Truth or Die
Season 1
City Queensville
District Conner's Village
Case Number 3
Date of Release October 5th 2018
Partner(s) Tony Freeman (All Chapters)
Preceded by Succeeded by
Hold on Tight The House with a Dead Body In Its Walls
Jogger found shot to death, but did someone dare the killer to shoot the jogger? Do you dare find the clues before the killer spreads the truth?

-Case Teaser




  • Ronnie Lerner (Found shot in the park)

Murder Weapon

  • Gun


  • Sam Carter


Olive Barrel (Victim's Friend)

Moreno Lucas (Olive's Boyfriend)

Tyson Curry (Dog Walker)

Joey Callux (Jogger)

Sam Carter (Landscaper)

Killer's Profile

  • The killer plays Truth or Dare
  • The killer is a marksman
  • The killer is argophobia
  • The killer is 20 years younger
  • The killer has black hair

Crime Scenes

Crime Scene 1:

  • Park
  • Plants
  • Park Bonus

Crime Scene 2:

  • Victim's House
  • Bed
  • Victim's House Bonus

Crime Scene 3:

  • Street
  • Car
  • Street Bonus


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

A Tour of Queensville (3/6)


  • This case title is a reference to the party game Truth or Dare.
  • This has many refernces to the 2018 supernatural horror film, Truth or Dare.
    • The victim, Ronnie Lerner, references to Ronnie, one of the characters in the film.
      • His surname is also a reference to the actor, Sam Lerner, the actor who played as Ronnie
    • Olive Barrel is a reference to Olivia Barron, another character from Truth or Dare.
    • Moreno Lucas is a reference to Lucas Moreno, another character from Truth or Dare.
    • Tyson Curry is a reference to Tyson Curran, another character from Truth or Dare.
    • Joey Callux is a reference to the actor, Joe Ochman, the actor who voiced as Callux.
      • His surname to Callux, another character from Truth or Dare.
    • Sam Carter is a reference to Sam Meehan, another character from Truth or Dare.
      • His surname is a reference to Sam's name.
    • The school where they go to, Jerry Wildow College, is a reference to Jeff Wadlow, the director of the film.
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