Delaney: ah hello <rank><name> are you ready to do boring patrol and security work? well yes I know technically we're homicide detectives, but we haven't had a murder in five years.

Jackson: and that's a good thing <rank><name> anyway steward bender wants some police protection in order to do that you must go to the washwood school district

investigate victim's office!

Delaney: wow <rank><name> I wish I could have as fancy an office as this vice princibal who's asleep hey steward wake up!

Delaney: you're right this man steward bender is dead! wow we have a murder to solve! you're right <rank><name> we should look at that torn note

examine torn note

Delaney: huh look at this its a note to a certain Rachel machearth we should talk to her!

question Rachel machearth about her relationship with the victim

Delaney: Rachel machearth we're aware that steward sent a note to you?

Rachel: well yes he did but it was just a meeting notice

Delaney: that's interesting considering we found his dead body not that long ago

Rachel: are you saying he was murdered <rank><name>?

Delaney: yep that's exactly what we're saying

Rachel: well then you can look through my classroom if you so wish

investigate classroom 2-B

Delaney: you know<rank><name> this is really exciting we're investigating a murder just like our job description says! anyway what do you have there? a meeting planner? it has Rachel's name on it though oh! it also has a faded second name on it can you reveal it?

examine faded meeting planner

Delaney: look at that the name that was faded was Saundra sanders a science teacher! let's go talk to her <rank><name>

question Saundra sanders about her relationship with the victim

Delaney: are you Saundra sanders?

Saundra: yes I am. are you questioning me about steward's murder?

Delaney: yes we are we just need to know you're relationship with steward.

Saundra: well I didn't know him to well, but what I can say from what I saw of him in this school he was the best vice princibal the school has ever seen!

Delaney: I know that this is a long shot, but <rank><name> would like to know if you knew anyone who'd hurt him

Saundra: wel even though I didn't know him well a biologist by the name of Eugene merz hated stewrd

Delaney: let's question mr merz then!

question Eugene on why he hated the victim

Delaney: Eugene merz we're here to question you on why you disliked steward

Eugene: are you kidding steward was a terrible person! he insulted any occupation that didn't revolve round the education system!

Delaney: is that why you killed him?

Eugene: he's dead? hah! good riddance, but I didn't kill him it's not what I do

Delaney: I just got a text message from my brother grayson. the body has been autopsied

grayson: good job Delaney for sending me a dead body.trouble always follows you doesn't it?

Delaney: shut up grayson <rank><name> wants to know what you found

grayson: well the cause of eath is obvious it was poisoning!

Delaney: really that's interesting right<rank><name>?

grayson: that's not all I found traces of tea on the victim's wrist and the victim only drank coffee your killer must've checked steward's pulse to see if he was dead

Delaney: did you hear that<rank><name> the killer drinks tea!

grayson: this body is a goldmine the victim was also attacked my guess is that the killer founght steward and the forced the tea down steward's throat meaning your killer knows how to fight!

Delaney: two killer attributes at once that's lucky well write that down <rank><name> we have a tea drinking killer that knows how to fight!

the killer drinks tea and knows how to fight

Delaney: well<name> time for a recap we know that steward got killed by some poison and additionally the only suspect so far that disliked the victim is Eugene merz, but would he kill someone?

then we have Rachel and Saundra who didn't have anything against steward Sandra even said that steward was the best vice principal the school's seen

franklin: Delaney <rank><name> the principal, steve swartman has returned!

chapter two

Delaney: really we need to speak to him immediately

question steve swartzman about his relationship with the victim

Delaney: mr swartzman what is your relationship with steward bender

steve: we had a great working relationship that's why Bernard chose him to be vice principal now I have to say I'm extremely dissatisfied with your investigation its been over an hour and steward's killer is still at large!

Delaney: well we're trying our best

steve: then your best isn't hard enough ill tell you steward spent time at the burnt house now go!

Delaney:<name> can you believe that guy who does he think he is? the chief? you're right he gave us a valuable lead to the burnt house we go!

investigate burnt house

Delaney: I swear you cant trust principal's to be nice. anyway what's that a briefcase? lets open it up and look there's a phone! <name> what's that you got there a torn photo? let's tape it back together!

examine briefcase

Delaney: now I know why I didn't miss murders its because of the stupid codex! anyway the briefcase is open and we cant go though it lets send it to simon Sullivan! he's our profiler

examine photo

okay the photo is taped together and yet I don't know who this man is with our victim lets look at him though the database

examine phone

this is our victim's phone lets send it to our tech expert govis noers

Delaney: hey govis what have you found on that phone

govis:many things including things I don't want to divulge

Delaney: what can you divulge

govis: well I found messages from Saundra sanders

Delaney: oh what were they about

govis: well Saundra called steward a liar and a thief

Delaney: interesting Saundra conveniently left this out of her statement let's talk to her again

Delaney: <name> be careful simon can start being annoying real quick

simon: uh how? I just smoke weed every Friday!

Delaney: boom that's the reason

simon: very funny do you want my anlasis of the papers in the briefcase or what?

