Thomas Ravens
Biographical information
Full name Thomas Oliver Ravens
Gender Male
Status Free
Nationality Flag of United States American (Blue Coasts)
Occupation Digital analyst
Affiliation(s) Blue Coasts Police Department
Game information
First appearance A Snob Case
Quasi-suspect appearance(s) A Snob Case
Rewards given A Snob Case - Blue Coasts police badge
Game stats
Height 5'8"
Age 25
Weight 161 lbs
Eyes Green
Blood O+
Hair Black
Of course I'd think I've failed! I've been hacking people for ages and now they hack my police department's database like it's a piece of cake! How would you feel?
—Thomas talking about his failure due to the police's security breach.

Thomas Ravens is one of the central characters in PetersCorporal's second season and a digital analyst working for the Blue Coasts Police Department.


Thomas is an only son who grew up with little people around him, which led him to find entertainment in his family's computer. He learnt a lot of things about computing by himself and as he kept learning more, he noticed that it was what he wanted to do for a living when he were older. He thought that he could put his skills to a good use and joined the local police as a digital analyst. After exposing a tax evasion case, he was able to join George Nearnight's team. He is a very nice person but a bit dull.


A Snob Case, Case #1 in Blue Coasts:

  • Golf club (8 hours)
  • Fingerprints (6 hours)
  • Unknown device (6 hours)

Corpse Within The Dead, Case #2 in Blue Coasts:

Role in cases

Evergreen Tops:

Thomas was mentioned casually before being introduced after he found the owner of a golf club which was a clue in a murder investigation. Thomas mistook the player for a friend of Jerry Bryar and reminded him that he couldn't bring anyone inside the HQ. Jerry introduced the player to Thomas and he showed being interested in their amazing success in Townville.

The day after the murder investigation, Jerry mentioned Thomas' name while talking to Montgomery Appleton (who was suspected of being in MAFIA but actually seemed to not be one of them). Montgomery reacted in a shocking way and asked Jerry what their relation with Thomas was, getting the true answer: Thomas was part of their police team. Shortly after, Montgomery left at the Hilton & Hilton Club an old device handmande by Thomas, which he had stolen from him years before. Thomas was interrogated about this and he said that two years prior to the current events, he had hacked Appleton Light Industries and exposed Montgomery as a tax evader. As a response, Montgomery tried to hack his team's database but Thomas said he had "kept it under control".

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