This page lists all of the stats and info related to the cases in PetersCorporal's first city, Townville.


Found at
The Murdered Milker Facondo DiGiappo Found lying on the ground, bleeding from his back. Farm
Riverside Slaughter James Robbast Stabbed in his chest and then thrown at the riverside. River coast
Decease Behind The Trees Jacqueline Ramos Found in a forest, multiple bullets in her chest area. Forest
The Crimes At Work Richard Martinson His killer made him fall asleep and shot him with his own hand. Office
Can't Touch This Linda McChubs Found in a factory without vital signs or wounds. Abandoned factory
Shoot, Carry, Hang Darren White Shot in the head and then hung from a tree. Oak Valleys
Bullets Above Cecilia DiGiappo A bullet went through her head, her killer was standing double her height. Farm
Within The Fire Craig Mistem Died in a foundry oven, in contact with liquid metals. Foundry
Arabian Poison Hafeez Mrad Poisoned and hung up in the Tourist Convention with a snake. Arabian post
Swimming Dead Victoria Findfold Pushed into a swimming pool after being shot. Common swimming pool
Murder Behind Bars Rico Marchi His head was smashed against jail bars until he died. Prison cell

Found at
Bake My Body Stephen Xaint His insides were taken out. Bakery (liver)
Butchery (kidney/inside a bag)
Butchery counter (brain, skull)
Baking ovens (body)
Living room (lung/inside a box)
End Of The Flight Uriel Valster Stuffed into a plain seat. Upholstering workshop (inside a bloody seat)
The Corpse Which Smelled Right Herman Yoth He was hit in the head and bled out till he died. Perfume shop
Jewels Of Death Laurean Ohdie A gemstone cut his throat and he died from not being able to breathe. Jewellery
Evil Dinner Joey Carel His head was severed and served as a meal in a restaurant. Restaurant table (head)
Cooking furnace (body)
Dead End Jared Mangrim Found stabbed in the seat of a luxury train's carriage. Carriage
Buried With Roses Ashton Fox He was buried in a flowerpot and died due to the lack of air. Plant nursery
Purchase A Murder Yale Williams Was shot in the face in an armory. Armory
Souvenirs For A Grave Zoe Jeke Her head was perforated and she died of blood loss. Souvenirs shop
Rocky Knife Walter Sandman His back had a big hole and a rock was put in it. Excavation area
Sweep The Eyes Carlton Klovan Killed in a park, his right eye was bleeding. Ethon Park

Found at
Greed Of The Treasures Josephine Yode Found poisoned in a bank. Bank vault
Newspaper In Blood Kellin Cardagreen Found with his skull smashed. Maggalie's office
Red Waters Daniel Peterson Was thrown at the river while bleeding. River underwater
Hoist The Dead Martin Darejam The killer hoisted him along with the flag at school. School playground
Sudden Death Florence Adams Died in a tennis court, her throat was red. Tennis court
A Lethal Campaign Alberto Gandil Poisoned in the town hall, he fell to the floor and choked. Meeting room
Jump To Hell Barry Dumbbell Found crushed to the street on some occult drawings. Babylon Avenue
Climb Out The Culvert Christian Edu His dead body was stuck in the sewers. Drainpipe
Wardrobed Corpse Robert Agrode His corpse was stuffed in an ancient wardrobe. Furniture exhibition
White Ghoulish Nurses Joe Lafed Was being treated in a hospital, where he suddenly died. Room #126
Fishy Tastes Mitch Anteur He was killed and then cooked to be served in a bar. Stairs (legs/inside a trash bag)
Stove (head)

