Throughout the World
Season 2
Setting Various locations across the globe
Primary LEA Global Agency of Justice
No. of cases 62
No. of regions 10
Release date 6th January 2019
Season guide
Preceded by City of Trevino [1]
Varini [2]
Succeeded by TBD

Throughout the World is the title of the second season of Criminal Case.

The whole world comes to investigation in Throughout the World. Various law enforcement agencies govern certain localities across the globe, but Global Agency of Justice serves as the top police force specializing in difficult crimes to deal with by average law enforcement.



Criminal Case: Throughout the World

Previous case
New Year, New Dead
Current case
Dites Au Revoir
(in North America)
Next case
The Eagle has Landed

Unlocking Throughout the World

Throughout the World was released on January 6, 2019. Gaining access to its content requires the player to complete either all 61 cases of Varini or all 60 cases of City of Trevino beforehand.


Throughout the World, based on the "world tour"-like premise, features a stylized world map divided into ten regions, across which are located a total of sixty-two cases:

North America

North America focuses on ....

Case # Location(s) Case Name
Tutorial Flag of Greenland Nuuk, Greenland The First Step
#1 Flag of USA New York City, New York, United States New Year, New Dead
#2 Flag of Canada Montreal, Quebec, Canada Dites Au Revoir
#3 Flag of CanadaFlag of USA Valkirk, Rocky Mountains, Canadian-American border The Eagle has Fallen
#4 Flag of Canada Vancouver, British ColumbiaCanada Cascading Down
#5 Flag of USA Trevino, California, United States The Point of Education
#6 Flag of Mexico Tenochtitlan, Mexico The Lesser of Two Evils

South America

Case # Location(s) Case Name
#7 Flag of Cuba Havana, Cuba Half of My Heart
#8 Flag of ColombiaFlag of Venezuela Colombian-Venezuelan border In a Moral Crisis
#9 Flag of Peru Cusco, Peru Protector of the Stars
#10 Flag of Chile Santiago, Chile N/A
#11 Flag of Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina N/A
#12 Flag of Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil N/A


Case # Location(s) Case Name
#13 Flag of Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa, DR Congo N/A
#14 Flag of South Africa Johannesburg, South Africa N/A
#15 Flag of Madagascar Antananarivo, Madagascar Madagascar Plan
#16 Flag of Ethiopia Addis Ababa, Ethiopia N/A
#17 Flag of Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria N/A
#18 Flag of Mali Timbuktu, Mali N/A

Middle East

Case # Location(s) Case Name
#19 Flag of Morocco Casablaca, Morocco N/A
#20 Flag of Tunisia Tunis, Tunisia Punished by the Killer
#21 Flag of Egypt Alexandria, Egypt N/A
#22 Flag of IsraelFlag of Palestina Jerusalem, Israeli-Palestinian city N/A
#23 Flag of United Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates N/A
#24 Flag of Iran Tehran, Persia N/A

South Asia

Case # Location(s) Case Name
#25 Flag of Pakistan Mirpur, Pakistan N/A
#26 Flag of India Agra, India N/A
#27 Flag of Nepal Lukla-Everest, Nepal Over the Top
#28 Flag of Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh N/A
#29 Flag of India Mumbai, India N/A
#30 Flag of Sri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka N/A


Case # Location(s) Case Name
#31 Flag of Christmas Island Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island N/A
#32 Flag of Australia Melbourne, Australia Melburned
#33 Flag of Antarctica McMurdo Station, Antarctica A Case Frozen in Time
#34 Flag of New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand N/A
#35 Flag of Fiji Suva, Fiji N/A
#36 Flag of Papua New Guinea Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea N/A

Southeast Asia

Case # Location(s) Case Name
#37 Flag of Indonesia Bali, Indonesia Sacrifice to the Gods
#38 Flag of Indonesia Palembang, Indonesia Murky Killer
#39 Flag of Singapore Singapore
Flag of Malaysia Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Island of Desolation
#40 Flag of Thailand Phuket, Thailand Kicking the Phuket
#41 Flag of Vietnam Saigon, Vietnam N/A
#42 Flag of Philippines Manila, Philippines N/A

East Asia

Case # Location(s) Case Name
#43 Flag of China Taipei, Taiwan SAR, China One Murder One
#44 Flag of Japan Tokyo, Japan N/A
#45 Flag of South Korea Seoul, Republic of United Korea As If It's Your Last
#46 Flag of China Shanghai, Jiangsu, China Head Above Water
#47 Flag of Mongolia Ulaanbataar, Mongolia N/A
#48 Flag of China Urumqi, Xinjiang, China N/A


Case # Location(s) Case Name
#49 Flag of Kazakhstan Astana, Kazakhstan N/A
#50 Flag of Russia Irkutsk, Russia N/A
#51 Flag of Russia Norilsk, Russia N/A
#52 Flag of Nordic Union Svalbard, Nordic Union Your Cold is Mine
#53 Flag of Nordic Union Stockholm, Nordic Union N/A
#54 Flag of Russia Moscow, Russia N/A


Case # Location(s) Case Name
#55 Flag of Germany Königsberg, Germany N/A
#56 Flag of Yugoslavia Beograd, Slavia Hail to the Slaves
#57 Flag of Turkey Istanbul, Turkey N/A
#58 Flag of Italy Roma, Italia An Eternal City
#59 Flag of Switzerland Bern, Switzerland N/A
#60 Flag of Spain Barcelona, Spain N/A
#61 Flag of France Varini, Bordeaux France N/A
#62 Flag of United Kingdom Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom N/A


  1. Louis' Criminal Case universe.
  2. Aldrian's Criminal Case universe.



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