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Biographical information
Full name Peter Morales
Alias(es) Tikaani
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1982
Death 2020
Cause of death Multiple stab wounds to the neck
Personal information
Nationality Flag of Denmark Danish
Profession(s) Journalist (in secret)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #27: Bite the Ice

Peter Morales, appearing as Tikaani, (1982-2020) was a suspect in the murder investigations of camerawoman Isabel McKenzie in Bite the Ice (Case #27 of Explore the World), diver Robyn Owens in In Cold Blood (Case #30 of Explore the World) and Gemini Aurora Garcia in The Coldest Day in Hell (Case #71 of Explore the World), before being murdered in Make Blood Run Cold (Case #72 of Explore the World).


Height 5'7"
Age 38
Weight 163 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood AB-

Events of Criminal Case

Bite the Ice

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In Cold Blood

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The Coldest Day in Hell

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Murder Details

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Killer and Motives

The killer would turn out to be Zodiac member and Libra José Gutiérrez.

José initially rebuked the claims and laughed at the pair, insisting that they were trying to pin anything they could on him. After Bradley presented the evidence one by one, José sighed and confessed to the crime, admitting that Tikaani was a thorn in his side that needed to be plucked. José recounted how he lost the Zodiac during travel from the rendezvous point and sheltered in Tikaani's hut from the harsh conditions. José then revealed that Tikaani went snooping where he shouldn't have and found plans pertaining to Lawrence's plot to kill Aida, also revealing José as one of Lawrence's co-conspirators. Worried what would happen if Aida discovered the plan, José soon attacked Tikaani to get the plans back, but Tikaani fled the hut to the ice cave. José then caught up with Tikaani and tackled him in the cave, then torturing him for the location of the plans. When Tikaani refused to say, José saw red and started stabbing Tikaani in the throat. José, seeing no reason to lie, confessed that he didn't know where Tikaani hid the plans. The team soon placed José in a holding cell on the plane for his crimes.

Case Appearances

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