZABETH: If I were you, I go talk to Bernie about this.

MIKE: Thanks for the depressing history lesson, Liz. Let's go talk to Bernie about this, PC.

(Speak to Bernie about the train wreck.)

BERNIE: What do you want? Did you arrest that damn robot?

MIKE: Not yet. We got questions for you. We found a grave marker to your dead wife. Care to tell us about it?

BERNIE: Oh, her. I miss her. I met her back when I came back from Vietnam after handling explosives there.

BERNIE: It was love at first sight. We were obsessed with each other and married a year later.

BERNIE: But then… that damn wreck took her away from me! There was something wrong with the tracks and the train ended crashing at the platform.

BERNIE: They blamed it all on me, but it wasn't my fault! It was those damn maintenance workers fault for not maintaining the tracks!

BERNIE: I placed this grave marker here for her. I miss here so much.

MIKE: Wow. I feel sorry for you.

BERNIE: It's alright. I survive off whatever I can and get sunscreen by stealing it from the owner of the train station. She comes here often.

BERNIE: I heard she was planning on selling it off, but she can't do that! This place… has so many memories, both good and bad. They can't just destroy it!

MIKE: Every place has memories, Bernie. I hope you didn't murder Winston in order to preserve it.

BERNIE MARLOWE'S PROFILE: Has knowledge of knot making, mechanics, and explosives and uses sunscreen.

VALERIE KIDMAN'S PROFILE: Has knowledge of knot making, mechanics, and uses sunscreen.

(Examine Note)


MIKE: What does the note say? "Dad, leave me alone! I don't need you anymore!"

MIKE: Well, looks like the relationship between Avery and her father wasn't as good as she was making it out to be. Let's go talk to her about it.

(Take to Avery Finch about her father.)

MIKE: Avery, you're weren't completely honest with us last time. You and your father didn't completely get along, as this note says.

AVERY: Oh, where did you get this? You weren't supposed to…

AVERY: Fine. Me and father do love each other, but he cared too much about me.

AVERY: So much so, that he was failing at his job for me. I didn't mean to sound mean, but he had to solve his own problems before mine, otherwise I would've had to take care of him.

AVERY: I'm not ready to take care of him. I got a business to run here! I have to fix anything here when it's broken because my employees are too incompetent.

AVERY: You know what it's like to go outside and fix the ceiling in steaming weather with the sun on your back? It really sucks! Good thing sunscreen exists.

AVERY: Look, I feel bad about the last few things I said to dad, but I didn't kill him. I just wanted to be left alone and let him built back favor with his bosses.

MIKE: Well, we'll see soon enough. Don't leave town… or stock up explosives against us.

AVERY FINCH'S PROFILE: Has knowledge of knot making, explosives, and mechanics and uses sunscreen.

(Fix Security Camera)


MIKE: Great work. Now, let's send it to Brad for analysis.

(Brad examines footage)

BRAD: I sorted through the entire footage but I didn't find anything at the murder itself.

MIKE: Then what are we paying you for?

BRAD: This thing I found an hour before the murder. Take a look.

One hour before the murder

WINSTON: What do you want, tin can?

SUNNY: You FRAGGER! You BURNED Sunny's only FRIEND and now you want to DESTROY Sunny's HOME!?

WINSTON: Your friend? It was a plant in a boot! You're crazy. Now get out of here.

SUNNY: Sunny has a bad MEMORY, but Sunny won't FORGET this! You will SUFFER for this.

WINSTON: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Aren't you held back by the three laws? Go away.

SUNNY: Sunny will go for a WALK, but if Sunny sees you still HERE, Sunny will FIGHT back.

Back to present

MIKE: Wow, Sunny really hated Winston for destroying his… 'friend' and wanting to destroy his home.

MIKE: Hey, you're right. He said he was at the train station for supplies. It's obvious that isn't true.

MIKE: He also said he never met the victim before, but they did speak to each an hour before the murder.

