Tiffany Zillman
Full name Tiffany Zillman
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1991
Nationality Flag of Australia Flag of United States Australian-American
Residence Ivoryfall, USA
Affiliation(s) Ivoryfall Police Department
Position in IPD Field Officer
Appearance(s) Criminal Case (Season 1)
I'm looking to buy a new boomerang. How can I throw the old one out?
—Tiffany Zillman

Tiffany Zillman is a field officer of the Ivoryfall Police Department.


Hailing from an unknown area, Tiffany is a 25-year-old Australian field officer whose profession was not disclosed prior to her tenure to the department. She has long ginger hair in a bob hairstyle, light green eyes, and red lipstick on. Tiffany sports a typical officer's uniform, a speaker on her shoulder and a ring pendant.

It is known that Tiffany's favorite animal is a bald eagle and her favorite food is hamburgers. She is also known to be courteous, helpful, and mysterious.

Case Appearances

As one of the main characters and an officer of the Ivoryfall PD, Tiffany appears in every single case of Ivoryfall with the exception of Life After Love (Case #1).

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