Tripea Bay is the first district/sector of the Cortonith Island. Situated in cases #1 ~ #4, this district features pirates living in the bay and of course, ships aboard, ahoy mate'y!

It is known to this bay that there's a mysterious chest, now it is placed at B&S Inn for display purposes, were often envied by the pirates and they're seeking over it. Though, they cannot steal the mysterious chest until the true owner of the chest comes in and decides what to do for it.

In this district, you're hired as an undercover police officer who sets up ganks from other police officers if found a killer. It is necessary enough to avoid further fights, especially when Lilith Darklust enrages and tries to hurt anybody else on the area. There's no judge to talk for since the time lapse is very short, and solving cases is very hard if you're not undercover, as pirates have a bad grudge over policemen.

The founder of this sector was none other than Cornelia Stolf. There's no leader currently assigned in this sector after Errol Mitanio is incarcerated.

B&S Inn

Founded by Lorelei Von Brandt and Suzanna Schnee. There, Lorelei Cortonith works on her swords and customized swords for battle. Also there, Suzanna Cortonith works for her music to work on. And there lives Cornelia Stolf, mother of Lorelei and Suzanna, guiding them to victory as she is retired from writing. It also leaves the mysterious chest, which it is actually owned by Lilith Darklust before she died. Cornelia knows Lilith's voice, but Suzanna and Lorelei, does a little as Cornelia told the two how Lilith's voice hear like.


Case #1: The Job Scam Case #2: New Recruit
Case #3: Forged in Blood Case #4: Stolf's Remains
Bonus Case: The Demon Within


  • Tripea Bay is the anagram of The Pirate Bay.
  • This is the only district that is made by Cortonith in 2015-2016.
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