Tom Westman (alias the Arachnoid) is the murder victim of "The Fall Of The Arachnoid" (Case 52). Prior to that, Tom, in his Arachnoid persona, appeared as a minor character in "Murder In Session" (Case 49) and "Passing On" (Case 50).


Tom was a 20-year-old student/superhero of Kings University. He is of Caucasian descent, has messy brown hair and brown eyes. At the time of his death, Tom wore a blue university jacket with grey sleeves, a black sweater and blue shirt with white ear-phones underneath and black jeans and blue sneakers.

As the Arachnoid, Tom wore a black and gold jumpsuit with his golden spider emblem on the chest area. He also wore a black and gold mask on his head.

Murder Details

While the police are in pursuit of the Arachnoid, they find Tom dead in the university's insect laboratory, with his hand swollen due to a spider bite.

According to Dr. Fraser, the autopsy shows that Tom was bitten by the genetically modified spider known as the samurai widow. He states that the venom was radioactive – it spontaneously killed Tom's blood cells, leading to the shutdown of his internal system. However, the radioactivity was not strong enough to spread to other people.

After officially ruling the death as murder due to the spider's habitat being abandoned, it was determined that the killer wore gloves in order to handle the toxicspider.

Killer and Motive

In the end, Tom's killer was unmasked to be his tutor and friend, Robert O'Connor.

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