Tom: Ah. The lovely sky is blue today
Tom: After that case with Matthew father's death. This is nice. however we must find the Norope's hideout before they plan another attack
Tom: Wait. You see a door? Well let's go inside

Inside the dark room
Tom: Boy. It's dark in here. Is there a light? Ah ha, here one is {Turns them on}
Tom: It turns out we are in a corridor but-
Jessica: Oi. What are ya doing in MY hideout
Tom: I take it you are Jessica Wilmot
Jessica: That I am. I must go {Leaves}
Tom: Well...That was interesting
Tom: I wonder how Emily is do-
Tom: That was Jessica! We better find out what is going on!

Chapter 1

Investigate Hideout's Corridor
Tom: Oh dear goodness. Where's Jessica. I swear I heard the scream from here
Tom: Oh my. She's been crushed in that wall trap. What a horrid way to go!
Tom: Let's get her body to Amy Hats
Tom: You also found a broken control?
Tom: Let's put it back together and we see what it can do!

Examine broken Controls
Tom: So the broken controls were a keypad?
Tom: See if you can get the code and we can see where it leads

Examine Keypad
Tom: I'm impressed {Name}. There's a secret room. Let's go inside and see if there are any leads
Tom: Also you are right. The killer could have used this keypad to get into this room. Lets send it to Fiona at once!

Investigate Science Room
Tom: The killer must have come here. You found a signing in forms, Maybe clear up the name so we can see who signed in.
Tom: That's a little strange, Anti-Norope's signs in a Norope hideout
Tom: They must have been left by the leader of the group
Tom: Maybe that strange substance will tell who their leader is!
Silvano: Mamma Mia! Who are you?
Tom: We could ask the same. Stand aside. We'll ask YOU some questions

Examine Signing in Forms
Tom: There are names on the signing on forms but you say that there is only one today
Tom: And that is Francine Carver!
Tom: You're right, We last meet her after a girl was murdered on her farm!
Tom: Good idea. We better question Francine right away!

Examine Anti-Norope's Signs
Tom: So you have a simple of the strange substance from the signs.
Tom: Then let's send it to Richard at once!

Analyse Strange Substrance
Tom: Richard. What did you find out about the strange substance we found on the sign?
Richard: Well I was confused at first because it didn't fit with what we told
Richard: Do you remember Duncan Newton?
Tom: Yes, He was the fellow who place that fake bomb at the broken shop
Richard: Yes well it turns out that he is the Anti-Norope's leader
Tom: Why would he lie about it and why are HIS signs in the victim's hideout, We better ask him

Analyse Victim's Body
Tom: Did you find anything on the body that could help us find the killer?
Amy: Indeed. People much have really hated her
Amy: However I did find some icing on the victim's bones
Tom: The victim's bones?
Amy: Yes. I can confirm that the icing is in fact for a donut
Tom: Which means that our killer eats donuts. Let's ring them in a hole {Name}

Analyse Keypad
Tom: So what did you find Fiona
Fiona: Well on the keypad. I found the control has been entered by someone just a hour before
Fiona: However when I tried to find out who it was. I couldn't find it
Fiona: With nothing to come from the keypad I started to think
Fiona: And then it came to me. Your killer must know Binary so they could delete their data
Tom: So our killer knows Binary. Well they'll have to hack their way out of going to prison!

Question Francine Carver about what she's doing in the hideout
Francine: Ah good day again officers. Has something gone wrong
Tom: Yes. There's been another murder and we were amazed to see your name on the signing in forms in the hideout
Francine: Oh that. I was just meeting a friend
Tom: A friend?
Francine: Yes, her name is Jessica Wilmot
Francine: Is something the matter officer Tom?
Tom: Well...I'm sorry to inform you that Jessica Wilmot was the one murder
Francine: N-No. It can't be
Tom: We'll need you to stay here and wait till we can question you again

Ask Silvano Lupo who he is
Silvano: Mamma Mia. How did YOU find the hideout. The place is invisibile to the Public!
Tom: We just found the door. Not very "Invisibile" is it?
Silvano: Si. I guess you're right, What do you coppers want?
Tom: We found the Norope's leader dead in her own hideout
Silvano: Wait...You don't mean Jessica do you?
Tom: Sadly we do. Do you know anyone who would wanted to hurt her?
Silvano: Oh si, she was a gang leader. Are ya coppers thick or somethin'
Tom: You better watch how you say things if you want to stay out of prison
Silvano: How about you coppers get out of my lab!? NOW LEAVE!
Tom: Fine we will but you better stay in this room unless we have anymore questions for you later on

Ask Duncan Newton about the Signs
Duncan: Ah. I see you're back coppers. What can I do for you?
Tom: Well we found your signs in the Norope's hi-
Duncan: Are they still there? I told my gang to move them
Tom: Your gang? You said you were only a gang member last time we talked.
Duncan: Oh you found out my little secret. I was just a normal gang member last week
Duncan: However our gang leader died soon after you talked to me. We had a vote. I became the new leader
Tom: Very well. Try not to....hurt anyone
Duncan: You say that like something bad has happened
Tom: Something bad has happened. Jessica Wilmot was found crushed in her hideout
Duncan: Oh...And do you coppers think I have something to do about it!
Tom: N-No. Not at all sir
Duncan: Of course you do! When a Norope's leader dies It's always us Anti-Norope's gang who get the boot!
Duncan: I DEMAN that you leave now before I send my gang on you!
Tom: Very well. However stay here. We may have questions later

Inside the police office
Tom: We found Jessica Wilmot dead in her own lair
Tom: We also found 3 suspects. Francine Carver claimed to be the friend of the victim
Tom: And we already have two angry suspect. Duncan and Silvano. It's clear our w-
Fiona: Guys, I think I've just found a lead!