Found at
Guns In The Backyard Ramon Greensworth He was left naked in a backyard with a message carved in his skin. Backyard
A Cake To Die For Hansel Brondele His face got burnt by an explosion before eating a cake. Dining room
Soccer And Firecrackers Kelvin Cross Was quietly watching a soccer match when a flare impacted his face. Bleachers
Off With The Head Manuel Prada His headless body was found on a bridge. 15th Bridge (body)
River underwater (head)
Up The Roof Arnold Eastfield His body was smashed against a glass dome in the shopping mall roof. Shopping mall roof
Dress The Veins Paula Thomas Found in a barbershop with her arms bleeding. Barbershop
Suspended Match Herman O'Fray Murdered while working by hitting him in the head. Building site
Killing In The Borderline Franco Baldebin Left in the city limits with a dead snake. City limit
The Parking Lot Of Homicides Hank Roberts Poisoned and left in a parking lot before a soccer match. Parking lot
The Restaurant Phantom George Framel Died in the basement of his own restaurant before an important meeting. Restaurant basement
Demise In Fresh Air Harry Clover His killer poisoned him and left him lying under a tree. Oxford Park

Found at
The Heinous Painting Simon Dualdare Found abandoned in a museum with his head bashed. Music gallery
Economic Studies Of Death Homer Tronk Locked up in a box with mosquitoes in a university classroom. Economics classroom (inside a locked box)
Yoga Killers Gabriel Poump Murdered in a yoga class at a public park. Riverside Park
Blue Blood Bill Wilde Strangled in his mansion, about to fall out of a window. Bedroom
Musicians' Revenge Sarah Brown Found bleeding at the backstage of a music exhibition. Backstage
Elite Wars Drew Wiese Shot in the middle of the most important gated community. Park
Water And Electric Guitars Jackson Smith Electrocuted in a factory of electric guitars. Flooded factory
Bestrewed Insides Theodore Kennedy His body exploded and his insides were spread all over a soccer field. Roosevelt Park
Yacht Lovers Mike Richmond Was on a yacht trip in the river when he got killed. Yacht
Terror In Hotel Eliza Plans Murdered in her room at a luxury hotel. Room #217
The Electrify Ned Forsa Found in an electricity plant with his clothes burnt. Electricity ware plant

Found at
Swallow Seeds George Jamin Found buried under thousands of seeds inside a pit. Corn fields
Hunger And War Times Andrew Herway Murdered and left in a park at the skid row. Transgenic garden
The Botanical Killer Carla Prown Found dead in a greenhouse with her skin burnt and sweaty. Greenhouse
A Thief's Rampage Prudence Harris Murdered in a workshop with burn marks on her chest. Watchmaker's whop
Human Rug Ray Louieson He was flayed and his skin was left for exhibition in a shop. Louieson farm shop (skin)
Oak Valleys (body)
Last Touchdown Evelyn Drout Died in an explosion in midair before finishing her skydiving fall. Gandil Park
Toxic Ingredients John Rene His body was found in a field with no wounds. Domain of observation
Night's Wrong Ways Orlando Edra His throat was slit and his clothes looked scruffy. Private party
A Rock Star Bruno Becks His skull was smashed and he was left for dead in the forest. Town Outskirts Forest
Divine Justice Mirtha Gray Impaled by a giant bolt sculpture staging divine punishment. Courts of Law
Bloodstained Race Linda Farren Ran over by a rally car. Rally course

Found at
Victim Of The New Lands Albert Presto Shot in the head after escaping from prison. New Townville streets
Quest For The Past Kevin Hestredy Excavation site Was found dead lying on an excavation site
Into The Eagle's Trap Wanda Jamin Canyon Died from an explosion which burnt most of her skin.
Zygotes From The Afterlife Robert Jamin Lab shelter Found electrocuted lying on his lab's floor.

Murder Weapons

The Murdered Milker Hammer Farm
Riverside Slaughter Knife Living room
Decease Behind The Trees Shotgun Forest
The Crimes At Work Gun Office (found)
Ballistic analysis (confirmed)
Can't Touch This Paladium Industrial machine (inside an air duct/found)
Forensic analysis (confirmed)
Shoot, Carry, Hang Gun Fountain (found)
Forensic analysis (confirmed)
Bullets Above Revolver Apartment's roof
Within The Fire Liquid zirconium Autopsy result
Arabian Poison Poisonous flowers Irish post (found)
Forensic analysis (confirmed)
Swimming Dead Gun Security post (found)
Technical analysis (confirmed)
Murder Behind Bars Jail bars Autopsy result