Delaney: yes we do simon

simon: then I'll tell you these in this ocean of papers there was one that stood out a restraining order on the victim!

Delaney: really who sent the restraining order?

simon: it was Rachel machearth

Delaney: really? let's go talk to Rachel about this

examine mystery man in photo

Delaney: huh this man with steward in ths photo is Brandon howard! he's a minor though he's not even 18! why was he with the victim and even more worrisome in a bar! let's talk to him<name>

Delaney: Saundra sanders you didn't mention in how great steward was how he was a liar and a thief

Saundra: ahah so I did let me tell you steward was pretty bad in school firing staff and expelling students for petty reasons however I saw him rob a bank and lied about it to my face just a few minetes of him robbing the bank!

Delaney: well Saundra if we find out you killed steward because he robed a bank you'll be in much bigger trouble!

Delaney: Rachel machearth-

Rachel: before you speak let me drink my tea I haven't been able to stop drinking it since I left Britain

Delaney: yes that's good and all, but we know you put a restraining order on steward

Rachel: oh yeah that well me and steward had meetings in which we had to fight each other that's how I learned to fight and we ate food like steak for instance however after a while steward started to force himself on me an sexually assaulted me I immediately stopped going up for our daily fight sessions and put a restraining order

Delaney: Rachel that's terrible however if we found out you killed him for that then you'll face more trouble than steward would ever face

Rachel machearth drinks tea and knows how to fight

Delaney: hello mr howard mind explaining why you went to the bar with steward bender?

Brandon: well I was walking by the bar one day and I saw steward in there and since I'm taller than some adults i'd figured i'd just ask steward a few questions then i'd be done, but steward told me to have some beer dispite my protests saying tea is good enough for me he insisted and that's why I was in the bar that day

Delaney: did you know he was murdered

Brandon: well yeah it's all over the news

Delaney: this is getting hard <name> let's go back to the classroom!

classroom desk

Delaney: ack nothing here <name> what are you looking at....Oh it's a bloody handkerchief let's get a sample of the blood!

examine bloody handkerchief

Delaney: all right we got some blood let's send it sally our forensic expert and my best friend

sally: Delaney don't you find this exciting we're finally investigating a murder!

Delaney: indeed in fact I've been saying something similar to our new recruit <rank><name>

sally: yep anyway I assume your here about the I missed saying that!

Delaney: I would assume so anyway what did you find on the blood?

sally: well the killer's blood since it didn't match with the victim's however there was a greasy substance that kept me from finding out what blood type it was however the greasy substance was steak!

Delaney: well our killer has a good taste in food and you're right <name> Rachel did mention having steak let's add it to her profile

the killer eats steak

Rachel machearth eats steak

Delaney: recap time we have found out some more thins in this investigation like the victim sexually assaulted Rachel and robbed a bank and even coerced a minor into drinking beer!

Eugene: now why are you police trying to find out who killed steward? his killer shouldn't be caught!

chapter 3

Delaney: what do you mean mr merz?

Eugene: I heard from all of your suspects and I have deduced that steward deserved to die!

Delaney: <name> you're right Eugene merz you're going to be put in custody until the end of the investigation

Eugene: wait a minute why? I was going to have a good dinner that had steak as the main dish!

Delaney: now that that's done with let's investigate the burnt house again

Eugene merz eats steak

investigate burnt chair

Delaney: why would you look at that that's a heavyweight and that appers to be a half-eaten steak let's get a sample of the DNA and look at that heavyweight I mentioned arlier it has the victim's initials on it! let's get a smple of that sweat!

examine heavyweight

Delaney:<name> would you look at that the sweat belongs to Eugene merz! why would he have the victim's heavyweight

examine steak

Delaney: let's get this DNA to sally!

sally what have you found on the DNA?

sally: Delaney I know you're excited to investigate this murder, but at least let me speak first

Delaney: sorry sally

sally: it's alright anyway this DNA is steve swartzman's

Delaney: really let's talk to steve

steve swartzman eats steak

Delaney: Eugene merz why did you have steward bender's heavyweight?

Eugene: why do you think? to take something like how he burned down my house!

Delaney: steward burned your house down?

Eugene: exactly one day I came home from a store visit from getting tea and saw steward burning down my house I fought him at the scene, but he just bushed it off! I'd been considering getting revenge for a while now

Delaney: well if we find your source of revenge is murder you'll be going to prison for a long time Eugene

Eugene merz drinks tea and knows how to fight

Delaney: steve in your rush for us investigate steward's murder you forgot to tell us that you went to the burnt house

steve: alright I followed steward, but only because I wanted to see what he was doing at the burnt house and found a meeting between him and Brandon howard talking about various bars guess I left my steak there now right now I have to give Saundra some steak she always asks for some at this time of day

Saundra sanders eats steak

Delaney: Brandon we've just received word that you going to a bar with steward wasn't a one time thing.

Brandon: you're right<rank><name> it wasn't in fact I was being paid not enough mind you just a few pennies for going to a bar when I demanded for more money steward threatened to leak that out to everyone why? especially of all the steak I got in return for drinking beer he was blackmailing me!

