Thomas Atlantic
Thomas Atlantic

Thomas Atlantic was one of the suspects during the murder investigations of Richard Maddock in Setting It Up (Case #1) and Maria Potter in Final Call (Case #2). Thomas was the killer of Hugh Scotsman in Covering Your Tracks (Case #4).


Thomas has short grey hair which is gelled up. He has light hazel eyes and is commonly seen wearing a black and blue striped jumper. His blood type is B-.

In Setting It Up, it is discovered that Thomas eats doughnuts and drives a car.

In Final Call, it is discovered that Thomas has access to the La Mina Bay Theatre dressing rooms, wears hand moisturizer and has a cold.

In Covering Your Tracks, it is discovered that Thomas owns a mobile phone, plays tennis and drinks Coke.






120 kg

Eyes Hazel
Blood B-

Role in Case(s)

Thomas is a volleyball umpire at the La Mina Volleyball Courts. He is the husband of Rosie Atlantic and the father of Daphne and Daniel Atlantic. It is also known that he gets along with Richard Maddock's son, Anthony Maddock, due their common dislike of Richard.

Thomas was first interrogated when the team found a threatening letter written by him, directed to Richard. Thomas claimed that the only reason that Richard was so successful was that he bribed the umpires, but Thomas didn't accept the offers. He wrote a letter, saying that Richard had to start playing fair, or he would report it to the police.

The team talked to Thomas for the second time when it was discovered that Richard messaged Thomas, saying- "Nice try. I know that you're too scared to do anything." Thomas explained that Richard kept on bribing after the message, and that he was planning to talk to the other umpires about it.

In the additional investigation, Maisie Rose and the player discovered a flyer in the Umpire's Booth. Thomas thanked them and said that his granddaughter, Daphne, was performing in a play downtown. He then asked if they could check the Victim's House for a stack of flyers, that he had given to Anthony Maddock to hand out at school. Once they found and restored them, they returned them to Thomas. Thomas then gave them tickets to the play, which would begin the events of the next case.

Case Appearances

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