MIKE: Come on. He lied to us about him actually living there and talking to the victim. Let's go talk to him and see if he confesses.

(Talk to Sunny about threatening the victim)

MIKE: Alright, you psychopathic robot. Talk. A lot of things have been pointing to you.

SUNNY: Huh? What are you TALKING about?

MIKE: From Bernie saying you killed someone to you threatening the victim and lying to us about staying here. You have been lying from the word go.

SUNNY: What? How do you KNOW about Sunny and the lawyer? No one was AROUND.

MIKE: Speak up now, or I'll take you to jail for murder.

SUNNY: Fine. Sunny has been LIVING in the train yard for a while with a FRIEND. Sunny was so happy to have his friend and all the SUPPLIES.

SUNNY: But then that LAWYER came and talked to the owner about SELLING the place and DESTROYING it. Sunny couldn't allow that.

SUNNY: So Sunny talked to the lawyer and in response, he IMMOLATED Sunny's friend!

SUNNY: Sunny ARGUED with him. Sunny THREATEN to BLOW him up. But that's it, just EMPTY platitudes.

MIKE: I don't know about that. We're taking you to the station to chill out until we can resolves this.

SUNNY: Sunny understands.

SUNNY'S PROFILE: Has knowledge of mechanics, knot making, and explosives.

At the station

MIKE: I swear, we're so close to the answer of who the killer is. We just need the smoking gun to figure it out.

CLARENCE: Speaking of smoking, I need you guys to head back to the forest where the fire was.

CLARENCE: Most of the fire has died down, so it should be safe to explore. Go find any clues about who done it.

MIKE: You got it! Come on, PC. Let's go find the last clue to tie it all up.

(Investigate Smoldering Forest)


MIKE: Huh, that's a large ash pile. Anything there is bound to be destroyed.

MIKE: You still want to look through it? Fine. Let's see if you can find anything.

(Examine ash pile)


MIKE: Well, I'll be damn. You found that piece of rebar in it.

MIKE: Hey, is that blood? This must be what the killer used to knock Winston out. Good work.

MIKE: You see something else on it? Let's take a look at it.

(Examine Piece of Rebar)


MIKE: Gray Fibers. Well, they match the victim's suit.

MIKE: You say take this to the lab? Alright, let's send it to Rick.

(Rick examines gray fibers.)

MIKE: Well, Rick, found anything useful from the fibers? I can't think of anything.

RICK: Well, I can say one thing. This doesn't belong to your victim's clothes.

MIKE: Seriously?

RICK: Yes. Winston's gray clothing were made of tweed. These were made of satin, like those used in cloaks that is left at the outskirts for homeless people and used by some professional organizations.

MIKE: So the killer is wearing a gray cloak? This is perfect! Thanks Rick.

MIKE: Well, we have all the evidence we need. Let's go arrest a killer.

(Arrest the killer.)


MIKE: You've reached your last stop, Bernie! We're arresting you for the murder of Winston Finch.

BERNIE: Me? Do you have any proof?

MIKE: We can start with the way you tied the body up, using a knot that only people skilled at knot making would be capable of.

BERNIE: So? A lot of people take up knot making as a hobby.

MIKE: How about the control panel you used to control the trains? Someone like you surely knows how to use it.

BERNIE: It isn't that hard. Just look up a manual and you're good to go.

MIKE: What about piece of rebar you used to knock the victim out, which had a piece of your cloak on it.

BERNIE: That robot wears a cloak! Arrest him! They can't be trusted.

MIKE: What use does a robot have for sunscreen, unlike you, when you left it behind on the explosives you stole from Avery's Explosives?

BERNIE: Damn! You youngins really are smart! I guess the future is in good hands.

BERNIE: Find, I admit it. I killed that lawyer! He was planning on destroying the train yard and I couldn't allow that. He was disrespecting everyone who died on the train wreck.