Bake My Body Scalpel The Ouleaunges' house (found)
Forensic analysis (confirmed)
End Of The Flight Wrench Worker's seat (inside a toolbox)
The Corpse Which Smelled Right Cash register Shop counter (behind a trapdoor/found)
Forensic analysis (confirmed)
Jewels Of Death Gemstone Autopsy result
Evil Dinner Secateurs Women bathroom (inside a trash bag)
Dead End Rampuri knife Aisle
Buried With Roses Asphyxiation Autopsy result
Purchase A Murder 9mm Armory
Souvenirs For A Grave Nail Autopsy result
Rocky Knife Hunting knife Autopsy result (observed)
Section #6 (found)
Brendon Bourbon (confirmed)
Sweep The Eyes Broom Wine vault (found)
Forensic analysis (confirmed)

Greed Of The Treasures Inkwell Bank vault (observed)
Autopsy result (confirmed)
Newspaper In Blood Printing machine Printing room (observed and confirmed)
Red Waters Worms Autopsy result
Hoist The Dead Paintbrush Autopsy result (observed)
Students' center (found and confirmed)
Sudden Death Bottle of water Autopsy result
A Lethal Campaign Roach poison Autopsy result
Jump To Hell Fishing line Babylon Avenue (observed)
Autopsy result (confirmed)
Climb Out The Culvert Drowning Autopsy result
Wardrobed Corpse Bedside table Museum warehouse (found)
Forensic analysis (confirmed)
White Ghoulish Nurses Cyanide Autopsy result (later confirmed)
Fishy Tastes Frying oil Forensic analysis

Guns In The Backyard Needle Bureau (inside a metal box/found)
Forensic analysis (confirmed)
A Cake To Die For Dynamite Technical analysis
Soccer And Firecrackers Flare Bleachers (observed)
Autopsy result (confirmed)
Off With The Head Breakdown lorry Garage (observed and confirmed)
Up The Roof Glass dome Shopping mall roof (observed and confirmed)
Dress The Veins Scissors Backyard
Suspended Match Iron bar Building site
Killing In The Borderline Biting Autopsy result
The Parking Lot Of Homicides Asbestos Autopsy result
The Restaurant Phantom Wine glass Restaurant basement [shattered]
Demise In Fresh Air Arsenic Autopsy result

The Heinous Painting Hercules (sculpture) Sculptures gallery (found) [broken]
Autopsy result (confirmed)
Economic Studies Of Death Mosquitoes Economics classroom (inside a locked box/observed)
Autopsy result (confirmed)
Yoga Killers Dieldrin Autopsy result
Blue Blood Harp string Autopsy result (found)
Forensic examination (confirmed)
Musicians' Revenge Plate Manager's backstage room (found) [broken]
Forensic examination (confirmed)
Elite Wars Elephant gun Flowers (found and confirmed)
Water And Electric Guitars Electric guitar Autopsy result (electrocution observed)
Factory exit (found) [broken]
Technical analysis (confirmed)
Bestrewed Insides Grenade Forensic examination (observed and confirmed)
Yacht Lovers Flare gun Autopsy result (observed)
Underwater (found)
Technical analysis (confirmed)
Terror In Hotel Towel Room #217 (found)
Autopsy result (confirmed)
The Electrify Electrocution Autopsy result

Swallow Seeds Seeds Corn fields (observed)
Autopsy result (confirmed)
Hunger And War Times Fists Autopsy result
The Botanical Killer Hyperthermia Autopsy result
A Thief's Rampage Copper wires Autopsy result (observed)
Collonaded veranda (found) [inside a toolbox]
Forensic analysis (confirmed)
Human Rug Thallium Autopsy result
Last Touchdown Bomb Explosion observed by the player
Forensic analysis (confirmed)
Toxic Ingredients Ground nutmeg Autopsy result
Night's Wrong Ways Corkscrew Private party (found)
Forensic examining (confirmed)
A Rock Star Rock Horse-riding Rodeo (found)
Forensic analysis (confirmed)
Divine Justice Bolt sculpture Courts of Law (found and observed)
Autopsy result (confirmed)
Bloodstained Race Rally car Rally course (found and observed)
Autopsy result (confirmed)

Victim Of The New Lands Handgun Burnt riverside (found) [inside branches]
Technical analysis (confirmed)
Quest For The Past Thread Autopsy result (observed)
Site pit (found)
Forensic analysis (confirmed)
Into The Eagle's Trap Molotov bomb Canyon (found) [shattered]
Forensic examination (observed)
Forensic analysis (confirmed)
Zygotes From The Afterlife Power cord Barbed wire fence (found) [buried]
Forensic analysis (confirmed)

First discoverers/Witnesses

Note: The player isn't included in this list whenever they witness the murder or is the first to discover it along with some other partner.

