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Louisgustavo's Criminal Case rendition
Type City
Season 1 (City of Trevino)
Founder Joaquin Trevino
Established 1787
Country Flag of USA United States of America
Inhabitants Americans
Districts 10
Primary LEA Trevino Police Department
Key city figures Edward Westfield (mayor)
Percy McKinney (chief of police)
Release date 3rd January 2019
Appears in Criminal Case: City of Trevino
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Succeeded by Throughout the World

Trevino (also known as T-vino) is a major city in the United States of America and the main setting of the first season of Criminal Case, which is known as City of Trevino. It was released on January 3, 2019.

Composed of eleven districts with their own uniqueness, it consists of idyllic coast, beautiful rivers, multicultural community, old Trevino, etc, which will be revealed later. The Trevino Police Department acts as the law enforcement agency that serves the city.


VTE Criminal Case: City of Trevino
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Checking Out
Current case
Crime is Money
(in San Roberto)
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The Front of the Killer


Santa Maria

Santa Maria, appearing as the introductory district investigated in Trevino, is an island territory of the city. List of case in Santa Maria:

San Roberto

San Roberto, appearing as the first district investigated in Trevino, is the financial sector of the city. It features a world-class convention and exhibition center, mall, casino, as well as the annual Beauty Contest. Initially focusing on the aftermath of the stock market crash, the district focuses on investigating Truth No More, a scheme which requires the people to do what the mastermind wants in exchange they receive much amount of money.

List of cases in San Roberto:

Frente del Rio

Frente del Rio, appearing as the second district investigated in Trevino, is a coastal district located at the river delta with its idyllic panorama. It also features the Diamond Gateway Bridge, which connects the district to San Roberto.

List of cases in Frente del Rio:

Neon Hollow

Neon Hollow, appearing as the third district investigated in Trevino, is the science and technology hub of the city. Applying the applications of Industry 4.0, it conducts the development of robotics, genetics, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. Moreover, the University of Trevino is located in this district.

List of cases in Neon Hollow:

Viejo Trevino

Viejo Trevino, appearing as the fourth district investigated in Trevino, is the original area of the city. It is well-known for its antique Old Town, which architecture remains a mystery.

Shady Fields

Shady Fields, appearing as the fifth district investigated in Trevino, is the agricultural sector of the city.

Los Cerros

Los Cerros, appearing as the sixth district investigated in Trevino, is the mountainous district of the city.

Arco Iris

Arco Iris, appearing as the seventh district investigated in Trevino, is the entertainment center and the most affluent district of the city.


Summerview, appearing as the eighth district investigated in Trevino, is the residential district of the city. As the most diverse residential of the city, it features several ethnic enclaves

El Centro

El Centro, appearing as the ninth district investigated in Trevino, serves as the city center. It features the mayor's mansion, Hacienda del Alcade, and the city hall.

New Trevino

New Trevino, appearing as the tenth district investigated in Trevino, is the newly-planned district.


After completing Trevino

After completing Trevino, the player will complete all 62 cases of Throughout the World.

Case rankings

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Brief history of the city

Joaquin Trevino, a Spanish aristocrat who escaped to the Americas, and several unnamed Spanish refugees built a settlement in the present-day Viejo Trevino. The city was initially a small town (pueblo) and subsequently grew into the city of Trevino, which named after Joaquin.

Which state does Trevino take place?

Trevino takes place in the state of California. The city is based on the Californian city San Diego.

More facts

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