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Arrest the Killer

Jones: Mizu... you have to tell us what happened... If you don't... we'll have to arrest you.
Mizu: ........
Jones: Ugh.... <Name>, you can you do it... I just can't bring myself too...

At the Courthouse...
Judge: Miss Mizu, I'm sorry, but unless you tell us what transpired, I will have no choice but to sentence you for murdering your father...
Mizu: ...
Judge: Very well... the court fin--
Fran: STOP!!
Jones: What the? Fran?
Mizu: U-Uncle!?
Jones: How did yo-
Alex: I brought him here.
Jones: ALEX!?
Judge: ORDER IN THE COURT! What is the meaning of this?
Alex: Your honor, I brought the victim's brother here because I managed to recover the rest of the conversation from the recorder we recovered, and it proved one thing... Dante was going to kill his daughter!
All: WHAT!?
Judge: That's hard to believe... Mr. Brookes was a loving member of the community.
Fran: Sure, in the public eyes, he was a saint, however at home, he was nothing but a beast! He would beat Mizu! People would think she was injured from her disease, but I knew differently. People wouldn't believe me because he was so popular and known as a volunteer and a saint, and I knew why. His wife died from falling off her balcony after the railing snapped, however that was a brand new balcony, and I had it tested, He killed his wife just for the publicity from the tragedy!
Jones: What!? He killed his wife!
Fran: Not only that... He was planning on killing Mizu and making it look like an accident!
Judge: That's a serious accusation... and you have the evidence to back it up?
Fran: Yes your honor, I confronted him in the house and took my recorder with me....

The recording starts...
Fran: DANTE! Not only did you kill your wife to make it look like an accident, you're going to kill your daughter just to raise your popularity!?
Dante: Oh brother... Of course! People love a good sob story! They can't get enough if a man raises from tragedy again!
Mizu: N-no!
Dante: Shut up!
Fran: You bastard!
Dante: Haha, stupid brother, you can never beat m-
Dante: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Y-you l-little... B-bit....
Mizu: ..............

Back at the Courthouse...
Lawyer: Your honor, in light of this new evidence, we demand a change in verdi-
Judge: I agree. Because you were defending yourself from a murderer and protecting your uncle, the court finds Mizu not guilty by way of justified self defense!
Jones: Alright!
Judge: Order! Further, the court orders that Mizu be taken into custody of her closest relative, her uncle.
Mizu: Y-yeah!
Fran: Thank you your honor... Thank you.
Judge: Court is adjourned!

Jones: Well <Name>, I guess you can't always trust how people seem. Dante was practically a saint in the community... but was a monster back home... Well, at least this case had a happy ending! Let's grab some steak to celebrate!