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To the End of News
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Airport
Case # 54
Initial release date 21. III 2020.
Partner(s) Mia Diaz (Chapters 1-3)
Bruno Filipovich (Safe Space 6)
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
Learning to Die Tearing Apart
(in District X)

To the End of News is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 146th case of the game and the 54th case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in Airport, district of Fario as a final case of the district.


After getting all ready to arrest Aqucius, the team wired Meera Kat and sent her to the last location Aqucius has been spotted to move. As Meera went to talk to the location, Bruno, Mia and the player listened to her and followed her movements. Then, all of the sudden, a loud static noise before the tracker and recorder stopped to work. In panic that Aqucius might did something to Meera the team requested from Arif to get them all the Meera's movements. After Arif gave them a report, a trio spread the search. As the player (with Mia) walked near the airport hangar, an explosion happened as the smoke starter to raise. By looking around, they saw that the smoke came from one of the plane hangars. As they rushed there and the smoke started to clean they came across a blood, guts spread all around and a half blown up body of... Felix Dunlap.

Mia and the player then sent body to the morgue as they started the investigation by finding the reason to suspect a fashion columnist Heather Valentine who said that she came to the airport to ask foreign people about the fashion in their homelands. As they progressed further they discovered that a pilot trainee Demi Grande drank a coffee with the victim shortly before his demise, but also that a psychology student Dominique Stern wanted to assist the victim to learn more about the job of the investigative reporter. After the autopsy, Matilda confirmed that the victim was killed by an explosive belt, a same weapon that once a secret society "Crimson Truth" used to perform a self sacrifices, confirmed her theory that the victim is into secret societies.

After that, the team step out of the station to recap the case and petrol around to find Meera before a black SUV stopped in front of the team, a window rolled down as the darts hit the team, making them fall asleep. As the team woke up they found themselves in a dark room and Kai Stark watching then. As they stood up, Kai apologized for the abduction but said that that was the only way he would've make them listen to him before giving them an address of some old basement, telling then that his contact think that it could be Aqucius' hideout. With that information they went there and found reasons to suspect a judge's daughter Hannah Lawson before finding that the victim tried to publish a news article about Demi being the worse pilot possible. As they continued to investigate they found reasons to suspect a police academy student Leonidas Lupo after discovering that he tried to enter the crime scene. The team also discovered that Dominique was criticized by the victim for his troublesome past and that Heather was angry at the victim for misunderstanding a difference between the purple and magenta in one of his stories during a Serial Killer week.

As the team returned to recap the case, Judge Lawson furiously entered the station, demanding to know why her daughter is a suspect in the investigation of a serial killer and that is they don't erase her for a list everyone will be severely punished. Mia tried to calm the judge down, explaining that they will find the killer and that it's a police procedure to follow the evidence on what judge said that she will give them 12 hours to erase her daughter from the suspect list. After that they continued to investigate by searching victim's office again and discovered that Felix drugged Hannah and forced her to have a intimate relationship couple of nights. The team then discovered that Leonidas had been stabbing victim rag-doll after him almost killing Max, but also they found that Kai and the victim were old friends but that Felix stole his girlfriend long time ago.

With the last evidence found, the team were ready and armed to finally deal with Aqucius once for all. Armed with the evidence they approached Hannah. Shocked to learn that a daughter of the judge would be a leader of such a powerful and dangerous organization, Mi asked Hannah why would she do that. Hannah put down her wine glass and wiped fake tears before saying that she is not Aqucius, but that she is indeed part of LUMIA. Before Mia could've say anything she cut her talking and said that she killed by her own will, to protect Aqucius from being exposed. She then smirked and carefully approached Mia, warping her arm around her waist with words that Felix made his fatal mistake by trying to reach a high point to get a scoop. She continued to explain how Nerocius and Aqucius tracked every move of Felix and his investigation progress, manipulatively allowing him to get closer and closer in hope that he would fall in the trap long time ago, but always when he would've been close to death the team would appear and save his skin. But , she continued by saying that they unleashed the beast and that eventually Felix wound the identity and wanted to have eye on eye contact with them with a killing intentions. Hannah then pulled Mia closer and gently gave her a lip kiss, saying that she just protected someone she cares a lot about and that she would be able to understand her. Mia looked down and slightly giggled before cuffing Hannah's arms and looking up with a smirk, saying that the player and she will take her to the court. Inside the courtroom, a furious judge started to yell at the team, saying that they have a wrong person and tat there will be no way for her to sentence her own flash and blood. Right after saying it, a group of masked people entered inside and shoot at the team. Everything suddenly went... black.

