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Todd Merowitz was one of the suspects in the murder of Parental Advisory Committee head Henry Baltimore in Neighborhood Block Murder (Case #1 of Toomeswood) and his adoptive son, kindergartener Michael Merowitz in Too Young To Die (Case #4 of Toomeswood). He made a minor appearance in A Fallen Hero (Case #5 of Toomeswood) before making a quasi-suspect appearance in the events of Lies And Deceit (Case #6 of Toomeswood).

He returned as a suspect in the murder investigation of entitled housewife Theresa Millhouse in Burn Into The Sun (Case #10 of Toomeswood) and also returned as a quasi-suspect in the events of Cowboys From Hell (Case #16 of Toomeswood).

He later returned as a quasi-suspect in the events of Time For Monster Mayhem (Case #22 of Toomeswood) where he went missing in that very case.


Todd is a 27 year old prostitute and adoptive father of Michael Merowitz. He has short wavy red hair parted to the left and blue eyes as well as scratches on his chest. He dons a white muscle tank underneath a black leather vest as well as a black collar with silver rings and chains, also sports a silver chain bracelet and is seen holding a whip with his left hand. It is known that Todd plays pool.

In his second suspect appearance and remainder appearances in Perleyville Community, his outfit changes to a transparent purple robe with a black transparent tee. He sports several scratches on his face and is known to ride a bicycle, know how to tie knots and sweat profusely.

In his third suspect appearance, he sports a transparent black cropped muscle tank as well as a black leather collar with gold studs as well as a silver charm necklace

Height 5'6"
Age 27
Weight 300 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood O-

Events of Criminal Case

Neighborhood Block Murder

Todd became a suspect after Jordan and the player uncovered and identified a photograph of him soliciting his services near Henry's property. He also explained that the solicitation was partly to provide for his adoptive son and also to intentionally upset the victim's conservative neighbourhood.

Later on in the investigation, Jordan had to break up a fight between the Todd and stoner Sean Crackton after Todd accused the stoner of rigging a game of pool by stealing some pool balls, while the latter countered by accusing the prostitute of hiding the pool balls inside his rectal area. However it was later revealed that kindergarten teacher Darcy Keller had confiscated the balls from Todd's adoptive son.

Todd was spoken to again after Jordan and the player found a receipt of a coffin (per Jonah) that he ordered for the victim. He admitted that he ordered the coffin as a threat to Henry in retaliation for the victim calling social services multiple times to have the prostitute's son removed from his care as the latter felt that adoption should only be available for couples who were straight and religious, as well as believing sex workers to be criminals. The also viewed Todd's son as the devil, due to the child's mischievous behaviour.

Despite wanting to protect his son, Todd was found innocent after Sean was found guilty of the murder. After the trial, the stressed out prostitute informed the team that there was an assault on Darcy, while restraining his own son from attempting to attack the assailant.

Too Young To Die

Todd broke down in tears when he was informed of his adoptive son's murder and raged about the school's negligence. He also admitted that while the victim was temperamental and poorly behaved, Todd still loved him no matter what.

Mid-investigation, beat cop Emily Creston with Vanessa's help, broke up a physical altercation between Todd and school bus driver Paul Greaves in which Vanessa punched the bus driver in the face for trying to admonish responsibility for the victim's safety and even going so far as to insult the victim.

Todd was spoken to again after the team found an empty blister pack of laxatives with the victim's finger prints. Todd told the team victim laced his coffee with laxatives due to the prostitute not heeding the victim's warnings about escaped serial killer Alden Black which caused him to have an accident and lose a lucrative client forever; Todd lectured and severely punished him by taking away his allowance and called him Satan for which the prostitute showed genuine remorse.

In the end Todd was once again found innocent after the team incarcerated Julianna Gideon for the murder. After the principal was sentenced for murder and corruption, Tazia went to check on him as the two were close friends. Todd wanted his son's organs to be donated to children who would be in need of operations but needed his medical records to be able to do this, as well as the permission of the victim's biological mother. After Tazia and the player investigated the victim's bedroom and found his medical records, a shocking discovery was found. The biological mother was revealed to be Vanessa. Todd accompanied by Tazia went to ask Vanessa for her permission in donating her biological son's organs for his cause. Vanessa agreed and in return asked him for a favour as well which was to face and arrest Alden once and for all. When the team finally confronted the escaped convict, he tried to escape by taking Elanna Esposito hostage but was shot in hand by Miguel and finally arrested. Later on, Michael's organs would be donated to save his fellow classmate Lizzie Cobb

A Fallen Hero

Todd made a minor appearance in this case as he, along with vlogger Brad Ryder were among the hostages with Perleyville Community Secondary School faculty, taken captive by Julianna Gideon who was shot to death by Vanessa Moody before the team headed off to confront Gerald Deckerton for murdering Darcy Keller and systematically inciting violence and chaos among the community.

Lies And Deceit

After the team arrested Gerald Deckerton's killer, Todd reported vagrant Miguel Esposito to Tazia for having grabbed and thrown the prostitute's clothing to Kettle River. The team was able to return his clothing, Todd thanked the team and later accompanied Tazia to check on Miguel. After finding out that Miguel thought the clothing he threw had been his own, Todd advised Miguel to not do anything reckless.

Burn Into The Sun


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