Pepper up, guys, we've got another investigation to solve!
—Trevor Crawfield

Trevor Crawfield is the Chief Executive Officer of the Luxington Investigation Agency (LIA).


Trevor is the 58-year-old CEO of the LIA. He has black hair but is bald on top and has a goatee on his chin. He wears a standard uniform consisting of a white dress shirt and a tie. He pins a badge of the LIA logo onto his collar and tucks his glasses into his right pocket. He dons a pair of beige trousers and white office shoes.

Trevor is 6 feet and 3 inches tall, has brown eyes, weighs 148 pounds, and his blood type is A+. He is helpful whenever his members are in doubt and hardworking. He is also zealous.

Notable Events

In The Story Begins, Trevor tests Joel Sullivan's potential in criminal investigations, in which he succeeds with flying colors. With that said, Trevor wastes no time and hires Joel into the agency. Both him and Joel cannot wait for him (Joel) to start his real investigations.

Chapter Appearances

Trevor appears in all chapters as of now.

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