Through the Fire is the eight case and the second-to-the-last case in Sunny Seaside.

Case Background

Leni has knowned that the Lost City is a citywhere nearby River Heights. But since Jarry lived in there and didn't thought anything about the Lost City, Jarry heard a murder in the Gas Station. The victim was unknown. It was burned to death in the gas station, and since it was isolated, no people saw the murder. 

In case, the Lost City has been heard to many kinds of people. Lost City is nowhere to be found. But still, people last visited it since 1992, the year when S-Lo, the robot, was invented. S-Lo is found in Lost City, gathering buried people that nowhere to go back because of the swirling tornado infinity. S-Lo may be dead but scientists figured out that S-Lo's arm was seen in the abandoned house. In which, Sherri and Terri is responsible in this, nor the mayor of Sunny Seaside, Paul Oyster. Paul Oyster is murdered.

Paul Street or knowned as Mayor Paul, who helped the needy, the sick, the lame, blind and deaf. 


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