Tristan Wood
Biographical information
Full name Tristan Wood
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1991
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Socialite
Family Unnamed brother (Deceased)
Game information
First appeared Case #3 Turning the Screw
Tristan Wood was a suspect in the murder investigation of Albert Sanders in Turning the Screw (Case #3 of Laroy Bay)


Tristan is 27-year-old socialite with short blonde hair and green eyes.He wears crocodile jacket with tartan flannel shirt with bowtie under that jacker

Age 27
Height 5'9''
Weight 215lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type B-

Turning the Screw

Tristan found himself in trouble after threat Albert Sanders sent to him.Tristan said that he and Albert had small fight about money at his house.Tristan borrowed money,but forgot to return it.

Tristan was interrogated for second time after team found his wallet inside of victim's bag.Tristan claimed that it was Albert who took his money in revenge.

Tristan was proven innocent after team arrested Jean Connerie for murder.

Tristan wanted to talk with player and Marcus Young in additional investigation.He said that he saw someone wearing green robe putting tied up boy in black van.Team concluded that it was Jean's cousin Brice Connerie and his kidnapper.

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