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Traps and Temples
Season 1
Location(s) Abandoned City
Case Number 3
Date of Release August 28th, 2016
Preceded by Succeeded by
Serial Killer on the Loose One Shot, Two Kills

Traps and Temples is the third "case" of 16 For War.


After the death of Annie Rodrigues, the 15 participants learned about the incident, and prepared for better survival, meanwhile, some alliances are being made and people are being deceived... something seems to be happening between three people, the twins discover a new place, for new possibilities.

Marcilene Ashye

She was running along with Eduardo Midas for the narrow corners of the forest to rest, as they had to run hard to escape the traps of Alwyn Halmy

Marcelinne Barcel

While seeking shelter in the city, she met Jenipher Aslerk, where the two have partnered and shared supplies, they planned to kill Jonh Erick.

Alerquina Endrok

She was not so worried about finding shelter, but she felt tired and decided to rest in a shelter, she turned into the same shelter than Akise Aru.

Yuki Onama

He hid himself among the trees and eventually found Alwyn Halmy, the two made an alliance and survived together.

Alwyn Halmy

After it has armed the traps, she was rest between two trees and eventually found with Yuki Onama, the two made an alliance and survived together.

Eduardo Midas

She was running along with Marcilene Ashye for the narrow corners of the forest to rest, as they had to run hard to escape the traps of Alwyn Halmy

Jonh Erick

After he killed Annie Rodrigues, he searched for Alerquina Endrok because he thought it would be just an idiot, he ended up not finding it.

Jenipher Aslerk

She was desperate to find shelter when found, eventually found with Marcelinne Barcel, where the two formed an alliance and planned to kill Jonh Erick.

Luna Sayynonynte

She grabbed a hunting knife and cut her finger and licked his blood, she found the traps of Alwyn Halmy and disabled the most, she spotted Eduardo Midas and Marcilene Ashye, she decided that those two would be their targets.

Akise Aru

He had found a shelter to rest, minutes later Alerquina Endrok had entered there, the two formed an alliance, later, he saw that there was the opportunity to stab Oskar Dias and killed him.

Gui Saknied

He was hidden in a shelter.

Andy Zack & Mandy Zack 

The twins were filled with weapons and supplies, they then decided to look for Roshkua temple that was your left to rest and equip.

José Frota

He went to the city and sneaked in an abandoned hospital, where he took syringes and some remedies, but he had the plan to kill Oskar Dias but he was already dead.

Oskar Dias

He was in town trying to find more supplies, but he paid no attention and was stabbed by Akise Aru.


The survivors survived well, including a few escaping alive from a series of traps set by another, all before another victim was brutally stabbed.


  • Oskar Dias (was unexpectedly brutally stabbed)

Murder Weapon

  • Knife


  • Akise Aru
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