The Murdered Milker Cecilia DiGiappo (First discoverer)
Riverside Slaughter Martha Janders (First discoverer)
Decease Behind The Trees Gino ReinaAshley Jamin (First discoverers)
The Crimes At Work Mariah Martinson (First discoverer)
Can't Touch This Liam McChubs (First discoverer)
Shoot, Carry, Hang Gino Reina (First discoverer)
Bullets Above Robert Jamin (First discoverer)
Within The Fire Norman Oldhead (First discoverer)
Arabian Poison Gino Reina (First discoverer)
Swimming Dead David Hickets (First discoverer)
Murder Behind Bars First discovered probably by other prisoners.

Bake My Body Ivonne Ouleaunge (reported a liver in her shop)
End Of The Flight Sabrina Stone (first discoverer)
The Corpse Which Smelled Right Evan Day (first discoverer)
Jewels Of Death Trent Wilson (first discoverer)
Evil Dinner Fabiana Jose, Peter Galley, Earl Hikee, Evan Day, other customers (first discoverers)
Dead End Evan Day (first discoverer)
Buried With Roses Lila Uliana (first discoverer)
Purchase A Murder Juliet Aiken (witness)
Evan Day (first discoverer)
Souvenirs For A Grave Evan Day (first discoverer)
Rocky Knife Gabriel Quod (witness)
First discoverer unknown
Sweep The Eyes Evan Day (first discoverer)

Greed Of The Treasures David Hickets (first discoverer)
Newspaper In Blood Evan DayMaggalie Stalej (first discoverers)
Red Waters Thomas Allywae (witness)
Evan Day (first discoverer)
Hoist The Dead Ruth Franche (witness)
Evan Day (first discoverer)
Sudden Death Robert Agrode (first discoverer)
A Lethal Campaign Mayoral candidates, Linda Farren (witnesses)
Jump To Hell First discovered by casual bystanders.
Climb Out The Culvert Willow Frant (first discoverer)
Wardrobed Corpse James Waker (first discoverer)
White Ghoulish Nurses Evan Day (first discoverer)
Fishy Tastes Murder discovered by Sabrina Stone after an analysis.
Parts of the victim first discovered by Evan Day.

Guns In The Backyard First discovered probably by some curious passerby.
A Cake To Die For Mary BrondeleLouie Brondele (witnesses)
Soccer And Firecrackers Murder witnessed by other match spectators.
Off With The Head Miranda Straf (first discoverer)
Up The Roof Gary Perkins (first discoverer)
Dress The Veins Lindsey VainOctavius Keys (first discoverer)
Suspended Match Evan Day (witness)
Killing In The Borderline Jose (first discoverer)
The Parking Lot Of Homicides Evan Day (first discoverer)
The Restaurant Phantom Evan DayPeggy Framel (first discoverers)
Demise In Fresh Air Evan DayOctavius Keys (first discoverers)

The Heinous Painting Murder presumed by Sabrina Stone after analysis.
Kate Lynn (first discoverer)
Economic Studies Of Death Frank Hilarius (first discoverer)
Yoga Killers Octavius Keys, yoga class (demise witnesses, first discoverers)
Blue Blood Carolyn Wilde (first discoverer)
Musicians' Revenge Kate Lynn, Wane Collins, Stephano Drummond, (first discoverers)
Elite Wars Myriam Stefode (first discoverer)
Water And Electric Guitars Peter Galley (reported an explosion)
Bestrewed Insides Lindsey VainNataly HeldmanMick TarantinoCamilla D'oeuvre (demise witnesses)
Yacht Lovers Sabrina StoneWane Collins, Max Vivenda, Tiffany GranellVivian Richmond, Tyler Wive, Orlando EdraBarbara Thacks, other tour users (demise witnesses)
Terror In Hotel Philip Hubs (first discoverer)
The Electrify Kate Lynn (first discoverer)

