Chapter 1

Jean: <name>. This search for the murder weapon is taking way too long. Zachary probably has hidden it somewhere we'll never find it!

Delaney: Don't give up hope, chief! I know well enough that the weapon is probably back in Subrein! and that we're chasing the wrong lead!

Grayson: Sis,-

Delaney: Listen Grayson. The Sharma's know who's likely a criminal or not, so i think it's safe to say that Zachary is innocent in all this

Grayson: You're absolutely mad!

Franklin: Hello, <Name>. Remember what i said? that i'd only return if there was another murder?

Jean: Yeah, wait? you're not saying that-

Franklin: Yep, a body on the tracks. A secretary by the name of Elizabeth Harding if i remember correctly.

Jean: Well, what are you waiting for? go to the crime scene and investigate this murder!

New Crime Scene: Train tracks

Franklin: Ah, i love the smell of murder in the morning.

Franklin: Anyway, <name> you're right we should repair that torn paper

Franklin: that trash bag is a good bet as well. Well, lets dig through it.

Examine: Trash bag

Franklin: well, would you look at that? a bag of something. Lets send it to Sally perhaps she will be useful.

Examine: Torn paper

Franklin: This paper is just a boring employee report. I mean the only useful thing on here is that she works for William Sharma.

Franklin: Oh, you want to talk to William Sharma? be my guest.

New Suspect!: William Sharma

Ask William about his relationship with the victim

William: Ah, <name>! Delaney was just telling me about you! you've solved quite a few cases already.

Franklin: You flatter me! anyway, we know that our latest victim, Elizabeth Harding, worked for you.

William: What? Elizabeth is dead? But she was so nice. It's always the good looking ones that die isn't it?

Franklin: Yep. Now, If you don't mind, We're going to insect this car you're in.

New Crime Scene!: Train car

Franklin: ah, trains. I always hated them. Take planes people! Or drive a car it's better than this death trap on wheels!


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