Chapter 2

Tom: We found Jessica Wilmot dead in her own lair
Tom: We also found 3 suspects. Francine Carver claimed to be the friend of the victim
Tom: And we already have two angry suspect. Duncan and Silvano. It's clear our w-
Fiona: Guys, I think I've just found a lead!
Tom: Whatever do you mean Fiona
Fiona: Well turn on the TV and watch
Tom: Okay Turns on TV
Margaret: We have heard about the death of Jessica Wilmot but we only share love for her family. She did a lot to the Norope party.
Margaret: She will be bury here at the Norope's party room. Remember to not worry. Norope is Norope.
Tom: What a lot of-
Fiona: Tom. You better change that word and get over there right away
Tom: Why? All I saw were some stuck up posh people
Matthew: Fiona is right. Get over there now please!
Tom: Fine. Let's get over there {Name}

Investigate Norope's Party Room
Tom: As I thought. Stuck up people EVERYWHERE
Tom: What did you find. A photograph and a bottle of Wine.
Tom: Can we please get out of here and do the examine at the office.

Examine photograph
Tom: Well I see Our victim on the photo with...Is that Margaret April. The Norope's leader.
Tom: Oh dear I'm not looking forward to this. Let's find her anyway.

Talk to Margret April about the photo
Margret: I'm sorry but I have no time for interviews
Tom: We're not here for interview. We are on the murder investigation of Jessic-
Margret: Oh her. Yes. She was great to the Norope's party. She even gave me donuts when I wanted them
Margret: She will be missed but Norope is Norope. Go to that lab table in that hideout and see if you can find anything
Tom: With all du-
Margret: Do it or you won't see tomorrow. Do I make myself clear!
Tom: Yes Madam

Examine Bottle of Wine
Tom: So you found some crystals on that bottle?
Tom: Great. Let's send them to Richard at once!

Analyse Crystals
Tom: So Richard what did you fine on the {Noticed he was smoking}
Tom: Richard. You know about the smoking rule. Can't you go outside?
Richard: The same could be said to you when you don't go outside...
Tom: Why are you smoking anyway.
Richard: Well it seems your killer likes to smoke as well. Them crystals were sugar with some smoking ashes left behind
Tom: So our killer smokes. They won't be able to hide behind a smoke cloud with you on their trail {Name}

Investigate Lab table
Tom: So you found a death threat at the lab paper. Interesting. Who would want the victim dead?
Tom: Yes. Lets found out. You also found a cigar and a doctor's note. Well let us find out what they could be hiding.

Examine death threat
Tom: You found some blood on the death threat? Well lets send it to Richard at once!

Examine Cigar
Tom: Oh. You have got some DNA from the cigar?
Tom: Lets see who it belongs too

Examine DNA
Tom: So the DNA on the cigar matches a Horatio Stravinsky. I don't know about him
Tom: Well then. Let's see what he has to say about this cigar.

Examine Doctor's Notes
Tom: You found a faded message on the Doctor's notes
Tom: It reads "Hahahaha. You've got cancer you little cancer cells. I hope you die! Francine"
Tom: I say! We need to talk to Francine Carver about this right away!

Analyse Blood
Richard: This is one strange death threat {Name}
Tom: How so Richard
Richard: Well the blood belongs to Silvano Lupo. That man you met earlier.
Tom: Dear me. Finding some of his blood on the death threat isn't good. Let's go talk to him

Question Silvano Lupo about the death threats
Tom: Hello Silvano. We found this deat-
Silvano: Oh Mamma Mia {Rank} {Name}. I was hoping you wouldn't find that
Tom: So the death threat is yours?
Silvano: Si {Name} The death threat is mine. It's that lady to blame though!
Tom: How come?
Silvano: Because she worked me to the bones with all of her work. After all that Binary and Donut making I did for her. She was ungrateful!
Silvano: That lady was always complaining about things
Tom: Well if we found out you killed Jessica. You'll be doing science...Behind bars

Ask Francine Carver about the doctor's Notes
Tom: Francine. Can you explain these doctor notes we found?
Francine: Which ones officers?
Tom: The one with your message on
Francine: Oh. That one. Well she needed to be told
Francine: Everything was going alright until she told me we couldn't be friends anymore
Francine: I asked her why but she refused to answer me. She was a cancer to everyone of her friends. I know Binary. I know how to make and eat Donuts but she didn't care. All she wanted was death.
Francine: May the devils drag her down is what I say!
Tom: Well I hope you didn't do the devil's begging and killed her or else you'll be in prison

Question Horatio Stravinsky about his cigar
Tom: Good day Horatio. We found your cigar in Jessica's hideout.
Horatio: Jessica? Who's that?
Tom: She was the Norope's gang leader
Horatio: I've never heard of the girl. I left my cigar there to smoke when I was talking to the Silvano boy
Tom: So you've never heard of the victim?
Horatio: No. Anyway must go. Important meeting. Hope your investigation goes well

At the police office
Tom: This investigation is confusing me {name}.
Tom: We found out that some people were not telling the truth.
Tom: Many people wanted the victim dead
Tom: However we do have two very annoying posh people in the list.
Tom: I don't even know what w-
Police Officer Edward Maple: {Name} and Tom Smith. Hands behind your back!
Tom: For what reason?
Edward Maple: Because you are plotting to kill Margret Aprils you Anti-Norope scum!

Chapter 3

Arrest Killer

Mysteries of the New World (4/6)

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