The Town Outskirts are the sixth district in Townville to be investigated by the player. It contains eleven cases, as well as most other districts in Townville. After the district is finished, the player will head on to New Townville, which is revealed in the map at that moment.

The main themes in this district are the Lightning Phantom, the Town Outskirts Serial Kidnappings Case, the SS Victoria and the Townville Rally Race. Towards the end of the district, the Black Eagle Society is introduced.


Case #56, Swallow Seeds:

Swallow Seeds

Case #57, Hunger And War Times:

Hunger and War Times

Case #58, The Botanical Killer:

The Botanical Killer

Case #59, A Thief's Rampage:

A Thief's Rampage

Case #60, Human Rug:

Human Rug

Case #61, Last Touchdown:

Last Touchdown

Case #62, Toxic Ingredients:

Toxic Ingredients

Case #63, Night's Wrong Ways:

Night's Wrong Ways

Case #64, A Rock Star:

A Rock Star

Case #65, Divine Justice:

Case #66, Bloodstained Race:

Divine Justice

Bloodstained Race

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