BERNIE: When I saw that robot arguing with him, I decided to pin it on him. I waited several minutes before I made my move.

BERNIE: I snuck up to the lawyer and bashed him over the head. Then I tied him to the trains.

BERNIE: I waited for him to wake up so that he knew what was coming and so he knew who killed him.

BERNIE: I moved the trains and the lawyer screamed loudly as he split apart. I felt a little bad about it, but he shouldn't have gone about it.

BERNIE: Once that was done, I took the rebar to the woods and set it on fire, trying to destroy it.

BERNIE: That's it, take me to court, I'm ready to reach the terminus.


BENEDICT: Hmph, of course someone as filthy as you decided to stoop to murder. Any final words?

BERNIE: I did what I thought was right. I had to preserve the train yard in the name of all the people who died in the train wreck.

BENEDICT: Of which, your wife was among the dead, correct?

BERNIE: She was….

BENEICT: While I sympathize with the loss of a love one, it does not excuse the barbarity of the crime as well as lighting the forest on fire!

BENEDICT: For the murder of Winston Finch and arson, you are hereby sentence to fifty years in jail with no chance of parole.

BERNIE: I'll never experience freedom again, but I did the right thing.

MIKE: Well, that puts an end to our first case together. Good work!

MIKE: Amazing how a place so obsess with progress had a murder that was stuck in the past.

MIKE: Let's not get caught up in nostalgia and keep going into the future, PC. We'll get better as time goes on.

Diabolus Ex Machina Part 1

CLARENCE: Well done on your first case, PC. You did exceptionally well.

MIKE: He couldn't a done it without my help.

CLARENCE: I sincerely doubt it.

CLARENCE: Now, I got two problems for you to have to deal with.

CLARENCE: First is that robot, Sunny. I wanna know it's safe to let him out, so look around his home to see why he's here.

CLARENCE: Second, Avery Finch is here to see you. She has something important to talk about.

MIKE: Alright, shouldn't be too hard. Decide what you want to do. Talk to Avery or search Sunny's place. Your choice.

(Search abandoned railway)

CLUES FOUND: Torn paper.

MIKE: Hmm, you found this torn up piece of paper. Why is it like that?

MIKE: Let's fix it and see what's on it.

(Fix paper)


MIKE: Good work. The piece of paper was a newspaper article.

MIKE: 'Robot declared innocent of murder by self-defense.' Look, there's Sunny on it.

MIKE: Let's send this to Brad and see if he can give us the full article.

(Brad examines newspaper article)

BRAD: Hmm, I must admit, this is interesting. Your suspect was arrested for the murder of a Robert Pumice.

BRAD: However, he claimed he was attacked and reacted in self-defense. A pro-robot law firm took his case and defended him in court.

BRAD: They were affective too, since they presented enough evidence to prove he reacted merely in self-defense.

MIKE: Wow! That must've been a controversial decision.

BRAD: It was. Not many people agreed with it, but the courts recognized Sunny's sentience and that Pumice was the initiator.

MIKE: Huh, interesting, but that still doesn't explain why he's here. Let's go see if this will get him talking.

(Talk to Sunny about being innocent of murder)

SUNNY: May Sunny be RELEASED. This place is UNNERVING.

MIKE: We will in a second. We want to talk to you about this article about you we found.

SUNNY: Sunny thought he TORE that up. Sunny didn't want anyone to hold it AGAINST him.

MIKE: You were declared innocent, weren't you? What are so worried about?

SUNNY: Sunny was DECLARED INNOCENT, but couldn't hold a job after it. Sunny was REPLACED when held for trial.

SUNNY: Sunny tried to find another JOB, but after what happen with APHYRO-DYTE, not many people would TRUST Sunny.

SUNNY: Sunny was LUCKY just to get LAWYERS to help, much less declared innocent. Getting a job in Pacific Bay was IMPOSSIBLE for me.

SUNNY: After all that, Sunny decided to come HERE.