Moments, later, the player wakes up by the sounds of the ambulance and flashing lights of the sirens. Bruno sighed in relief and gave the player a hug before explaining them how some people shoot at them and Mia and said how they had luck to go with little harms. He then said that apart from missing Meera, judge and her daughter also went missing but that he doesn't know where. The player then suggested that they could ask Dominique for help as he worked as the victim's assistant. Dominique shrugged and said that he never heard for LUMIA but gave the team a green light to search around the office. Bruno and the played did so, finding a locked briefcase with a clarified documents inside After the lab analyzes, Arif confirmed that Felix did a very deep investigation, deeper then he originally told the team about but that while searching for it he found that name of Kai was mentioned multiple times. The team approached him on what he said that he isn't sure why would Felix do a private research on him and connect him all around with LUMIA, but recalled how Felix once in the argument told him how he will uncover the mystery starting from Leonidas. In confusion, they went to speak with Leonidas who said that Felix did harassed him due to his connection to his brother and often accused him to be alligned with LUMIA, But he them told the detectives that he is loyal to the law and said that they can go and find Felix's USB, that was probably left on the murder scene.

The team returned to the hangar where they found a lost USB and sent to Madison who after analyzes said that the USB contains a lot of information about LUMIA and Aqucius alone, but also a map of the Aqucius' headquarters. The tram then jumped to the location where inside they found tied Meera who told them to run, but they didn't listened and then someone attacked the team from behind. Using his knowledge of self-defense he defeated the attacker who ended up to be an activist Kai Howe. After Bruno cuffed him he asked him why he attacked on what Kai said that he was paid to attack someone indie this hideout. Knowing that it's probably Aqucius they asked him for more information, on what he revealed a money they gave him. The team examined the money closer and discovered a signature that belong to no one else then Judge Lawson. In disbelief, Bruno rejected to believe that judge is bad but then someone clapped behind them. A figure stepped into the light, revealing to be Julia. Bruno asked her why and that she was supposed to spread law not disobedience but Julia told him to cut the act as LUMIA IS the promised star that will shine upon new world, better and more dangerous world.She then said how being Aqucius was the best thing that happened to her and that she is thankful that Nerocious choose her as their partner. Julia then pulled her gavel, reveling that is in fact a mini gun with a paralyzing darts in disguise. With a diabolic smirk she quickly shot Bruno's arm so he couldn't reach a gun. As she turned to the player, she asked if they have any final words a loud bang was heard before Julia fell on the floor. The team looked up and found Heather, holding a DVD recorder.

Heather then dropped it and apologized for the mess before Bruno hugged her, telling her that there is nothing to apologize before cuffing Julia and sending Meera to the hospital to recover. In the meantime, Kai successfully found Hannah. Tomorrow night, inside the courthouse, Judge Gilmore told Julia that she is a shame of all judges before sentencing Lawson family to life imprisonment. After the trial, Ferdinand asked to talk to the player. He then told the player that now when Julia is in prison and the team lack the judge he will be glad to accept to fill for her and apologized for his past actions, hoping that they will make good allies from this.

Couple of days later, the tram set in the break room, celebration how they arrested Aqucius and how now LUMIA is more sensitive since of the key players in down. In that time, John North entered and in panic said that drugs Aqucius tried to ship out of the country are on their way to District X, a district of neohumans and that the thinks Nerocious might changed plans. Chief Loukas then told John and the player to go to District X and see what they can find as Bruno and Mia will swipe Airport once again.



  • Felix Dunlap (Found dead with his torso blown up)

Murder Weapon

  • Explosive Belt


  • Hannah Lawson



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer plays Weirder Stuff.
  • The Killer is into secret societies.
  • The Killer drinks wine.
  • The Killer has brown hair.
  • The Killer has a colorful nails.

Crime Scenes

Plane Hangar Blood Airplane Wing Plane Hangar Bonus
Felix's Office Felix's Desk Felix's Office Bonus
Aqucius HQ Old Monitors Aqucius HQ Bonus


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Safe Space 6



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