Thomas Long
Full name Thomas Vincent Long
Alias(es) Aleksey Berezin
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 21/12/1964
Nationality Russian- America
Residence Moscow, Russia
Family Adopted:

Amy Long (Sister) Samantha Long (mother) Kian Long (Father)

Biological: Unknown yet.

Profession Spy

Canteen Cook (in disguise)

Affiliation(s) SI6
Appearance(s) A New Beginning

"Seriously, my top tips for you are: Never loose you cool and double check EVERYHTING!"
Aleksey Berezin (Current name: Thomas Long. Rus: Алексей Березин) is a central character in Police International Edition. He was first suspected in the murder of Nara Confy/Tori Thomas in A New Beginning (Case #1 of PIE). He plays a minor part throughout the rest of Asia, helping the team out to stop what Los Criminales is up to.


Hailing from Moscow, Russia, Thomas is the 51-year-old spy for SI6. In his disguise, he wears a white chef's coat, chef's hat, black shoes and trousers.

In his disguise

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