Swallow Seeds Ashley Jamin (first discoverer)
Hunger And War Times Sabrina StoneOctavius Keys (first discoverers)
The Botanical Killer Evan Day (first discoverer)
A Thief's Rampage Evan Day (first discoverer)
Human Rug Evan Day, Lindsey Vain (first discoverers)
Last Touchdown Gino Reina, other spectators (demise witnesses)
Toxic Ingredients Evan Day (first discoverer)
Night's Wrong Ways Evan Day, Sabrina Stone, Ashley Jamin, Lindsey Vain, Miranda Flores, other party guests (first discoverers)
A Rock Star Octavius Keys (first discoverer)
Divine Justice First discovered probably by some curious passerby.
Bloodstained Race Evan Day, Alan Smith (first discoverers)

Victim Of The New Lands Randy Pagosh (witness)
Evan Day (first discoverer)
Quest For The Past Evan Day (first discoverer)
Into The Eagle's Trap Robert Jamin, Bryan Stefode (witnesses)
Evan Day (first discoverer)
Zygotes From The Afterlife Frida Larry (first discoverer)

Citizens arrested

Note: The citizens arrested are ordered chronologically according to the time the were apprehended in the game.

Name Case Charges Sentence Parole
Rico Marchi The Murdered Milker Murder 30 years in jail Unknown
Cecilia DiGiappo The Murdered Milker Unlawful activities No sentence No sentence
Troy Lancer Riverside Slaughter Murder 50 years in jail Unknown
Roger Andrews Decease Behind The Trees Murder, theft 50 years in jail Denied
Mindy Morel The Crimes At Work Murder Life imprisonment Denied
Zack Clewn Can't Touch This Murder, unlawful deprivation of liberty 40 years in jail In 30 years
Gerard Jamin Shoot, Carry, Hang Manslaughter[note 1] 8 years in jail In 4 years
Steve Zasts Bullets Above Murder 30 years to life[note 2] Unknown
Stephanie Queen Within The Fire Murder 20 years in house arrest Impossible
Elena Bridge Arabian Poison Murder 20 years in jail In 12 years
Jonathan Ross Arabian Poison Theft Unknown Unknown
Holly Etrusk Swimming Dead Manslaughter 6 years in jail In 4 years
Steve Zasts Murder Behind Bars Murder Life imprisonment[note 3] Unknown

Name Case Charges Sentence Parole
Clèment Ouleaunge Bake My Body Murder Life imprisonment[note 4] Unknown
Mark Neil End Of The Flight Murder, subtraction of leads, minor felonies 70 years in jail Denied
Doodley The Corpse Which Smelled Right Theft attempt Unknown Unknown
Valerie Bade The Corpse Which Smelled Right Manslaughter 10 years and 6 months in jail In 5 years
Wade Naff Jewels Of Death Murder, usage of false identity, minor felonies 40 years to life Unknown
Trent Wilson Jewels Of Death Trespassing private property Unknown Unknown
Nadine Victoria Evil Dinner Murder 20 years[note 4] Unknown
Albert Korfberg Dead End Murder 16 years in jail In 10 years
Lila Uliana Buried With Roses Murder 30 years in jail[note 5] Denied
Ignace Sount Purchase A Murder Murder Life imprisonment Chance in 30 years
Brenda Paradis Souvenirs For A Grave Murder 25 years in jail Denied
Brendon Bourbon Rocky Knife Murder 20 years in jail Chance in 12 years
Chandler Beemie Sweep The Eyes Murder Life imprisonment[note 6] Unknown

