Tobias McMinn
Biographical information
Full name Tobias McMinn
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Age 35
Birth 1983
Nationality American
Family Unnamed brother

Cindy McMinn - niece

Affiliation(s) Melbury Cobras
Game information
First appeared Case #32 Wound on my Heart
Tobias McMinn was a suspect in the murder investigations of antique shop owner Oguz Malik in Wound on my Heart (Case #32 of Laroy Bay),witch Melania Alvarez in At the Drop of a Hat (Case #24 of Laroy Bay) and LBPD Tech Expert Juniper Cooper in Win the Battle,Lose the War (Case #36 of Laroy Bay)


Tobias is 35-year-old Melbury Cobras gang leader.He has curly brown hair and 2 scars on his face.He wears stripped shirt and a scarf.He sports sunglasses and has green eyes.His niece is student Cindy McMinn.

Age 35
Height 6'0''
Weight 225lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type A-

Wound on my Heart

Tobias was interrogated after team spoted him on crime scene.He said that he wanted to see his old friend Oguz Malik.When Marcus and player told him that Oguz had been killed,Tobias said that the killer will pay for what they did.

Tobias was spoken to again after team found threat he sent to Oguz.Tobias said that Oguz owed him a lot of money and that he wants his money back,but Oguz didn't had enough money to pay him back.

Tobias was found innocent after team arrested Amna Reem for murder.

In AI,Team put him in custody for blackmailing Amna,but he escaped thanks to other gang members.Team went to warn Tarik Reem about Melbury Cobras wanting to kill him.

At the Drop of a Hat

Tobiass became a suspect after his DNA was found on Melania's books.Tobias said that she cursed him because Melbury Cobras didn't let her sleep well last few weeks.However,he said that he didn't killed her.

Tobias was interrogated again after he showed up on crime scene where Marcus and player were almost shot.He said that it must be his assasin he hired to kill them.When Marcus heard that,he tried to arrest him,but Tobias threatened that if they arrest him or kill him,Melbury Cobras will set their station on fire.Team had no choice than to set him free.

Tobias was found innocent after team arrested Connor Sullivan.

In AI,team wanted to catch Tobias and his assasin,but they got a call that half of Santsey Banks is going to burn down.

Win the Battle,Lose the War

Tobias was interrogated after team found his hiding spot.He said that he doesn't care since he already won.When team informed him about Juniper's death,he said that she deserved it because she was born and raised in Tech Town,

In the middle of investigation,team thought that Tobias was assassin himself and that he is only faking,but he denied that saying that he is not that stupid.Team arrested him for ordering Juniper's murder and for ordering a hit on Marcus and player (which was unsuccessfulf)

Tobias was proven to be innocent after team arrested Nathan Hardwin for a crime.

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