Brandon howard eats steak

Delaney: we need to head back to the crime scene <name> this has been fun, but it wont last forever

victim's desk

Delaney: wow look at that pile of books let's look though it and let's send that security camera to govis

examine pile of books

would you look at that there's a vial of arsenic in this book pile quick let's send it to sally!

sally: I know you're at the final stretch so I'll be quick the vial of arsenic is your murder weapon!

Delaney: nice did you find anything on it that'll be useful in finding our killer?

sally: yes some skin cells! and they revealed that our killer has brown hair!

Delaney: well I killer wont be too hard to spot won't they?

the killer has black hair

Delaney: govis what did you find on the camera

govis: well a lot of things including day-to day events

Delaney: we don't want day-to-day events we want our killer!

govis: have you had too much fun Delaney? anyway I went to the time of the murder and subtracting the killer's height from the victim I discovered your killer is 5'6 ft tall

the killer is 5'6 ft tall

Delaney: well <name> we have enough evidence to arrest this killer!

arrest killer!

killer:Rachel macherth

Delaney : Rachel machearth you're under arrest for the murder of steward bender!

Rachel: what I might've had issues with him but id never kill anyone!

Delaney: say that to the tea you left on steward's wrist

Rachel: many people drink tea!

Delaney: but do those people also eat steak

Rachel: uhm probably

Delaney: Rachel we have footage of you killing steward!

Rachel: wrong you only have my height!...oops

Delaney: aha so you admit it!

Rachel: yes I admit it! and I'm proud to kill that dirty brother killer!

Delaney: dirty brother killer?

Rachel: yes dirty brother killer! back in Britain steward killed m brother, Damien, and I fled I was scared I fled to America an it seems like steward followed me! and he tried to befriend me and then kill me, but I'm smarter than my brother and I fought back and shove the deadliest arsenic down his throat it was a fun moment in history!

Delaney: Rachel I sympathize with your pain but murder is never okay you're under arrest

judge kane:rachel machearth you are judged for the murder of steward bender

Rachel: yeah I killed him!

jude kane: I really sympathize with you Rachel however premeditated murder is worthy of 25 years in prison!

Rachel: whatever I got rid of a ruthless killer anyway

franklin: good job on arresting that killer!

Delaney: thanks franklin however Rachel killed to avenge her brother if she'd hadn't lost her brother she wouldn't have killed

Jackson: exactly which is why I want to talk to steve

corruption in the police department (1\6)

Delaney: steve swartzman?

Jackson:yes are there other steves in your investigation?

Delaney: no there weren't any other steves

franklin:<name> Eugene wishes to speak to you

Jackson:alright <rank> go see Eugene with franklin after you've dealt with why steward was hired with steve

Delaney: steve swartzman we still have questions

steve: questions about what you already arrested the killer right?

Delaney: we want to know why you hired steward bender

steve: oh uh thing Is I didn't hire steward the superintendent did

Delaney: so who's the superintendent

steve: Bernard dubray

Delaney: alright let's talk to mr dubray<name>

Mr. Bernard dubray we want to talk to you about why you hired steward bender

Bernard: I hired him because he was the best man for the job

Delaney: but we know he was a criminal

Bernard: then in that case I was wrong, but the sin has been done now can you leave?

Delaney: but sir

Bernard: don't sir me! leave!

Delaney<name> can you believe that man?

your right I should leave you with franklin to question and release Eugene merz

franklin: hello<rank><name> I assume your ready to talk with Eugene? is that a yes? then let's go!

Eugene: took you long enough

franklin: well we had more important things to do mr merz!

Eugene: like not doing your job?

franklin: what do you mean

Eugene: this is the first murder you've investigated in five years <rank><name>

franklin: what o you mean?

Eugene: go to the burnt house you'll see I'm telling the truth

franklin: I don't understand what you mean but we'll go there right?

,rank><name> I don't trust him so let's keep our minds open shall we?

wait is that a faded newspaper let's reveal the faded writing!

examine faded newspaper

franklin: it says "police chief claims that murder victim died in a accident!" that's chief O'Neil we need to talk to him to see if this is correct!

"chief I'm sorry to ask but is this headline true?

Jackson: how'd you get that?

well it's true I have been hiding murders and crimes in general for five years

franklin: what? why?

Jackson: why do you think st ronde is so big? because it isn't crime infested I wanted to get as Many detectives as possible that's why I hired<rank><name> to keep the illusion of great police officers

Franklin: so your going to keep hiding crimes?

Jackson: no I'm not I want to purify this city the correct way, by being good officers whenever we find a victim we investigate no questions!

franklin: you better be right chief

Delaney: <name> I really thought we'd get an answer as to why steward was hired, but apparently we won't since Bernard is so rude

franklin: I wish I could say our investigation was as bad, but it wasn't we found out chief O'Neil was hiding crimes for 5 years to keep the good reputation of st ronde!

Delaney: your kidding!

Jackson: no he's not and I apologize, but right now we need to investigate as many crimes as possible! starting with murder

Delaney: and the release of Eugene from his cell

Jackson: that too the st ronde police department shall be doing their jobs correct for the first time in five years!

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