Name Case Charges Sentence Parole
Jonas Gadell Greed Of The Treasures Murder 20 years in jail Denied
Bill Pagosh Newspaper In Blood Murder Life imprisonment In 40 years
Maggalie Stalej Newspaper In Blood Drug abuse Unknown Unknown
Arnold Eastfield Red Waters Illicit activity No sentence No sentence
Franklin Untrill Red Waters Kidnapping, assassination, leads subtraction Life imprisonment Denied
Friedric Franche Hoist The Dead Involuntary manslaughter 3 months[note 7] Unknown
Ruth Franche Hoist The Dead Complicity 1 year[note 8], 20 years in jail Unknown
Lyla Trebish Sudden Death Voluntary manslaughter 20 years in jail In 10 years
Lucy Loas A Lethal Campaign Assassination Life imprisonment Chance in 30 years
Krey Hjodarp Jump To Hell Murder, murder attempt 1 year[note 9] Unknown
Alexandra Galley Climb Out The Culvert Murder suspicion[note 1], hazardous wastes dumping 2 years in jail Denied
Douglas Jenn Climb Out The Culvert Assassination Life imprisonment In 10 years
Jenette Yodes Wardrobed Corpse Assassination, thievery 30 years in jail Denied
Bertha Zapper White Ghoulish Nurses Assassination, suicide attack Life imprisonment Denied
Gerard Valence White Ghoulish Nurses Drug dealing 5 years in jail Denied
Linda Farren Fishy Tastes Murder, involuntary murder attempt 1 year[note 8], then life imprisonment Unknown

Name Case Charges Sentence Parole
Gregory Greensworth Guns In The Backyard Involuntary manslaughter 1 year and 6 months in jail Approved
Johanna Wickle A Cake To Die For Murder, thievery 10 years[note 4] Unknown
Kingsley Winds Soccer And Firecrackers Murder 14 years in jail Chance in 10 years
Oscar Burgh Off With The Head Murder Life imprisonment Chance in 20 years
Lilette Noah Up The Roof Involuntary manslaughter 1 year in jail Approved
Ian Wickle Up The Roof Drug abuse[note 1] Unknown Unknown
Miguel Llanos Dress The Veins Murder 20 years in jail Chance in 12 years
Dany Jafar Suspended Match Voluntary manslaughter 25 years in jail In 10 years
Matthew Baldebin Killing In The Borderline Murder 50 years in jail Chance in 30 years
Ian Wickle The Parking Lot Of Homicides Murder suspicion[note 1] No sentence No sentence
Timm Nesta The Parking Lot Of Homicides Murder, murder attempt Life imprisonment[note 4] Unknown
Lucy Framel The Restaurant Phantom Involuntary manslaughter No sentence No sentence
Jack Dwell Demise In Fresh Air Blackmail, drug abuse Unknown Unknown
Dorian Greensworth Demise In Fresh Air Assault, thievery, assisted suicide 6 years in jail Unknown

Name Case Charges Sentence Parole
Dennis Holghe The Heinous Painting Murder 30 years in jail Denied
Sasha Young Economic Studies Of Death Murder 45 years in jail[note 10] Denied
Valentino Hay Yoga Killers Murder 20 years to life[note 4] Unknown
Nelson Wilde Blue Blood Murder 25 years in jail Denied
Stephano Drummond Musicians' Revenge Murder, perjury 32 years in jail Unknown
Myriam Stefode Elite Wars Murder Life imprisonment Chance in 20 years
Shane Lynn Water And Electric Guitars Murder suspicion[note 1] No sentence No sentence
Spencer Danielle Water And Electric Guitars Murder, murder attempt Life imprisonment[note 10] Denied; unknown
Walter Jude Bestrewed Insides Murder, negligence Life imprisonment Denied
Vivian Richmond Yacht Lovers Murder, negligence 25 years in jail Denied
Max Vivenda Yacht Lovers Complicity 2 years in jail In 1 year
Philip Hubs Terror In Hotel Murder, Attempted bombing Life imprisonment Denied
Bryan Stefode The Electrify Fraud 10 years in jail Denied
Roger Ment The Electrify Murder 35 years in jail Chance in 20 years

