Todrick Cole
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Biographical information
Full name Todrick Cole
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1985
Death 2020
Cause of death Beheading
Nationality Flag of Scotland Scottish
Residence Stonemoor, Scotland
Family Gregory Cole (father) †
Game information
Appears in Stonemoor
First appeared Case 3: Foam at the Mouth (s2)

Todrick Cole was a recurring character in Season 2 of Criminal Case, where he served as a beat cop in the Stonemoorian Justice Enforcers.

He appeared as a suspect in the murder investigations of four people during the events of Stonemoor. He also appeared as a quasi-suspect in Let Them Off the Hook (Case #52 of Stonemoor) before he was found murdered in The Balance of Power (Case #60 of Stonemoor).


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Events of Criminal Case

The killer, and the traitor of the Stonemoorian Justice Enforcers, would turn out to be inventor Emilio Fernandez.

When the detectives confronted Emilio, Emilio denied the accusations of killing Todrick before he cracked and confessed to killing Todrick. He told them how he was ashamed of what he had done, but he was scared of what his colleagues would think of him after what he had done to kill Todrick and cover up evidence by blowing his police car up. When Valentina asked Emilio to tell them everything, Emilio explained that an anonymous person had contacted him months ago and told him that they were from the Crimson Eye and that they would not tolerate the justice system served by the city. They then told him that they wanted Emilio to join the Eye and serve as a spy for them. They then told him that if he didn’t comply, they would murder his husband, Damien, first in their motivations for justice. Reluctantly, Emilio agreed to the deal that he would be their spy in exchange for Damien’s safety from being killed. He was ordered to lay low and inform them of information concerning the Eye while the Eye worked to take over Fairview Hills and the political ladder of the city. When they told him to do his first major missions, ensuring that Siobhan silence herself and killing Todrick as the beat cop was getting too close into the Eye, Emilio did the two missions to keep his husband safe. A saddened Valentina then told her fellow colleague that now he was caught, he would have to face justice for what he did before arresting him. In court, a tearful Judge South (accompanied by Bethany Fairbanks) presided the trial, where he sorrowfully sentenced his husband to fifteen years in prison.

Case Appearances

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