MIKE: So, you're not planning to commit any crimes here?

SUNNY: NO! Sunny just wants to be left ALONE in PEACE.

MIKE: Alright, then we're going to let you go. Tried not to get in any trouble.

SUNNY: Don't worry. Sunny won't. Let me get you some FOOD, PC, for having to deal with Sunny so much.


(Speak to Avery about her problems.)

AVERY: Thanks for coming to meet me, PC!

AVERY: Listen, I'm afraid of the bad reputation I'll get if people learn that my explosives caused the forest fire.

AVERY: I want you to explore the forest and look for any more of my explosives. Please, don't let anybody know about it.

MIKE: You think we'll look for it just to help your reputation?

AVERY: That, plus the fact they were stolen, so they're still legally mine, and to prevent anyone from using any remaining explosives to start more fires.

MIKE: Okay, good point. You're very persuasive. Let's find it.

(Investigate Forest Fire)


MIKE: Hey, a crate filled with explosives. This has to be Avery's.

MIKE: Too bad I don't see any identification to confirm it. Can you try and recover the markings?

(Examine Crate)


MIKE: Good job! You got it done!

MIKE: Wait! This isn't Avery's. This is the Venetian Garden Guard's. What the hell.

MIKE: You're right, let's talk to Marcus about this. He may know something.

(Talk to Marcus about Box of Explosives)

MARCUS: Yes? I just got done with a successful job involving a speech.

MIKE: We found a box of explosives with your company's symbol on it. Care to explain.

MARCUS: Ah, that. You see, we have a couple of associates and Avery's explosives is one of them. We have a successful relationship and sometimes we give her supplies from out building.

MIKE: What do you need the explosives for?

MARCUS: It's not me, but the people out of the country in places more dangerous.

MARCUS: Trust me as someone who used to work out in places like the Middle East and Africa, you need explosives to fight back.

MIKE: So, you're doing nothing illegal with it?

MARCUS: OF course not. Our organization is solely legitimate.

MIKE: Alright, thanks. Come on, PC. Let's go talk to Avery again and give her explosives back.

(Give Avery her explosives back.)

MIKE: Here you go, Avery. Here's your explosives and your crate from the Venetian Garden Guard.

AVERY: Ah, well, thanks. Got a complicated relationship with them.

AVERY: Anyway, before I go, I have another favor.

AVERY: Could you check up on mother. I sure she's find, but I just want to make sure she's find after dad's death.

MIKE: No worry. We'll go check up on here.

AVERY: Thanks. Here, take these clothes. I got a surplus of uniforms and I don't mind giving them out.


(Visit Valerie to see how she's doing.

VALERIE: Ah, detectives, how are you two doing?

MIKE: Fine, Mrs. Kidman. We came to check up on you for your daughter.

VALERIE: Aw, that's sweet of her. We should get together sometime. We have to plan Winston's funeral.

VALERIE: Listen, Winston had this great picture of the two of us together. Can you fetch it for me? It's should be at his office.

MIKE: No problem. We'll get it done ASAP.

(Investigate Law Office)

CLUES FOUND: Cardboard box.

MIKE: This box looks like the only thing here with anything of note. Let's look through it.

(Examine cardboard box)


MIKE: Nice, you found the photo.

MIKE: Oh, my. Valerie does look very good here. Winston's looking pretty spiffy too.

MIKE: Let's get this back to Valerie. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

(Give Valerie the picture.)

MIKE: Here's your picture, Valerie.

VALERIE: Ah, thank you. Winston looked so good in that photo. It's perfect for the funeral.

VALERIE: Thank you so much. Here, my donation for the police department. You deserve it.


MIKE: Well, for your first case, you did very well. I hope we'll have a good relationship together.

MIKE: This recent rise in crime is worrying me and everyone at the department... and frankly, you being here has me worry that it's some sort of conspiracy.

MIKE: But still, as long as you're here and everybody, we'll get things done... eventually.

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