Name Case Charges Sentence Parole
Matthew Morel Swallow Seeds Shoplifting, Voluntary manslaughter 30 years in jail[note 11] Denied
Jose Hunger And War Times Voluntary manslaughter, criminal activity 1 year and 6 months in jail Unknown
Jessica Newman The Botanical Killer Murder 30 years in jail Chance in 20 years
Luis Hayre A Thief's Rampage Murder 40 years to life Denied
Madison Louieson Human Rug Murder Life imprisonment[note 4] Chance in 30 yars
Nora Way Last Touchdown Murder Life imprisonment[note 4] Chance in 40 years
Roy Kameal Toxic Ingredients Murder 40 years in jail Denied
Lindsey Vain Night's Wrong Ways Self-defense slaughter Up to 3 months in preventive imprisonment[note 12] Unknown
Herman Bell A Rock Star Obstruction of justice No sentence No sentence
Kyle Turner A Rock Star Thievery 8 months in jail Unknown
Shane Bell A Rock Star Disturbances, contempt for authority No sentence No sentence
Ross Ayala A Rock Star Murder, fraud attempt, theft complicity Life imprisonment Chance in 30 years
Hiro Tamaoshi Divine Justice Assassination Life imprisonment[note 4] Denied
Bryan Stefode Divine Justice Prison break, kidnapping, criminal activity Unknown Unknown
Daniel Mossle Divine Justice Criminal activity suspicion[note 1] No sentence No sentence
Gerard Jamin Bloodstained Race Kidnapping, thievery 5 years[note 4] Denied
Calvin Hayre Bloodstained Race Assault 3 months in jail[note 13] Unknown
Steve Zasts Bloodstained Race Prison break Unknown Unknown
Albert Presto Bloodstained Race Criminal activity, bribery Unknown Unknown
Barbara Thacks Bloodstained Race Murder, complicity, theft 35 years in jail Chance denied
Paul Waters Bloodstained Race Criminal activity No sentence[note 14] No sentence
Suzie Robin Bloodstained Race Criminal activity Unknown Unknown
Dorian Greensworth Bloodstained Race Criminal activity, murder Unknown Unknown
Black Eagle Society members massive arrests
(including Robert Jamin and Wanda Jamin)
Bloodstained Race Criminal activity Unknown Unknown

Name Case Charges Sentence Parole
Samuel Kennedy Victim Of The New Lands Criminal activity, murder Life imprisonment Chance denied
Gustave Rod Quest For The Past Murder Life imprisonment[note 15] Chance denied
Bryan Stefode Into The Eagle's Trap Prison break, obstruction of justice No sentence No sentence
Robert Jamin Into The Eagle's Trap Prison break, obstruction of justice No sentence No sentence
Troy Lancer Into The Eagle's Trap Prison break Unknown Unknown
Marilyn Yanks Into The Eagle's Trap Voluntary manslaughter, negligence 50 years in jail Chance denied
Fernando Ora Zygotes From The Afterlife False identity Immigration report, sentence unknown[note 16] Unknown
Woodrow Diesel Zygotes From The Afterlife False identity Unknown Unknown
Charles Hoover Zygotes From The Afterlife False identity, robbery[note 16] Unknown Unknown
Rose Shawn Zygotes From The Afterlife Murder, false identity, unlawful deprivation of liberty, obstruction of justice Life imprisonment Chance in 35 years
Frida Larry Zygotes From The Afterlife False identity Unknown Unknown

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 Already free of this indictment.
  2. With daily psychological sessions.
  3. In a psychiatric institution for criminals with solitary confinement.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 4.7 4.8 In a psychiatric institution for criminals.
  5. Psychological sessions for the next two years.
  6. With permission to leave jail monthly.
  7. In a juvenile detention center.
  8. 8.0 8.1 1 year in a psychiatric institution for criminals, after which she will go to jail.
  9. In a psychiatric institution for criminals, after which the court would re-evaluate the sentence
  10. 10.0 10.1 With psychological sessions for the next 20 years.
  11. With weekly psychological sessions.
  12. If self-defense is proven during her sentence, she will be released. If premeditation is proven during her sentence, she'd be sent to jail.
  13. Followed by 3 months of community service.
  14. Managed to resist arrest by committing suicide.
  15. With psychological therapy for the next year.
  16. 16.0 16.1 Left to be tried by his jurisdiction's laws.
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