Trevor Phempts was a suspect during the murders of Voodoo Naashad in The Fallen Planes (Case #10 PWT) and Abdul-Salaam Tajwar in Little Warriors, Big Murders (Case #11), He also appeared as a quasi-suspect during The Tribe's Kikatili (Case #13). Trevor was slain in The End of the Mauaji (Case #14)


Trevor is a 51 year-old doctor from Madagascar he has Grey Hair and mustache, White lab coat, Green buttoned shirt.

He is known to eat cooked worms, salady voankaso and listen to magalasy music.

In his second appearance, Trevor got the virus, in which he is looking for the cure. He also eats moambe and shoots arrows.

Height 6'0"
Age 51
Weight 204 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A+

Case Appearances


  • He is one of the suspect to appear in two cases consecutively
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